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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Greetings from Bonny Scotland from F365 :)

26-03-2007 11:43

Update from the intrepid Oxfordshire (and environs) blockaders!

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Starbucks openning greeted by local knees up

26-03-2007 11:12

Described as "a proper east-end knees up", locals gathered outside the new Starbucks store for a tea party, "in defence of our area, and to show off the lovely culture we have".

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Reclaim Slab Square (March 24)

25-03-2007 20:10

After a year and a half and several million pounds, the refurbished Market Square is finally open for business. On Saturday March 24 the council threw a big party to celebrate this fact and blow their own trumpet, not everybody was so keen, however.

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EZLN to Initiates the Second Stage of it's Direct Participation in the

25-03-2007 00:18

- The Delegation will be Formed by Seven Comandantas, Seven Comandates and a

Communique of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee - General
Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Mexico, March 22, 2007

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Reclaim Our City! - leaflet text for Nottingham's Market Square reopening night

24-03-2007 21:15

NOTTINGHAM - Reclaim Our City!

It’s lovely to have the Market Square finally finished, isn’t it? Now we can start to use it again; as a great hang out, somewhere to sit around with our friends in the sun, the best place to raise awareness about political issues through formal and impromptu demos, listen to free music of all sorts, maybe have a drink, take the piss out of the army recruitment display, shelter from the rain on the Council House steps, but the question is ...

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Anti-slavery march demands reparations for slave trade

24-03-2007 16:59

This afternoon a group of around thirty anti-slavery protesters marched through Oval en route to Brixton demanding an official apology from the British Government.

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325 Zine - Issue#4 Out Now! Prison Abolition, Anarchism etc

24-03-2007 12:45

New for April 2007! 325 is an insurgent anti-prison zine of social war and anarchy, infrequently produced in the UK in a DIY style!

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Philadelphia Reparations Tribunal, Excerpts on Uhuru Radio, Sunday March 25

24-03-2007 02:21

Delbert Africa of MOVE
Listen to testimony from Consuela Africa on the bombing and incarceration of the MOVE family in Philadelphia from the 1970s until today. She and others testified at the Tribunal on Reparations to African People, March 17th in Philadelphia.

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OutRage!:Why has the Left gone soft on human rights?

23-03-2007 18:35

Two articles by gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell published this week:
The Independent. March 22nd_ Why has the Left gone soft on human rights?
Democratiya Journal_Spring 2007 Their Multiculuralism and ours.


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23-03-2007 15:31

Now including presentation by Hands-Off Iraqi Oil at 8.30pm!!!
A night of political discussion and historical debate, at RampART Creative Social Centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, off Commercial Road, LONDON, E2

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Art Not Oil 2007 gallery stands at 31 items, but we'd like more please...

23-03-2007 15:14

'American Nightmare' - Michelle Waters (
You can find the galleries here:

And below the Art Not Oil info, please find a link for Rising Tide North America's current tour with the wildly creative and very inspiring Beehive Collective.


Bo from Art Not Oil/London Rising Tide

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International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8.

23-03-2007 11:39

The 8th of June International Day of Action Against has been called by the International Rising Tide Network. This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or local area.

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Stop the political repression in the Philippines - 800 killed

23-03-2007 01:37

800 killed
PROTEST: Stop the political repression in the Philippines.

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22/03/07 - Norwegian Embassy/Statoil protest - human rights in Rossport

23-03-2007 01:15

Today saw a human rights demonstration at the Norwegian Embassy in London in support and solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland.

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Zimbabwe Protesters arrested for trespassing at their own embassy!

23-03-2007 01:11

Yesterday, Thursday 22nd March, ten Zimbabweans were arrested for trespassing at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. The protesters, all members of Zimbabwe's main opposition, The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) were refused access to to their ambassador to demand an explanation for the continuing oppression of dissedent voices in the Southern African state.

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**THIS SUNDAY** Manchester's "ID Day" Demonstration

23-03-2007 00:36

Manchester No2ID Logo
In January, NO2ID declared 'ID-Day' to mark the predicted opening of the first National ID Register interrogation centres. On Sunday 25th March, Manchester No2ID will be holding an event in Manchester City Centre as part of a nationwide series of events.

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Kirklees Unity Day of Action

22-03-2007 19:57

Kirklees Unity Day of Action

Saturday April 7th 2007

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Proposed new powers for bailiffs: an attack on the poor and indebted

22-03-2007 13:56

The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, which had its second reading in the House of Commons in early March, proposes new powers that will enable the agents of bailiffs—court officers involved in the collection of debts and fines—to force entry into people’s homes, seize belongings and, in certain cases, restrain people.

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Aksu Family belong to Glasgow

22-03-2007 06:18

Yamur Aksu
Yamur didn't get a chance to blow out the candles on her cake. Instead her mum and dad were handcuffed and with her, her sister, 14-year-old Pinar, and her brother, 10-year-old Byram, were taken in a blacked out van to the Dungavel Detention Centre. Two days later they were transferred to Yarl's Wood IRC.

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Waku Family Must Stay

22-03-2007 06:15

Max Jean-Marc Grace Onoya
At 7.00am on Monday the 19th March 2007 the Waku family were awakened when Immigration Officers forcibly entered their home in Cardonald. The children watched their dad being handcuffed and led out of the house to a waiting van. The rest of the family were then removed one by one from their home and put into waiting vans. They are now in Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.
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