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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Demonstration outside STA Travel (Video)

08-03-2004 22:28

Protest outside Cambridge STA Travel about their involvement in the tourism industry in Burma. (Mpeg Video 1:07 minutes 5.82 MBs)

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International Women's Day interview with Claire Robillard

08-03-2004 18:41

Every year, women around the world gather to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. The occasion provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress made towards equality and justice for women, and to demand change in the struggle against sexism and patriarchy. Claire Robillard has helped organise International Women's Day events since she moved to Vancouver in 1994. Last week, Seven Oaks ( spoke to Robillard about the role of IWD and the women's movement in the context of severe cutbacks to women's centres and other programs necessary for women's equality in British Columbia.

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Lancaster University Occupation

08-03-2004 17:52

[[:::settin' up:::]]
A group of students and staff at Lancaster University has occupied Alexandra Square in the centre of campus.

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SchNEWS on 20th anniversary of Miners Strike

08-03-2004 15:02

SchNEWS on the 20th anniversary of the miners strike.

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Colombia: Film Documents 'The Red Dance'

08-03-2004 13:21

The Colombian documentary film "El baile rojo" (The Red Dance), marks an effort to restore collective memory of an experiment in reconciliation that was erased by blood and fire from the country's political map. The film's title comes from the name of the extermination operation against the Patriotic Union (UP), a legal leftist movement proposed in 1984 by the FARC guerrillas as a political means to end the civil war.

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Hackney flats not evicted

08-03-2004 13:04

Most of the flats on estates in the kingsland area have not been evicted, and the situation has calmed down. Some unoccupied places have been smashed & boarded up by the council - I don't know whether any of these are squatters' homes, and the police say they have evicted some crack & smack houses. The council now say they will issue possesion proceedings through the courts, although they may try more DIY evictions in the comming days, especially if any flats are left unocupied.

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Hackney Council are about to illegally evict ten Flats right now ! !

08-03-2004 10:51

10.32 AM, As I write Hackney Council workers have arrived at Whiston Road on the Kingsland Estate to illegally evict dwellers living in ten flats, without applying to the local magistrates court. The police are expected to arrive at any minute to enforce this unlawful proceedure. The dwellers need support to resist this illegal eviction!

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Strikespotting UK 23.02 - 07.03.04

07-03-2004 14:22

summary of last weeks strikes in the UK

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GCHQ Interview: Official Secrets

06-03-2004 19:02

Audio GCHQ from the air - is it a donut or a flying crop circle?
Dialect Radio interviewed Phillip Hilton this week, about GCHQ, Katherine Gunn and the official secrets act.

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Otto Reich in Haiti

06-03-2004 18:47

a little enlightenment as to what's going on in haiti at the moment...

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Aboriginal march from REDFERN on NSW Parliament + Federal PARLIAMENT in Canberra

05-03-2004 16:14

(from Sydney Morning Herald)
MEMBERS of Sydney's Redfern Aboriginal community will march on NSW parliament later this month [One month after first march = MARCH 24 from 11am.] to express their concerns in the wake of Thomas "TJ" Hickey's death and the riot which broke out as a result. [..] Mr Munro said Aboriginal leaders would in the next month travel to Parliament House in Canberra to put their point across to Prime Minister John Howard.

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Blackwood eviction latest - ACTION NEEDED

05-03-2004 15:03

People went to the high court yesterday (4th March) and the eviction order was put on hold. This means we now have another court date in Blackwood sometime in the week starting 22nd March.


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Direct Action Works - Monbiot

05-03-2004 00:05

Excellent article by George Monbiot though sounds like the bit about GM commercialisation is wrong now since the Government have decided to allow maize now.

(See Greenpeace:

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Hackney Council & Cops Threaten to Illegally evict Kingsland Squatters

04-03-2004 22:37

Three Stoke Newington drugs squad officers in plain clothes visited the Kingsland Estate in south Hackney today, warning that the council staff would be evicting squatters on Monday, and that they would arrest any refusing to leave. They referred to section 7 of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

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Speak out against the occupation

04-03-2004 13:22

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign was established in 2003, out of the Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq which campaigned, in the North of the UK, against the UN imposed sanctions, which were put in place in the 1990's on Iraq.

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saint precarious!!

04-03-2004 11:41

saint precarious spans the world !!!!

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Global labour radio station launched, based in U.K.

04-03-2004 09:25

LabourStart, the London- based online trade union news service, has just launched a 24/7 radio station on the web. It already has listeners in 38 countries.

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Prosecutors take on Genoa police

04-03-2004 08:39

Italian prosecutors have requested the indictment of 29 riot police for alleged brutality against protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa three years ago.
Prosecutors accuse the officers of inflicting injuries on anti-globalisation activists during a pre-dawn raid on a school.

Police say their action was needed to respond to violent demonstrations.

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A Special Palestine Event!!!

03-03-2004 16:53


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Iraqi women- past, present and future!

03-03-2004 16:30

Since 1952, when it was founded, the Iraqi Women’s League (IWL) has played a significant role in the struggle against tyranny and oppression in Iraq.
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