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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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CURO Housing issues 10% of its tenants with notices seeking repossession.

13-03-2014 13:54

A recent report from landlord The Curo Group to B&NES Council reveals “…there are no fewer than 800 families which have been issued with notices seeking repossession. Some 124 of these are in breach of a court order to pay money they owe.”

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The Battle For Britain's Children And Their Justice

13-03-2014 08:59

Children are being stolen in the uk google child stealing by the state listen to videos of serving mp john hemmings and daily telegraph reporter christopher booker.

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New Unionism 2014: a conference for activists, 29 March, London

12-03-2014 16:40

How do we defend ourselves against the bosses' attacks, rebuild working-class power and transform the labour movement to change the world?

A one day activist conference, sponsored by organisations including Workers' Liberty, IWGB University of London, Lambeth Activists, PCS Independent Left and Ruskin College UCU

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Londoners tell Boris 'Our City is Not for Sale'

11-03-2014 09:49

Report & Photographs from 'London Not for Sale' demonstration against Boris, councillors and the GLA going to the MIPIM conference to carve up London with developers.

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Week of Action : Police Spies Out of Lives

10-03-2014 19:56


Women resist police attempt to strike out undercover police abuse cases

Court Hearing has been confirmed as taking place on 18th – 19th March 2014

This is the hearing which was postponed from last November, and involves a fresh fight against secrecy.

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Tear Down The Walls: Prison Abolition Speaking Tour

10-03-2014 00:51

Tour Poster
There are currently 85,690 people held in prison, not including people detained under the Mental Health Act, in Secure Children’s homes or in Immigration detention. The prison population of Britain has doubled over the last twenty years.

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Public meetings in Bristol & Avonmouth about new Biomass Power Station

09-03-2014 21:50

Following the successful campaign to delay the W4B biofuel power station planned in Avonmouth a new 100 megawatt Helius biomass power plant station has been approved by central government. It is currently seeking investment and can’t proceed without subsidy.

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Letter from John Bowden about his parole application

08-03-2014 13:17

Please sign the petition to the Parole Board for England and Wales and the Scottish Prison Service to release John Bowden

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Brighton Anniversary Miners Benefit

06-03-2014 12:46

8/03/14 Friends Meeting House in Brighton..Miners,Music.etc...1pm...

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The Psychological is Political

06-03-2014 10:17

Socially, the dual strategies of exalting consumerism and increasing control have been central to the neoliberal project. Consumerism and control can be viewed as opposite sides of the same coin. People are encouraged to aspire to ever greater levels of conspicuous consumption, modelled after the lifestyles of a celebrity elite that is plastered all over the media and broadcast into everyone’s living room. Shopping, which was once a means to an end, has been transformed into the UK’s favourite leisure pursuit. At the same time, however, more and more people are excluded from the workforce (sometimes forever) by the movement of industry to areas of cheaper labour, and many others are stuck in low paid work with no prospect of advancement. Large portions of the population are only able to achieve the widely advertised ‘ideal’ lifestyle through illegal means. A highly unequal, consumer-oriented society entices people to break the law, which was illustrated dramatically by the riots in London and other English cities over the summer of 2011

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Stop Workfare In Its Tracks – Join The Week Of Action 29 March – 6 April 2014

05-03-2014 12:52

In April George Osborne’s mass workfare scheme will begin. Unemployed people will be sentenced to 780 hours community work simply for being unable to find a job. Not even lone parents with young children are to be exempt from the scheme which will see so-called charities like Groundwork UK and the Salvation Army paid by the tax payer to force people to work for free. Part time workers and those currently genuinely volunteering will also face being sent on unpaid work.

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The Weather Underground - Documentary Showing, London

03-03-2014 19:31

"Freaks are revolutionaries and revolutionaries are freaks. If you want to find us, this is where we are. In every tribe, commune, dormitory, farmhouse, barracks and townhouse where kids are making love, smoking dope and loading guns—fugitives from Amerikan justice are free to go."

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MIPIM: London not for sale, March 6, 2.15pm

27-02-2014 21:45

Join us, 6th March, 2.15pm, outside City Hall. Bring stories of your life in the housing crisis, or your struggle against it.

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The under-representation of Aboriginal people in the Media

27-02-2014 01:29

As someone who has taken a keen interest in Australian films and TV series over the years I feel that Aborigines are under-represented in Australian media as they are in so many other aspects of Australian life.

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Homes Not Jails!

27-02-2014 00:30

City Hall Sleep Over
I was at city hall at 09.30 and met with some of the overnight sleepers from a group from Beat On the Streets. They are concerned that homeless people are in danger of being criminalised.
They had camped on the grass area outside the City Hall, home of the London Assembly and London Mayor Boris Johnson. They were removed early this morning. There was one tent on the pavement when I arrived. Some of the group had left but those that remained were in good spirits.

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Homes not Jails!

26-02-2014 23:17

City Hall Sleep Over
I was at city hall at 09.30 and met with some of the overnight sleepers from a group calling themselves Beat On the Streets. They are concerned that homeless people are in danger of being criminalised.

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Children Are Screaming To Be Heard

25-02-2014 14:53

The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference The Annual Conference to find solutions in the legal field to give children parents and grandparents their rights back.

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Aristocratic Britain exposed as real welfare parasites (whilst the poor starve)

25-02-2014 08:59

A freedom of information request by GMB union has revealed that Castle-dwelling aristocrats and some particualrly wealthy Tory MPs are raking in the lion’s share of the £23billion of taxpayers’ cash that goes towards subsidising the rent for 1.65 million private properties in Britain via their feudal property empires.
Story is Front-Page in today's Morning Star newspaper (BTW, The Morning Star headline is incorrect. The article itself explains that the rich are getting the lions' share of the £23 Billion housing benefiit budget - not all of it.)

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A Background of Ukraine Politics

23-02-2014 18:41

a sea palace in the Ukraine
analysis of the Ukraine unrest

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Open Letter to President of Venezuela

23-02-2014 11:33

Weekend Edition February 21-23, 2014
Open Letter to President of Venezuela
Soon, the Battle for Venezuela

They are already sewing your funeral gown, Venezuela. They are now ready to welcome you back to that world of the lobotomized, destroyed nations that are fully submissive to Western political and economic interests – Indonesia, Philippines, Paraguay, Uganda, Kenya, Qatar, Bahrain, and almost the entire Eastern Europe. There are so many places like that – it is impossible to list them all.
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