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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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In Defence of Mel Gibson

04-08-2006 12:52

The major communication mediums of the world continue to bombard the public with images and descriptions of the Israeli-Lebanon conflict. The media works tirelessly to deliver our social consciousness. Today’s mass media maintains its status as the principal means of creating and sustaining social realities. The internet-based ‘independents’ lack real independent front-line resources and continue to rely on the mainstream for most of their information (much to their chagrin).

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Groovy times in Novi Sad

04-08-2006 08:38

Rhythms of Resistance is a growing network of percussion(samba) groups around Europe which shows up to many demonstrations to various issues as well as coming up with their own actions. In Berlin the samba band is quite active and I give with this article an overview about my workshop I did in Novi Sad, North of Serbia, Voyvodina
Pictures will follow during the next days

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Student loses bid for High Court hearing

04-08-2006 05:18

Izhar UlHaque Centre
Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.

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NSW academy abuse perpetrators still police

04-08-2006 00:40

Teachers Pets?
But he says commanders failed to take action despite serious misconduct, including threatening students with failure if sexual favours were not provided.

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V for Vendetta screening @ Everything 4 Everyone

04-08-2006 00:28

This weeks E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be V for Vendetta.

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Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes

03-08-2006 23:49

Democracy Now!
AMY GOODMAN: Peter Bouckaert, we want to thank you very much for being with us, Emergencies Director at Human Rights Watch. He's speaking to us from Beirut. The report that Human Rights Watch has just put out is called "Fatal Strikes: Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon."

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Solidarity with Prison Guards! Solidarity with Class War Prisoners!

03-08-2006 20:57

Walton Prison
Prison guards nationwide are preparing to go on strike over a below inflation pay 'rise' of just 1.6%, and in solidarity with the guards at Walton Prison, whose bosses are turning the screw with tougher working practices rules.

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NYC: Pro-Lebanon Protest

03-08-2006 08:05

Pro-Lebanon Protest outside the Israeli Mission in New York City on Friday 28th July 2006.

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Philippines: AKBAYAN leads protests over SONA of lies, lies, lies

03-08-2006 06:38

Akbayan & Laban ng Masa (Fight of the Masses)
AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) today joined the various groups which trooped to the streets to express opposition to the State of the Nation Adress (SONA) of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), saying GMA's SONA promises will not make up for the fact that she is the center and crux of the country's crisis right now.

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Getting Sane With The Campaign

03-08-2006 05:52

News of New Protest Camp in Westminster

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In memory of our friend Thomas Kalu who died from poverty and imigration control

03-08-2006 01:04

The day that Ann Owers published her devastating report on Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre also marked a memorial to former Yarl's Wood detainee Thomas Kalu .

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More McHospitals for Merseyside! (part 2)

02-08-2006 16:25

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and University Hospitals Aintree were today given 'foundation' status by Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, meaning that three NHS hospitals on Merseyside are now open to private business. In June, the Liverpool Womens' Hospital opened itself up for bids to 'help' manage its finances.

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02-08-2006 15:01


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rampART news

02-08-2006 10:27

Here is a run down of the latest news from Londons rampART social centre. Agust is a bit sparse for events but there is plenty of other news. The building has gone on the market for a start which is significant news. There's also a strong plea for fresh energy and involvement - use it or loss it...

(Scroll down for this week’s cinema program)

Join the mailing list for weekly news and events listing -

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Titnore Campers make appeal

02-08-2006 08:45

Titnore campaigners need to raise £400 at least for legal costs to challenge the possession order granted in the High Court on Thursday July 27.

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D for Democracy Day II -Patriots Stand up IN SYDNEY to Contempt THIS FRIDAY

02-08-2006 03:10

Support 2 Patriots charged with Contempt for wearing a T-Shirt printed with "Trial by Jury is Demoracy" Sent to Jail

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Alcoholism worsens with increased drinking use: study

02-08-2006 01:10

Wine Glut
An old study shows the more alcohol a psychotic person uses, the worse their condition gets. What about that? Its been around for a while but no one is taking much notice lately?

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Australia's Guantanamo

01-08-2006 22:54

Barwon Prison
Have the 13 Muslim men arrested under Australia's new anti-terror laws been subjected to Guantanamo Bay-style conditions? It's an allegation being made by Civil Rights Defence

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Taxing Times for Inland Revenue Strikers

01-08-2006 19:51

Tax offices in Bootle, Glasgow, Newcastle, Salford, Wrexham, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Leicester, Bradford and Edinburgh were closed yesterday as up to 8,000 workers came out on strike against plans to make them fill in forms accounting for each hour they work.

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Yarl's Wood - Hunger strike continues

01-08-2006 14:23

Six parents at Yarl's Wood IRC are still on hunger strike. I have been speaking to them daily, and have noticed their voices are getting weaker and they have told me that they feel very ill. When I asked how long they intend to continue, they said until the Home Office comes and talks to them.
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