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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Censure motion: Bush and Cheney to be impeached?

20-12-2005 19:03

Censure motion hits Bush on Iraq, 'torture'...
Dem senator seeks advice on impeachment

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Causachun coca! Wañuchun yanquis!

20-12-2005 02:35

We are living a new time "and the Third Millennium belongs to Peoples, not to the Empire!"

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Kong Yee Sai Mau (No to WTO): The Battle of Hong Kong

19-12-2005 22:15

Sat Dec 17, Hong Kong—It’s 1:30 am in Hong Kong. We have just returned to the house after being in the Hong Kong streets all afternoon and evening in the most intense street battle that we have ever seen. We are taking turns showering the teargas and pepper spray off as we write this up. Farmers, workers, women’s organizations, fisher folk, Hong Kong youth, migrants and other movement people from Korea, across Asia and around the world marched on, broke through several police lines to less than a block from the site of the WTO conference center and laid siege to it until we were dispersed with teargas and mass arrests tonight.

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Brilliant Fools - Harold Pinter, John Le Carré And The Media

19-12-2005 13:50

The media are, and always have been, the supreme obstacle to change. But you would not know it because all media corporations apply the same potent label to such a thought: ''Unthinkable''.

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Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers Wanted

19-12-2005 12:50

Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers wanted for the submission of their concepts, political analysis, mind viruses and memes, for the "now-back-online-being-switched-off"

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AMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the seasonal shows of 'piety' and 'compassion

19-12-2005 10:22

On the day when the mainstream UK news outlets are running the alleged story about alleged class division between John Prescott and his boss Tony Blair - and on the alleged rift between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair over the British EU rebate...
in contrast with the absence from the main news media in the UK of anything like decent reporting on how BOTH Prescott and Brown are as much responsible as Blair for continuing with the policy of impoverishment of huge parts of the world’s populations...

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Right to Ban Neurotoxic Aspartame in New Mexico and UK

18-12-2005 23:14

Efforts are being made in New Mexico, the UK, the Falkland Islands and other areas to ban aspartame (E951/Canderel/NutraSweet/Equal, etc.). Activists all over the world with Mission Possible Intl are alerting consumers aspartame is a chemical poison.

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Thoughts on Iraqi electionswith 19 photos attached.

18-12-2005 21:27

This is a 500 word article about the Iraqi elections with 19 photos attached.

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It’s Good News Week

18-12-2005 18:05

Bush has declared that it’s acceptable to illegally bug US citizens for a ‘good cause’; Cheney opposed legislation banning the use of torture by US agencies! Rumsfeld denounces claims that Iraq invasion is related to Oil appropriation; US Congress attacks Bush or rather those responsible for the debacle that is the Bush Presidency. But the news of the week is the residents of Sydney contracting the disease that is John Winston Howard (cowardice).

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When the sands ran red

18-12-2005 14:22

Both arguably failed to show moral leadership
Many Australians feel Howard is ignoring the problem. Others say his narrow response shows how well he has read Australia's mood. But by not condemning the racism, Howard and Labor leader Kim Beazley have both arguably failed to show moral leadership.

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Learning from the World Trade Organisation

18-12-2005 13:45

WTO may be promoting global injustice and exacerbating poverty, but is there anything positive we can learn from it, particlarly if we are Simultaneous Policy (SP) Adopters?

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AIDS and budgetary policy

18-12-2005 13:18

AIDS and budgetary policy
I know that many would prefer to begin otherwise, but I would not like to hide the truth, and the truth is that at the moment, more than forty million people in the World so many are infected by the virus of human immunodeficiency —almost as the total population from Spain—, On global, single scale in 2005 , five million new infections have taken place and in addition, five hundred seventy thousand children will die directly by causes related to the syndrome of inmuno acquired deficiency.

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An Incredible Day in America, Indeed—But, Will We Seize the Day, Or Let It Pass?

18-12-2005 00:40

In a fine Huffington Post article published yesterday, Martin Garbus, a leading American trial lawyer, unequivocally states that Bush has committed an impeachable crime in authorizing domestic surveillance without a court-issued warrant, and has, in conjunction with Congress, legitimized torture for the first time in US history. Yet [continues below ...]

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A Burundian asks: Can we still trust the UN?

17-12-2005 13:19

In the preamble of its Charter, the United Nations Organization pledges to establish conditions under which justice and international law can be maintained.

In the case of Burundi, however, this provision seems to have been constantly ignored

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Guerrilla Girl about the heroic FARC-EP insurgents in Colombia

16-12-2005 19:56

Stop Torturing Yourselves: LEARN!
Everyone is learning fast, but leaders and radical governments hold the people back from movin to war... leaders wait for the people to learn, to organize and prepare. They hope that a crisis of capitalism or of the environment will bring down (or fully discredit ) the rich

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My life as a Muslim woman

16-12-2005 13:54

They differed with me over what times we are living in.
It is not a democracy when a man can talk about politics without anyone threatening him.
Democracy is when a woman can talk of her lover without anyone killing her.

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MUHAMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on yet another Blairite cull

16-12-2005 11:11

Channel 4 news 'anchorman' (an Amercanisation/US-isation) of Jon Snow that is embarrassingly inaccurate and overestimates Snow's record of 'toughness' and 'independence') allegedly interviewed one of Tony Blair's ritualistic cullers on Thursday 15 December 2005. The interview was an insult to all those who keep switching on ‘Channel Four’ to find on that outlet some really overdue investigative reporting that is not available on the BBC

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The Plague Upon Eden

16-12-2005 04:25

A thorough analysis of humanity's role in the destruction of the environment and acceleration of global warming

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Victory against New Labour: Edinburgh says NO to privatisation of Council Housing Stock Transfer

16-12-2005 00:40

logo of Britain-wide Defend Council Housing Campaign

Grassroots tenants groups have celebrated today the "no" vote against transfering Council Houses in Edinburgh to a newly founded Housing Association.
The City of Edinburgh Council publicised the outcome of the ballot.
53% of eligable tenants voted "No" in the ballot which had a turnout of about 60%.
The grassroot groups took on a battle against an estimated £21 million PR campaign funded by the Scottish executive - and won!
The ballot was brought forward from Spring 2006 to November 2005 to avoid unpleasant findings by Audit Scotland, which researches the effects of council housing stock transfer at the moment, and then furthermore brought the vote forward another six days to make a possible legal challenge by the Scottish Tenants Organisation impossible.
[Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House! | Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: feature | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: article | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: feature | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: article]

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15-12-2005 23:14

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