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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Don't Deport Abbas Ali Babakir

02-12-2008 07:48

2 December 2008 - Urgent - Take Action Immediately

Campaigner to be forcibly deported to Iraq this evening

This message from International Federation of Iraqi refugees

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We are holding our 1st {informal} meeting in 28 Days time in Camden

01-12-2008 20:54

London Against Camden Danger Lab will be holding our first {informal} meeting in 28 Days time on the 28th December @ 6.30 pm at Inspiral Lounge 250 Camden High Street, Camden NW18QS.
We are campaigning against the plans to build TWO virus containment facilities & animal testing labs in Camden...on the Somers Town council estate in Camden and on the Hampstead Road next to the Regents Park council estate in Camden. MI5 are against the lab plans.....

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Camden Drugs & Alchohol services face the axe to make way for animal lab.

01-12-2008 19:19

The Margarete Centre at 108 Hampstead Road provides prescribing and dispensary services to many of Camden's 4,200 class A drug addicts. The centre also porivides counselling and harm reduction advice at "NIDS" and Primary Care. This centre faces the chop to make way for one of the "28 Days Later" animal testing labs / virus containment facilities planned for Camden.

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Full Circle Demo: From weapons to wars to refugees. Market Sq. Nottingham

01-12-2008 17:53

To highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham held a demonstration on Saturday 29th November at 12:30 on Market Square in Nottingham called "FULL CIRCLE – from weapons to wars to refugees".

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Vulture funds

01-12-2008 16:23

The market for yuppie flats has collapsed, the speculative property bubble has burst. Vulture funds are stepping in to buy toxic assets at huge discounts. Their only interest is the property they pick up on the cheap when there is a default on the loan.

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#11 The December Show

01-12-2008 15:06

riseup dec
Riseup! Radio presents the December show.

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EU makes hacking legal for the police.

01-12-2008 12:28

As part of a 5 year action plan to 'combat the growth in cyber theft and spam' the EU have granted Europol £250,000 to create a system to allow european police forces to share data with each other which they have gained be illegal means. Obviously they worded it slightly better than I have, but essentially that is what they have allowed.

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Methadone clinic in Camden faces closure to make way for animal lab.

30-11-2008 22:22

Camden Maragrete Centre could close to make way for the notorious "28 Days Later" lab in Camden. The Margarete Centre in Camden dispenses metahdone and provides services for users with drug addiction, alchohol and mental health problems. There are 4 thousand, two hundred class A drug users {estimated} in Camden.

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National E.On F.Off Actions Round Up

30-11-2008 18:26

Over the past 48 hours E.on has been targeted across the UK. If your action is not listed below, email us ( to let us know what happened where you were.

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We Make Your Clothes

30-11-2008 13:59

WE MAKE YOUR CLOTHES: hear voices from the frontline of the struggle against sweatshop labour as Bangladeshi garment worker militants visit Sheffield.


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Philippines: An urgent call to the NDF and the GRP regarding the recent killings

30-11-2008 12:24

An urgent call to the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) regarding the recent killings of farmers!

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Pics from the Norwich E.On Spoof

30-11-2008 12:14

E.On F.Off staff
Here are some photos from yesterday's spoof E.On stall in Norwich

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of not-so-good 'Patres' and not-so-bad 'good fellows'

30-11-2008 09:36

For the first time ever, 739 Italian prisoners, mostly accused of belonging to ‘the Mafia’
or the Mafias, as the movement includes prisoners from all the different ‘Coscas’ ranging from Cosa Nostra to the Stidda, the Santa Corona Unita, the Ndrangheta etc. –
all condemned to life imprisonment, have united and stood up for their rights, by presenting the European Court in Strasburg with as many requests for legal review of procedures.

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Imperial justice might jail martyr's brother

30-11-2008 06:42

Hairbiyar Marri, brother of the slain leader, faces 10 years in U.K. jail
Glowing tributes were paid to Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri at a meeting at Busboys and Poets in Washington DC on Saturday afternoon. The victim's brother Hairbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch face jail in the U.K. for trying to organize Baluch resistance against military brutalities.

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Firebird Benefit Car Boot and Open Day

30-11-2008 01:34

The campaigners at the squatted Firebird pub, renamed the Community Justice Centre, are holding a car boot in the pub car park on Sunday 7th Dec. £5 a table opening 7am for sellers and 8am for buyers.

All proceeds to go to the evolving Social Centre.

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Norwich RT Spoof E.on Stall

29-11-2008 21:08

Today six activists from Norwich Rising Tide set up a spoof E.on stall on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s doorstep (RBS is one of E.on’s core sources of funding).

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Norwich Rat Race

29-11-2008 20:14

Leaflet Front
To mark Buy Nothing Day, activists from Norwich Rising Tide held a Rat Race in the Norwich city centre.

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The Bologna Declaration: Critical Notes - Part 1

29-11-2008 19:06

After nearly ten yeas, the effects of the Bologna Declaration in shaping European Higher Education (HE) along neo-liberal lines are becoming evident

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APPO prisoner on hunger strike

29-11-2008 18:50

Following harrassment and beatings of several political prisoners in Oaxaca, a hunger strike has been commenced to demand their release.
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