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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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UG#566 - If Not for The Man, Then for Whom? (Deschooling Society 6)

03-09-2011 18:52

This show anticipates a time when most people are not working for the man, but interacting through what Ivan Illich describes as 'Learning Webs'. We start with a US valedictorian, Erica Goldson's bold speech against the school machine, and the conclusion of the John Taylor Gatto interview. Then we read chapter 6 of Deschooling Society, Learning Webs, before concluding with some thoughts on how a decentralised money system might work.

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Weekly blog roundup

03-09-2011 13:48

A round up of the blogosphere in Oxford

If you think your blog should be included, please go to the local news site.

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BAE Systems waging war on tenants & neighbours at Filton Aerodrome, Bristol

03-09-2011 11:05

Friday Drivetime
BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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Gaza blockade must stop

02-09-2011 21:28

Force used by Israel was 'excessive' even if legal.
A way to end the blockade and is suggested

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The Aims of Inclusive Democracy

02-09-2011 20:25

The aims of the ID libertarian political project.

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Vilified nurse cleared of wrongdoing

02-09-2011 16:35

Given the daily mail brigade who trashed this young woman's reputation forever won't have the common decency to print a prominent and full retraction, I am putting the story on indymedia in the hope that we can remove from our society the assumption that this woman carried out sickening acts, and in the hope that we can come to understand more the life-plundering relationship between the cops and corporate media.

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You only believe the official 9/11 story because you don't know what it is

02-09-2011 15:57

The Times, 12 September 2001
Ten years have passed since the infamous events of September 11th, 2001 took place, and the majority of people still don't know a damn thing about the actual details of that event.

As is the case with so many issues, people tend to stand strong and argue a position or voice an opinion about an event like 9/11. But, when questioned about the many details surrounding that event they have no answers. They are clueless. And they are, in the end, dumbfounded.

The term "conspiracy theorist", perhaps the most misapplied description in our vernacular, is often used to describe 9/11 truthers. Perhaps that term does apply to a segment of the 9/11 truth movement. But in most cases a more accurate description of 9/11 truthers is probably "expert", or "scholar", or "researcher."

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'New laws not needed' to block Twitter: UK can morph into police state at will

02-09-2011 09:14

One of the unanswered questions arising from the August riots is whether the government needs new powers to block the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media which were used to organise the disturbances.

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“Friends of Libya” meet in Paris for imperialist carve-up

02-09-2011 08:37

The “Friends of Libya” conference held in Paris Thursday signaled the beginning of the imperialist carve-up of the oil-rich North African country.

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To Avert A Bloodbath - Libya And The Press - Part 1

01-09-2011 19:02

From the allegedly liberal left to Murdoch’s hard right, the media spectrum continues to shine green for 'go' on the Libyan war. An Independent on Sunday (IoS) editorial on August 28 observes:

‘This newspaper supported Nato's military intervention, and Britain's part in it, when it began in March, but it was a choice between hard and complex options – and so it remains.’

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Libya and the world we live in

01-09-2011 18:51

"Why are you attacking us? Why are you killing our children? Why are you destroying our infrastructure?"
– Television address by Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi, April 30, 2011

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Bloody Revolution All The Way - NATO setting precedents in Libya

31-08-2011 21:59

26 Aug 5:00 pm
Friday Drivetime
BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris
For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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UG#565 - The World Crisis and the Wholeness of Life (Deschooling Society 5)

31-08-2011 19:02

This week we look at the effect on the direction of Western society of the concerted efforts made to turn as many people as possible into non-thinking automata. In our first hour, a wide ranging and entertaining lecture from a quarter century ago, E. F. Schumacher speaks on "The World Crisis and the Wholeness of Life" in the year before his death. Then the ensuing Q & A, followed by chapter 5 from Illich's Deschooling Society. We conclude with a little from John Taylor Gatto and a retired Brigadier General on one aspect of waste by the US military.

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The rising tide of islamophobia in France.

30-08-2011 23:27

The neo fascist Front National party in France is riding a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiment in France as the latest manifestation of this shows.

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Trouble at Wrexham NGO. What next - Reform or Revolution?

30-08-2011 08:45

AVOW logo
Any 'charitable' organisation that uses a hierarchical business model where almost all its power is concentrated in the hands of one high-handed officer is going to be problematic for workers. When that officer gathers around him a group of weak and compliant Trustees who are unwilling or unable to challenge him on any matter, he can do what he likes, complaints can be ignored and workers can be dispatched at whim. But when the misconduct of both officers and Trustees is exposed, what happens next?

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A few quick clarifications on the recent riots

29-08-2011 10:47

In light of these conflicting interests it is puzzling to see so many - among them Anarchists - defending "communities" and denouncing attacks on them. These communities are not communes, no free associations of producers and consumers, not groups with common interests, but ensembles of conflicting ones. Shop owners, workers, estate kids, council workers, small and large scale capitalists, they do not have the same interests, many of them have directly conflicting ones. The call for community spirit in disregard of what these communities are is, in essence, the same as a nationalist call for unity: a call to subject ones' own interests to that of the "common good". A common good that asks for subordination and restriction. This appreciation of the moralistic collective is what appeals to right-wing, left-wing and some radical writers alike.

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NATO's rape of Libya: Never forgive, never forget

28-08-2011 18:50

NATO's rape of Libya is too ugly for proper words to describe. NATO outdid Orwell on this one, killing truth by calling war the responsibility to protect - by terrorizing, attacking, and slaughtering civilians like psychopathic assassins. As a result, honest historians will redefine barbarism to explain NATO's savagery.

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NATO's Libya war: A Nuremberg level crime

26-08-2011 19:08

Third Reich criminals were hanged for their crimes. America's remained free to commit greater ones, notably today against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, and the ongoing Libya atrocity - a scandalous "supreme international crime against peace," demanding justice not forthcoming.

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Nurofen and animal rights

26-08-2011 06:38

Tablets in many nurofen packets have been replaced with anti-psychotic drugs. A wholesaler error is the most likely root of the problem. But that hasn't stopped DM from blaming animal rights campaigners!

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NATO's Libya War: A Nuremberg Level Crime

25-08-2011 22:49

The US/UK/French-led war on Libya will be remembered as one of history's greatest crimes. It violates the letter and spirit of international law and America's Constitution. The Nuremberg Tribunal's Chief Justice Robert Jackson (a US Supreme Court Justice) called Nazi war crimes "the supreme international crime against peace." His November 21, 1945 opening remarks said: "The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated."
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