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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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22-01-2005 16:23

Even in the middle of January, thousands of Americans find it necessary to voice their dissent towards the Bush Administration.

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Voluntary groups fight back against council cuts

22-01-2005 15:06

VOLUNTARY groups in Liverpool have vowed to fight against a council move to cut their funding.

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21-01-2005 02:31


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A mockery of the European charter – evictions of Roma in Romania

21-01-2005 01:50

“In order to combat social exclusion and poverty, the Union recognises and respects the right to social and housing assistance so as to ensure a decent existence for all those who lack sufficient resources, in accordance with the rules laid down by Community law and national laws and practices.” (Art. 23.3, European Charter of Fundamental Rights)

On January 13th a group of 70 Roma were taken by the Romanian Police in Bucharest and fined between 750,000 to 1,000,000 Rol (20 - 25 euro) for illegal housing. They were released around 2 p.m the same day. Later on the representatives of the City Hall, police officers and gendarmes came to the Roma neighbourhood with orders for eviction and demolition of houses.

Due to the presence of Romani Criss a Romanian Human rights NGO; the actions were postponed for the next day not before non-nominally summonses were handed.

According to Romani CRISS[1] there is no legal ground for the actions of the 1st district Bucharest City Hall since the field is private property.

The actions are a serious infringement of the right to property granted under the Romanian Constitution as well as a violation of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights respectively the Government Obligations to Prevent Forced Evictions.

Despite the legal arguments invoked by Romani CRISS, the City Hall representatives continued to execute the demolition of the houses. The Mayoralty pulled down two buildings. Following a series of interventions from representatives of the Romanian Government and Parliament the actions was stopped and measures to address the situation taking in consideration the complex issues affecting the Roma community from Tarafului Street.

ERIO[2] and Romani CRISS consider such actions of social exclusion carried out by public local authorities against Roma are not only illegal but against the Lisbon Strategy and in grave discrepancy with the political discourse of the Romanian Government.

Both ERIO and Romani CRISS express their concern regarding the potential danger of such practices carried by local authorities and recommend a better collaboration between national and local authorities in order to promote the social inclusion of Roma.

Both organisations congratulate the reaction of representatives of the Romanian government and parliament and consider that further steps in the same direction, together with a stronger collaboration between the Roma NGOs and the political elites could curb the historical exclusion and discrimination of Roma in Romania.


[1] Romani CRISS combines civic militantism with the designing and the implementation of public policy programs for the benefit of local Roma community, in order to respect Roma rights as human beings and as a minority. CRISS activates in the multiethnic communities with Roma population from Romania in order to consolidate the local democratic institutions based on the non-discriminatory respect of the civil, political, economical and cultural rights. CRISS promotes the political concept of Roma as people in the world Diaspora and as a European minority to whom the national states and the intergovernmental institutions have a special responsibility.

[2] See

Valeriu Nicolae Executive Director ad interim ERIO
European Roma Information Office
Avenue Edouard Lacomble 17 , Brussels 1040
Tel : 0032 (0) 2733 34 62
Fax: 0032 2733 3875
Mobile :0032 (0) 476538194

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Social Security and Modern Society

20-01-2005 21:56

Social security is not a mere burden but a benefit of productivity. Countries with comfortable social security systems are internationally very competitive. Social security in modern society does not lessen economic growth and employment but supports them.

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hugo chavez nationalizes paper industry under workers control

20-01-2005 21:50

here is chavez with VENEPAL workers
On the morning of January 19th, in the Ayacucho room of the Presidential Palace in Caracas, and with the presence of Venepal workers and trade union leaders, Chavez signed decree number 3438 which expropriates Venepal. From now on it will be co-managed by the workers and the state.

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Linslade Bypass Meetng in Oxford

20-01-2005 13:20

There will be a meeting of people interested in supporting the protest against the Linslade Bypass, which is near here.

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Work stopped by local people at Linslade Bypass, Buckinghamshire

20-01-2005 07:40

Direct action stops destruction for Linslade bypass for a third day.

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The face of Iraqs Occupation

19-01-2005 21:10

Iraqs new found freedom!
these pictures show the real face of Iraqs occupation

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Palestinian Film Series

19-01-2005 19:17

St Antony's College are holding a series of Palestinian films this term. Members of the public welcome.

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Maelstrom needs more help

19-01-2005 15:02

Call out for involvement in squatted infospace

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 8

19-01-2005 10:17

oxford city graffiti.

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A report from the Cottenham traveler community

19-01-2005 01:13

A group of activist from the Cambridge Action Network alarmed by the overt racism of some local newspaper articles and websites, decided to visit the traveler community outside Cottenham, Cambridgeshire. Eleven settlements there are under the direct threat of eviction: people are going to be kicked off their land by bailiffs, driven to the county borders, and their homes will be trashed. Unless we do something to prevent it...

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Dave Prentis Needs to abandon Gordon Brown Fantasy

19-01-2005 00:19

UNISON United Left General Secretary candidate Jon Rogers criticises the support voiced today by incumbent General Secretary Dave Prentis for Gordon Brown.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary is a late but welcome convert to the ranks of those prepared to say that Blair must go. However, he is quite wrong to foster illusions that Gordon Brown as Labour leader would deserve a welcome from trade unionists, as he does today in an interview with the Scottish Daily Record.

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seeking political asylum

18-01-2005 20:21

i have reached a point where i need to apply for political asylum.
i fear for my safety and i would apprieciate it if any one can offer
me advice or help in this manner.

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Identity Cards - Who Profits? (Greasy Palms List)

18-01-2005 18:04

Find out which companies are set to make millions from the introduction of Identity Cards and the creation of a National Identity Register.

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Waverley to privatise housing stock

18-01-2005 16:01

Waverley, in complete disregard of the wishes of its council tenants, has voted to sell off its council housing stock.

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Pavilion chief executive resigns!

18-01-2005 15:59

Pavilion Housing Association chief executive Mervyn Jones has been forced to resign.
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