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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Heyday takes the government to court

25-10-2006 14:45
Heyday, a not-for-profit membership for the over 50s, take the government to court over the MRA.

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Lost and Found Social Centre Last few days!

25-10-2006 12:59

Come by and check out Lost and Found social centre whilst we are still open. We have been open to the public since the 11th october and have had days and nights jam packe with workshops and events. The timetable ends on friday, the same day we appear in court! Come by and check out some events and help out whilst we're still here...

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Westbourne 'Mental' Hospital squatted in Brighton/Hove- ooooh, the irony!

25-10-2006 02:52

A couple of weeks ago a large contingent of Brighton squatters got together and occupied a large disused 'mental' hospital. The occupation was ostensibly to provide a roof over the steadily growing number of people fed up and disillusioned with the non-choice offered under the rule of Capital, in the housing sphere as in every other sphere under this systematic death forced upon us; the opportunity will also, however, be used to demonstrate alternative ways of organising day to day, in the here and now, the praxis of the theory, which will take the shape of whatever those organising see fit and within whatever parameters they deem to be appropriate- or in other words, get down there and do something!

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EVERYTHING4EVERYONE update and today programme

24-10-2006 13:24

"resistance" cafe' is open everyday from 12 a.m.; sumba drumming @ peace mural from 5 p.m.
2nite cinema showing "the corporation" @ 8 p.m.

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No More Dawn Raids - No More Deportations/Rally and Lobby of Scottish Parliament

24-10-2006 12:05

10.00am to 12.00pm
Thursday 26 October 2006
EH99 1SP

Scottish, churches, charities, schoolteachers, trade unions, neighbours have condemned the dawn raids by immigration officials on innocent asylum seeking families in Glasgow.

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Demographic Development: Reality and Media Distortion

24-10-2006 11:47

Reducing unemployment and intensive education for children and youth are prerequisites for mastering the future. Instead the economy and politics constantly refer to demography. Catastrophic reports sell better than the truth.. The "forgotten factors" in future predictions are crucial.

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Education workers on stike in Greece.

24-10-2006 11:21

Education workers on strike in Greece. Thousands of secondary schooö students occupied their schools

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The new UK adverts against cannabis

24-10-2006 08:07

It is basically my response to news about some new anti-cannabis adverts I saw on television on the ABC world news on the morning of Oct. 24, 2006. I cannot stand the outright lies they are foisting on the kids and adults who have already had enough yellow journalistic scare tactics already to get us involved in Iraq and don't need any more such from Industrialists and politicians or some Vicars.

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North Korean nuclear test opens up political divisions in South Korea

24-10-2006 01:29

Opposed to US actions
Prior to Rice’s visit, President Roh went to Beijing for a summit on October 13 with Chinese President Hu Jintao. Mutual concern over the escalating regional tensions is drawing South Korea closer to China, which has also been seeking to open up North Korea economically. The two countries are North Korea’s largest trading partners. Both countries are concerned that the North Korean nuclear test could provoke a regional arms race, but at the same time are opposed to US actions to further heighten tensions in North East Asia.

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The Semantics of the Israeli Occupation

23-10-2006 20:56

Colony vs Settlement
Terminal vs Checkpoint

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Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem

23-10-2006 20:51

Hani's sons on rubble of former home
Israeli controled Jerusalem municipality is demolishing Palestinian homes to mke way for a park.

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Anarchist Bookfair 2006

23-10-2006 17:09

It is that time of year again, autumn in the air, leaves falling off the trees, must be the Anarchist Bookfair.

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Nobel Peace Prize nominated activists speaking in Bristol

23-10-2006 13:51

Nobel Peace Prize nominated Israeli Activists speaking in Bristol.

Monday 30th October, 8pm

Bristol University Students' Union building Click
here for map.

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

23-10-2006 09:26

The Jarawa Tribe
Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tibe

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Pauline Campbell nicked at Eastwood Park Prison/YOI/mother & baby unit

23-10-2006 08:59

At the gates of Eastwood Park Prison two rather embarrassed Policemen are gently trying to persuade retired School Teacher Pauline Campbell to unblock the road and allow a prison van to enter the establishment. Pauline is arguing that a recent fatality here suggests that Eastwood Park is not a safe place for women to be held and that the van should take its prisoners elsewhere. The Constables seem decidedly uncomfortable with the situation and summon a sergeant for advice. They knew about this demo in advance; Pauline staged an identical protest here last year following another apparent self-inflicted death. I can almost imagine them drawing lots back at the station to see who would answer the inevitable call. Eventually after 15 minutes of being bombarded with prison related facts and figures they lose patience a drag Pauline away to a waiting transport. This is the thirteenth time she has arrested since the death of her 18 year old daughter Sarah in Style Prison in 2003. However she is rarely charged with any offence. Most prisons are nervous about the prospect of giving Pauline a courtroom platform and the potential PR disaster it could bring.

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Stop Shell Speaker Tour comes to Birmingham - 9th November

22-10-2006 22:59

Stop Shell Speaker Tour at Birmingham University, 9th November

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*PRESS RELEASE*:- Greek Government sentences Mt. Athos monks to 2 years in jail

22-10-2006 18:41

Dear all

5 disabled monks have already died as a result of this blockade. See

They are being sentenced for "heresy" (as a result of their beliefs). They
are not actually "heretical" in True Orthodox Christian terms. It is their
accusers, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Greek Government who are.

Support the monks in maintaining their peaceful existence in the face of
state sponsored violence.


Adrian Whyatt ( )

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Death in Custody in Ireland (I) / London Protest 28.10.

22-10-2006 15:09

Just one small example of politically motivated abuse ... (Irishvidhead / indy.i
Abuse of power knows no borders. Neither do the weak excuses and clumsy cover-ups of local police forces, 'independent' complaints authorities and courts alike. Though the irish Garda Síochána is far from reaching the extraordinary death toll of their UK-collegues (in average ONE FATALITY EVERY WEEK), concerning 'delay, denial and cover-up' plus harassing persistent relatives of the victims the Gardaí are perhaps even bolder.

Confronted by more and more scandalous episodes leaking to the public and the recent rise of persistent family campaigns demanding truly independent inquiries, the latter might be just about to change. Currently an ombudsman board is being installed.

In the UK also an 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission had been installed a few years ago (only after persistent family campaigning, just in case you were harboring any doubts). But still the 'friendly unarmed bobbies' kill far more people than police forces of other european countries, while factual immunity of officers prevails.

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Remember Afghanistan and Iraq - Troops Out Now!

22-10-2006 14:00

The Oxford Stop the War Coalition has organised a rally with speakers around the theme: Remember Afghanistan and Iraq -- Troops Out Now! It will take place on Broad Street in the Oxford city centre on November 11, 2006 starting at 1 pm. All are welcome.
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