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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Iraq: Hail Caesar?

08-01-2008 23:19

The Lebanese newspaper Al-akhbar have reported, that in the streets of Mosul, graffiti has appeared on walls proclaiming “Well done Caesar!” with groups also distributing leaflets sending their greetings and congratulations to the Iraqi soldier.

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Poland Rozbrat Squat - Alarm!

08-01-2008 21:14


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'Ethnic Charter flights' = 'Hamburg International Airlines'

08-01-2008 18:35

A deportee has positively identified 'Hamburg International Airlines' as the charter flight he was put on taking him and 30 others to Afghanistan.

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Barclays Bank in Christmas Rip Off

08-01-2008 14:25

"Barclays charges is the only reason I actually have an overdraft, for days it was telling me I had money in the account (even when I phoned up) and of course I didn't and was still withdrawing money, had to get the overdraft to avoid further charges, it's done the same thing again this month so I'm over my overdraft limit, my christmas bonus is gonna go on bank charges." - one Barclays customers Christmas experience.

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Alex Belongs to Bristol

08-01-2008 11:12

Alexandre Sidenko
Alexandre Sidenko from Russia is currently detained in Tinsley House IRC, with removal directions set for Wednesday 16th January on British Airways Flight BAo874 from Heathrow Airport @ 12:25 to Moscow. He was 'snatched' from his Bristol home and community where he has lived for seven years, on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

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Coal, Climate & Environmental Racism - Grassroots Resistance talks!

08-01-2008 10:40

245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX 0845 458 9595

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The CPP-NPA-NDF “Hit List” - a preliminary report

08-01-2008 09:48

Pol Pot & Jose Maria Sison
It is essential to understand the real scope of the assassination policy of Left activists pursued, after the 1992 crisis, by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), its military arm, the New People’s Army (NPA) and its politico-diplomatic arm, the National Democratic Front (NDF).

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Prison-death demonstration: Holloway Prison, London - 16 January 2008

08-01-2008 00:43

A peaceful demonstration will be held outside HMP and YOI Holloway, London
on Wednesday 16 January 2008, at 1.30 pm, for the duration of the afternoon
to protest against the death of Ms Jamie Pearce, aged 24
who died in the care of the jail on 10 December 2007
Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend

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London: Burma Independence Day Peace Walk

07-01-2008 15:54

Monks gather at Marble Arch
Last Friday was the 60th anniversary of Burma gaining independence from Britain, but the Burmese had little to celebrate, being under the rule of a brutal military government. A peace march was held in London on Saturday 5 January to mark the continued suffering and struggle of the Burmese people for freedom. All pictures copyright.

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Squatters Needed!

07-01-2008 09:03

A new Social Centre in Wiltshire requires volounteers. Accommodation is of course free.

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Friends of Therese & Ngalieuk

07-01-2008 08:46

Notewo Therese Laure and her son Ngalieuk Touko Thed Landery are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, facing deportation to Cameroon on Tuesday 8th January at 19:00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon

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Is Allah leading the march for Jihad to progress for the worlds poor?

07-01-2008 06:36

Is Allah leading the march for Jihad to progress for the worlds poor?
The Muslim world, a large sector of poor humanity is already on the march against imperialism, its imposed oil wars, military occupations and economic domination and environmental and wealth pillaging. Many of these Muslim peoples believe that a democratic Allah himself is on the march too. This adds to their confidence in themselves. After all they have been achieving a great deal of success in their struggles against “Great Satan” in recent years.Understanding "Jihad"

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, 12th December 2007

06-01-2008 20:53

Manchester NO2ID Logo

Manchester NO2ID has very busy since our November meeting. As well as our regular street stall, we've flyered the Lord Mayor of Manchester [1] at the Central Library, held an emergency street stall [2] in the light of the HMRC data leak, and reached the Information Commissioner himself [3] at an ICO conference in Manchester.

These are all great actions, and thanks to everyone who's shown up and helped out; we've been getting our points across to an increasingly sympathetic public, and also to people in positions of power, reminding them that we exist and cannot be ignored.


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Crash 2008: ¡Que no sigan robando!

06-01-2008 16:31

La economía de la conspiración
¿Cómo el neoliberalismo capitalista ha llegado a este punto de estafa y banca rota? Hace falta saber el cómo pero sobre todo cómo responder.

Porque mira, puede que Trichet, gobernador “TODOPODEROSO” del Banco Central Europeo, equivoque los objetivos que no es combatir la inflación (como pretenden neocons y especuladores) sino contribuir a un sistema económico eficiente y estable donde la banca no viva de la especulación monumental y sea un servicio fiable para la economía productiva y el progreso. Es decir, no solo basta con coordinarse los bancos Centrales sino que también tienen que participar los gobiernos coordinadamente con medidas fiscales incluso sobre el tráfico de capitales y los paraísos fiscales (que deberíamos llamar repito “cuevas de ladrones”). No puede ser posible que Trichet con el objetivo-pretexto de combatir la inflación lo único que consiga sea ahogar más a la economía, las empresas y las familias trabajadoras a la vez que permite que los que especulen y roban se sigan llenando los bolsillos. Sorry for Spanish.

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Manchester NO2ID Events, January 2008

06-01-2008 03:41

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Bit of a quiet month this time round, but I expect everybody's still recovering from Christmas!

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Can we pursue conflict resolution without fully engaging the cultural aspect of

05-01-2008 23:22

In the field of conflict resolution, the legitimacy of this statement is one of the major conflictual arguments of the current academic debate. Can we acheive a meaningful peace without engaging the grassroots level and if we can't, does engaging in conflict represent any major step forward?

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Save the animals and our moral sense

05-01-2008 15:50

Two demonstrations coming up:-

Thursday 10 January, the weekly demo, and

Saturday 12 January, for the monthly demo

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Iraqi soldier kills 2 US troops

05-01-2008 15:01

The U.S. military said Saturday that an Iraqi soldier apparently shot dead two American service members for "reasons that are as yet unknown" while they were on a joint patrol north of the capital.

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Update on struggle to keep the rampART social centre

05-01-2008 14:16

On the 3rd of January, a possession order was granted to the alleged owners of the squatted properties in Rampart Street however the occupiers have not left and have submitted an appeal against the possession ruling that was made in the county court on the 20th of December. A date has not yet been set for the appeal hearing and the appeal application also contained a request to postpone any warrant for possession which would allow the owners call the bailiffs in.

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Crass role by Crossrail-hole-backer Tower Hamlets Council, again!

05-01-2008 10:51

On 18 December 2007, one of the employerdf publcity staff in the Tower Hamkets Coucnil issued a 'good news for Crossrail' e-mail to the local paper. The hedaing was misleading. The truth of the matter is that they wanted to fend off the latst camapgn progamme announed by Khoodeelaar! whioch is goin to petoton the Hosue of Lords later this month [8 january 2008 and onweards] against the Crossrail Bill.
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