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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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NSW Corrective Services Legislation Amendment Bill

28-07-2006 02:16

Access to the same health treatment
General Purposes Standing Committee #3

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Parents of children at Yarls' Wood Detention Centre on Hunger strike

28-07-2006 00:50

"We want the Home Office to hear us and free us"

The parents of Sixteen families incarcerated In Yarl's Wood IRC have refused their morning meal they have also refused to send their children to either the school or the nursery.

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Ebanks goes at last - but costs taxpayers a cool £100,000 plus

28-07-2006 00:32

Senior High Court judges have finally got around to confirming that Sharon Ebanks was elected as the first British National Party councillor on Birmingham City Council by mistake, and ordered her replacement by the real winner of the vote in May, Labour's Catherine Grundy.

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Help Win New East Oxford Community Garden!

27-07-2006 21:25

A one-off chance exists to create a true community public space & genuine vibe in Dawson Steet off the Cowley Road East Oxford.....
Instead a planning application to turn Dawson Street into an outside cafe and cycle park by local cafe owner has been submitted, despite immediate local objection to the further commercialisation/privatisation of our area. This call to action offers actual potential to make a real difference with one email from you!

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US Network Continues To Promote Glaxo

27-07-2006 19:28

In the US some say NPR is National Pentagon Radio while others say
it is National Pharmaceutical Radio

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Watch for the latest BNP leaflet shite.

27-07-2006 15:49

Latest BNP leaflets are appearing around east kent,(and elsewhere no doubt) .pls destroy if found and if anyone seen delivering,then perhaps you could help 'stamp' (or do I mean stomp?) it out......

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pied pipers of the Netherlands

27-07-2006 12:34

First the childrens rights were taken. Then they began to round up the children of the Netherlands. Now the animals rights will be taken. These pied pipers have it backwards. This is not science fiction. This is the horrid true history of Holland unfolding right before your eyes and no one does anything to stop this regime. read the truth here.

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'Born to Kill': Ivan Milat, the two biggest lies exposed

27-07-2006 12:25

The judge found him not guilty
Many people would have seen the programme "Born to Kill" on Prime TV this week. Isn't it amazing that they think because Ivan Milat was convicted by a court, he must be guilty, but they don't accept that the inverse is true, ie, that he was found NOT guilty of attacking and raping two girls he picked up hitch hiking while on the way to Goulburn so therefore he WASN'T guilty. The story about the hitch hikers is often used as an example to 'prove' that Ivan Milat was inclined to do these kinds of things.

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Five years of Mexico's internal 'war on terror'

27-07-2006 11:19

Alejandro Cerezo is a Mexican human rights activist who was imprisoned on false charges of terrorism along with two brothers in 2001. He recently toured Europe to explain their case and the general human rights situation in Mexico in the run-up to the presidential elections. He talks about his case, the human rights situation and the prospects of change following the elections in Mexico.

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Open letter: disinvest from Monterrico Metals

27-07-2006 10:05

Yesterday a coalition of Belgian and Peruvian organisations sended in open letter to the investors in Monterrico Metals. In the letter the organisations ask to disinvest from the Britisch mining company, on ethical grounds. Here you find the letter.

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Guardian silent on Crossrail hole attack - loud on 'book brining' Brick Lane!

27-07-2006 08:16

"Threat to burn Monica Ali book at meeting" reads the sub-heading in today's Guardian newspaper [page 14] allegedly reporting on an alleged campaign meeting. This is a serious item of 'news'. What is the context? Why is the Guardian able to 'find' such 'threats'? Is the Guardian being genuine in its reporting or is there perhaps an agenda to further distort the image of the community and make it look even more deserving of deprivation and misrepresentation?

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Guantanamo trials illegal

27-07-2006 07:07

Guantanamo trials illegal
The US Supreme Court has ruled the special Guantanamo trials illegal. An acceptable solution from the Americans is likely years away and our Government has run out of excuses not to act. Nearly 40,000 Australians have put their name to the Open Letter calling for David Hicks to be repatriated. I hope you'll join us now by clicking on the link:

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Practices & resistance within autonomous spaces

26-07-2006 23:01

The People's Global Action is an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian network, whose European encounters will take place this summer in France. This even will happen in two parts: from August 19th to August 27, simultaneous decentralized conferences will take place in five locations throughout France; from August 30th to September 3rd, all participants are to gather in Dijon, for a centralized moment.

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Shell’s Corrib Gas Project in Context

26-07-2006 20:23

For over a year now all work has been stopped on Shell and the Irish state’s attempts to build gas refinery and production pipeline in Erris, County Mayo, aka the Corrib gas project. This overview seeks to put the resistance to the planned destruction in context, by looking at the potential for oil and gas exploitation in Ireland, and at the positive impacts the struggle in Mayo can have, and is having, on other situations. Though firstly I’ll look at the issues around this mis-development, and I’ll conclude by looking at what activities we will be carrying out in the near future.

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Ex-Firefighters To Stand With Bosses On Cuts Agenda?

26-07-2006 17:01

It looks like Merseyside firefighters will be forced into strike action to save four fire engines for the region. But ex-firefighters now working as office staff will be trained to provide some cover during the strike.

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Leeds PSC: Film Night 7pm 2nd August

26-07-2006 11:00

Map to the Common Place
Join us for a fortnightly film and discussion night
At the Common Place, Wharf Street (off Kirkgate) Leeds City Centre

Wednesday 2nd August 7 pm:
Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

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Lebanon: Direct Action Emergency Assembly!!!

26-07-2006 10:25




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Simultaneous Policy campaign latest

26-07-2006 08:29

Cambridge SP Adopters' Group next meeting will be at 12 noon, Emmanuel URC Church, in the Fair Shares café on 10 August. Come along for a chat about how the campaign is going or to find out more about SP. If you prefer an evening meeting, let me know and perhaps we can schedule on. The latest news from Cambridge and around is given below.

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Anti-Asbestos campaigners to 'go bananas' against Countryside Properties PLC

26-07-2006 01:19

Anti-Asbestos campaigners 'go bananas'...
Wednesday 26th July:

Anti-Asbestos campaigners are to ‘go bananas’ this evening outside Rochdale Town Hall from 5.45pm – 6.15pm.

Strict council rules ban placards and banners inside the Town Hall so the campaigners hope to get their point across with Fairtrade soft fruit.

They say the planning system is ‘bananas’ where local council taxpayers have to pay up to £80,000 for a report that heavily criticises the past actions of property speculators who wish to build a £100 million development with a planning fee of just £5500.
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