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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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London Social Centres Support Meeting Sat 2nd Feb

02-02-2008 10:52

Yes, really late reminder this but today (saturday) 2pm is the 2nd meeting of the relating to the London Social Centres Support Initiative (that's not the name, just an attempt at a description).

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Kilburn protest against Total Oil fuelling oppression in Burma

02-02-2008 10:44

Nine protesters demonstrated at Kilburn Total petrol station on 31st January at 409 Kilburn High Rd, calling on the French oil company to stop being an accomplice to the theft of Burma's resources by the corrupt military junta. The National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi, won 82 percent of the seats in Burma’s 1990 election but the corrupt regime refused to hand over power.

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Launch of the Foie Gras Free North campaign

01-02-2008 15:26

The foie gras free north campaign, is a regional resource on the restaurants, caterers and delicatessens based across the North of England who support the trade in foie gras.

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The redemption of CDG

01-02-2008 13:44

The situation at Careers Development Group has changed for the better

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Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting 16th February

31-01-2008 17:14

Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting
Saturday 16th February 2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H103, Connaught House

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Free polish anarchist Adam Pazuryna!

30-01-2008 18:43

We demand the immediate release of our comrade, Adam Pazuryna, from arrest. Adam has been held in Bialoleka jail in Warsaw since late December. He was arrested on bogus charges during a useless and unprovoked police action on May 16, 2005. Protestors had just finished a demonstration during the Council of Europe Summit in Warsaw and were about to just go home when the clowns in badges decided to arrest people. As usual, nothing at all was going on at the moment of arrest, so cops were just harrassing people at the end of the protest and looking to pick up some random people just to score some arrests and to show that protesting is not to be tolerated.

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Gordon Brown's coming to town

30-01-2008 18:17

Welcoming committee
According to local rag the Evening Post, Prime Minister Gordon Brown may well be on his way to Nottingham.

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Indymedia screening tonight

30-01-2008 14:57

When Mexican paramilitary forces shot Brad Will in the chest, killing him, his camera fell from his hands. But it didn't stop recording. It continued moving from hand to hand. Brad's camera paints us a picture of what his life was about, and what so many of his friends continue to struggle for.

Tonight at the rampART there is a screening and discussion with the film maker and indymedia activist from south america.

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LSE Union Divided as Students Condemn Israel's Apartheid Regime

30-01-2008 10:40

Over 600 students turned out to debate a motion on Israeli apartheid at the London School of Economics Students' Union (LSESU) Union General Meeting (UGM) last Thursday, 24 January 2008. Students packed the Old Theatre and spilled out into the corridors for the motion, entitled 'Make Apartheid History', which condemned Israel's Apartheid regime and called for the LSESU to lobby the school and the National Union of Students (NUS) to divest from Israeli and international companies that support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

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Prison-death demonstration, Styal Prison, Tues 5 February 2008

30-01-2008 00:24

A peaceful demonstration will be held outside Styal Prison, Cheshire, England, UK
on Tuesday 5 February 2008, commencing 1.30 pm
to protest against the death of the young mother Lisa Marley, aged 32
who died in the care of the jail on 23 January 2008
All are welcome to attend, including reporters and photographers

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Climate Activists block Copenhagen powerplant

29-01-2008 21:35

Approximately 50 activists from the Danish group ClimaX blocked the main entrance to a powerplant in Copenhagen owned by the DONG Energy corporation.

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Monday Love Returns....

29-01-2008 18:27

Monday Love at inSpiral Lounge
Monday Love returns with a one month residence at The InSpiral Lounge in Camden Lock.
For the valentine month of February, Monday Love will be bringing you the finest in uptown, underground, raise your spirit and blow your mind live music, film and real life grassroots media.

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McDegrees from McD's

29-01-2008 16:00

A McDonald's near you will soon be serving McDegrees with their fries.

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Supersize My Pay! - Thursday 14th February 2008

29-01-2008 11:23

The story of how young workers in New Zealand took on their bosses, and won...


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Communist Party of the Philippines pursues a violent course against its left opp

29-01-2008 00:58

In the Philippines, one of the poorest countries in Asia, 40 percent of the people live in poverty. Conditions there have sparked a large radical movement, heavily repressed by the government.

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We are bad.

28-01-2008 21:23

We Are Bad
In the past week there has been an upsurge in resistance to the olympics in east London. A new collective calling itself WE ARE BAD has emerged to spearhead an intensive campaign against the games and it's corporate sponsors.

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Not just PR Bollocks but M&S PR Bollocks

28-01-2008 18:58

That quality ethical high street store M&S has teamed up with the middle class thrift store Oxfam to offer their customers money off more new new stuff that you dont need!

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Wed 30th, 12pm: Mapuche Solidarity Demo at Chilean Embassy for hunger strike

28-01-2008 17:55

Due to the critical situation of the hunger striker Patricia Troncoso, who various sources say is nearing the very end of her life, Mapuche International Link are calling urgently for a demonstration outside the Chilean Embassy in London with other groups on Wednesday 30th, between 12-2pm.

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Brown's global 'arms' training race

28-01-2008 15:19

Today Gordon Brown announced his global 'arms' training race.

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Demonstrate In Support Of A Woman's Freedom To Choose

28-01-2008 12:43

*Defend Abortion Rights*

*Demonstrate at Ann Widdecombe MP anti-abortion rally, 'not on your life.. or anyone else's', promoting anti-abortion goals around the human fertilisation and embryology bill.*
*The meeting is jointly organised by hard line anti-choice groups.*

*Assemble outside the Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street (next to Lime Street Station) Liverpool. Tuesday 12th February, 6.15pm*
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