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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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detainee at the Guantanamo Bay

05-10-2005 13:56

rez earthwatchers and th beeb

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04-10-2005 21:01

The new Blair state move against the Asians and the Muslims and the role of nephew Tom Trevor Phillips in inciting race hate and xenophobia by fronting attacks on Muslims at every turn as he did in Blackpool on 3 October 2005. The role of the DAILY MAIL which has once against promoted Nephew Tom Trevor Phillips' latest assault on the Muslims in the UK as being the paper's front page splash of incitement on Tuesday 4 October 2005. The DAILY MAIL had appeased Hitler and the Nazi racist dogmas in the 1930s...

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Big brother aims to force tracking on the tube ands buses

04-10-2005 17:09

Allow big brother to spy on your movements or pay twice the price for travelling by bus and Tube in London.

Thats London's Mayor Ken Livingstone latest plan, announced today.

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Tembak Aja – Just Shoot

04-10-2005 13:02

The recent bombings in Bali have once again highlighted the inappropriate (disastrous) approach of the ‘us and them’ mentality. There is ‘no love lost’ in divisionism. The Australian Senate, take note! Western analysts fail to understand that Muslims take personally another Muslim’s plight. Race or nationality has little relevance in the context of the unifying familial aspects of Islam. Kill a Palestinian and Muslims in Indonesia, Sudan (everywhere) will feel the loss. Furthermore, many would feel obliged to take positive action to prevent the further loss of Muslim life. However, Muslim fanatics fail to understand a principal tenet of Islam, the brotherhood of all humanity; taking innocent life is strictly forbidden. But we take the simplistic view of the fanatics and Western politicians, the question should be, who benefits from these bombings?

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Embrace nuclear weapons: The Un-Australian?

04-10-2005 01:56

CIA Jewish bomb
Bashir describes one of the 2002 Bali bombs as "a Jewish bomb". "That bomb was a CIA Jewish bomb. You are stupid to punish Amrozi if he really knows how to make such a bomb," he says. "You should hire him to be a military consultant, because there is no military or police person (in Indonesia) who can make such a bomb. If Amrozi really did make that bomb, he deserves the Nobel Prize. So, the death penalty is not fair."

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04-10-2005 00:23

There are two kinds of leaders. One you would follow into a fire. And another you would push into a fire. President GW Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are the kinds of "leaders" you would push into a fire. Not once in their pathetically corrupt lives have they ever demonstrated any leadership abilities. Not once.

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A Feminist Response to War?

03-10-2005 23:07

"In war, it is only men that matter..." True or false?

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President Bush says "TROOPS will have to pay for their own BODY BAGS"

03-10-2005 19:46

Are soldiers are being sent into harm's way without the body armor they need to stay alive. Who is to blame? The answer: the republican party. For the past eleven years republcians have controlled congress and for the last four and a half years republicans have controlled all three branches of the government. Apparently, handing out multibillion dollar no-bid contracts to republican companies is more important to republicans than the lives of our soldiers.

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03-10-2005 19:15

What if the United States was invaded and occupied by a foreign military force? What if another country didn't like our leader and they used their superior army, navy, and air force to invade our country to remove him? What if another country invaded us because we have 1,000,000 times the stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons than all the other countries in the world combined? How do you think Americans would react if we were occupied by a foreign military?

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The destruction of the Christian heritage in Kosovo

03-10-2005 13:36

To worldwide indifference, more than one hundred ancient churches have already been assaulted and destroyed. Others are defended by NATO soldiers. The role of the Vatican and the growth of Islamic extremism

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03-10-2005 00:12

Not only is Bush's Iraq War not worth the cost of our dead soldiers and the hundred thousand dead Iraqis, it is also not worth the staggering cost in cold cash. The Iraq War is the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of the United States. And the dunce who started it is the political prostitute GW Bush, whose every move is controlled by his corporate pimps.

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Activists Clash over Respect candidates' 'Death to Gays' policy

02-10-2005 23:03

More controversy is set to brew between the Respect Coalition and OutRage!

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Inside the Insiders

02-10-2005 22:07

Gaggle of protection for the elite
This is a copy of a letter sent to ABC online this morning in response to their 'current affairs' programme "Insiders". It reads, in part, as follows: "On your webpage you declare "Insiders" is a, "fast-moving treatment of national affairs". Because of the loaded reporting style, I would say Insiders is more like a gaggle of protection for the elite, and a thorough-going endorsement of the state's handling of national affairs."

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What is anarchism?

02-10-2005 14:57

An Anarchist FAQ
Anarchism is a political theory which aims to create anarchy, "the absence of a master, of a sovereign." [P-J Proudhon, What is Property , p. 264] In other words, anarchism is a political theory which aims to create a society within which individuals freely co-operate together as equals. As such anarchism opposes all forms of hierarchical control - be that control by the state or a capitalist - as harmful to the individual and their individuality as well as unnecessary.

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Tony Blair beheaded by Al-Qaeda female suicide bomber in Brighton (Humour)

01-10-2005 16:43

1) See below for comments
What they didn't tell you happened in Brighton. From now on, only you will know. (Humour)

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When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy

01-10-2005 14:08

Draconian Terror Laws set us up for police statehood
Federal and state leaders sold out democracy when harsher laws were agreed at the Terror Summit. The stronger laws potentially threaten to target Muslims and dissidents with searches, raids, and secret detention. In a country without a Bill of Rights, the draconian Terror Laws set us up for police statehood.

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They know where you live

01-10-2005 12:55

"judicial review" will not amount to a real safeguard!
But lawyers worry that promises of "judicial review" will not amount to a real safeguard for those detained. Barker says: "It doesn't make oppressive laws any less oppressive because you involve judges somewhere in the process. And if I were a judge I would think very carefully before lending my name to an oppressive process."

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What went wrong with good intentions?

30-09-2005 12:13

War would be at the top of the list of all things that are going wrong with ever changing good intentions being used to keep the momentum going.

Yeah but yeah but yeah but, all the excuses rapid, premature and more coming.

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Report of Rome anti-war demo on Saturday 24th with photos.

30-09-2005 10:10

This is a 3,000 word report of the demonstration against the occupation of Iraq held in Rome last Saturday along with an analysis of the Italian media and a biography of Silvio Berlusconi.

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29-09-2005 23:38

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