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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Project Censored "censored" because of stance on 9/11 Truth!

22-09-2010 07:59

This years new Project Censored 2011 Book has been released including numerous stories and references to the 9/11 cover up. Dr. Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff explain in this interview that they have been censored by so called "alternative" left wing publications because of their refusal to drop 9/11 truth content!

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English Defence League leaders accused of stealing money by EDL members

21-09-2010 11:36

The English Defence League leadership have been accused of stealing money by the rank and file members of the English Defence League [EDL]. At a meeting held by EDL members the leadership were accused of stealing money. The leadershipe are now saying that they will stop selling the EDL merchandise, clothing and so on following the accusations of theft and misusing EDL monies.

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English Defence League pull EDL clothing following complaints over profits

21-09-2010 04:02

The English Defence League have stated that they they have pulled the merchandise ie clothing range following accusations from some EDL that Tommy Robinson and Kev Carrol were keeping the money. English Defence League insiders however know that the truth is rather different. The real reason for the clothing line being withdrawn by Tommy Robinson is as follows in the video.

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Leicester council email line against English Defence League October 9th march.

21-09-2010 00:42

The racists and Islamophobes of the English Defence League are planning to hold a rally in Leicester on October 9th 2010. Leicester council have set up an email so that local people in Leicester [and anti fascists] can send in their views against the EDL march. EDL marches have descended into violence and race riots. Stop the EDL!

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Brussels No Border Camp: just five days to go ...

20-09-2010 21:37

NO BORDER CAMP in Brussels 25th September-3rd October 2010

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London Frestival Presents Diverse Rainbow Line-Up To Highlight Future Gay Trends

20-09-2010 16:36

GFEST logo
GFEST 2010 runs for two weeks from Monday 8 November 2010 to Sunday 21 November 2010.
The full festival programme can be found on GFEST website:

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A call out from Amsterdam

20-09-2010 12:48

"Sleeping" Action
The squatting ban is not a threat - it's an opportunity and a tool.

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Shell Executives Targeted by Protesters from the Rossport Solidarity Camp

19-09-2010 18:02

"What do you mean they're on OUR bus!?"
The folks in suits finally got a taste of the conflict they've been orchestrating in County Mayo, Ireland for the past decade. Representatives from Shell and their team of expert witnesses who are presenting Shell's planning application for the Corrib gas onshore pipeline to the Irish planning board were prevented from leaving the planning board's oral hearing Thursday night by protesters.

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Anarchist Fight Getting Better, say Europol

18-09-2010 23:46

According to Europol, the european police force, 'anarchist terrorism', whatever that is supposed to mean, is on the you and me, that means things are hotting up......

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'Solidarity Tools', evidence for militants to consider before action!

18-09-2010 17:48

Now is the time when we must spread our ideas, our plans and visions for the future community of which we belong, our hopes and our dreams, to display them with our actions, to show them to the world and say, we, the anarchists, are coming! (yeah, soz about that bit, wanted to sound a bit pompous to reel you in...)

The following is a knock-up of loads of 'propaganda' that i lifted from websites registered in numerous countries. The information will aid you on the journey to freedom. It is not illegal information, although if you are one of thousands of comrades on the prowl at night, or in broad daylight, searching for a 'target', then this information is for you. The following information is to aid 'action efficiency' and nothing else......if you can please translate it and spread it to the four corners of the web, discuss if necessary, your welcome to add to it, borrow it or whatever the fuck you wanna do with it.........but most of all, please learn, comrades, because the big ones coming...

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Tower Hamlets: Has Andrew Gilligan been hidng some serious evidence?

18-09-2010 13:12

"..the public deserve to know some very important things about Tower Hamlets today which are not contained in Mr Gilligan’s Channel 4 programme of March 2010 or in any of his published Daily Telegraph reports and blogs...."

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Russian embassy picket defends antifascist Khimki hostages

18-09-2010 01:51

A picket of the Russian Embassy in London is to be held on Monday September 20th. The protest is part of a series of international actions in defence of the Khimki hostages. These are two grassroots antifascist activists (Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov) who are currently in custody in Moscow on fabricated charges facing the prospect of very heavy prison sentences.

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Climate Action Film Night

17-09-2010 17:55

An evening of films and discussion about climate activism and the oil
industry, hosted by London Rising Tide.

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EDL V Muslims Against Crusaders tomorrow 5pm London, Hyde Park [Marble Arch]

17-09-2010 17:09

The Pope is visiting London this weekend. Muslims Against Crusaders are holding a protest against the Pope in Hyde Park from 5pm until around 7.30pm. The violently racist and Islamophobic English Defence League will be there to oppose the Muslims Against Crusaders. Some in the EDL who are staunch Loyalists will also be protesting against the Pope AND against Muslims Against Crusaders....

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Can Marxists with scientific accuracy predict the future?

17-09-2010 16:20

The Cover of our Book.
Like others, two decades before: we foresaw the Imperialist Demolition of Apartheid in South Africa. A priori as theoretical approximation, class conscious man made social processes can be predicted.

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Call out for Action in Amsterdam against Squatting Ban

17-09-2010 15:56

call to action in Amsterdam
The law against squatting in the Netherlands goes in effect on October 1, so there will be actions going on in Amsterdam from Sept 25 - October 1st (and beyond). Any and all people concerned with housing issues and autonomous spaces are encouraged to come join us at this important time.

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Real versus fake crises: Concealing the risk of an all out nuclear war

17-09-2010 09:42

We are living history but at the same time we are unable to comprehend the events which shape our future and which are currently unfolding in front of our very eyes.

The details of ongoing war preparations in relation to Iran have been withheld from the public eye.The media is involved in acts of camouflage.

The devastating impacts of a nuclear war are either trivialized or not mentioned. Meanwhile, public opinion has its eyes riveted on what might described as "fake crises".

The fear campaign underlying a fake crisis is intended to obfuscate the real crisis --including the danger of nuclear war-- as well as disarm all forms of meaningful resistance and opposition.

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Land squat in France call out

17-09-2010 09:24

Come and join the resistance against another smelly aiport near Nante in northern France. Beautiful people and beautiful place.

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Audio from Oxford Save Our Services Meeting 2010-09-13

17-09-2010 06:50

Audio Stuart Speaking
Cuts to our public services will affect us all. Badly. Oxford Save Our Services intend not to let that happen. This is the audio of Stuart White's speech at the Oxford SOS meeting on 2010-09-13.

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Atheists Are Nazis

16-09-2010 21:31

A speech in which the Pope appeared to associate atheism with the Nazis has prompted criticism from humanist organisations.
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