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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Eyewitness: Occupying Wall Street

12-10-2011 12:05

The Occupy Wall Street movement and subsequent protests that are continuing across the United States have drawn world-wide attention. Our correspondent, a college freshman, participates in the first demonstration of his life. Here is his point-of-view of Occupy Wall Street.

Before I went to Occupy Wall Street, I did some research to see what I was protesting. I went to which told me the time and location of the occupation, but not much more. “The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” claimed the site. I felt like I could buy into this cause, so I got a couple of people from my college dorm just outside New York City to come with me to Manhattan to be stereotypical protesting college students. We were going to go down in history, just like the kids from the UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement, the Paris spring of 1968, and Tiananmen Square. Hopefully not just like Tiananmen Square.

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Slavoj Zizek at #OWS

12-10-2011 09:17

Part One:

…2008 financial crash more hard earned private property was destroyed than if all of us here were to be destroying it night and day for weeks. They tell you we are dreamers. The true dreamers are those who think things can go on indefinitely the way they are. We are not dreamers. We are awakening from a dream which is tuning into a nightmare. We are not destroying anything. We are only witnessing how the system is destroying itself. We all know the classic scenes from cartoons. The cart reaches a precipice. But it goes on walking. Ignoring the fact that there is nothing beneath. Only when it looks down and notices it, it falls down. This is what we are doing here. We are telling the guys there on Wall Street – Hey, look down! (cheering).

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Capital And Crisis (Part 2.)

11-10-2011 14:00

This is part 2 of the article Capital and Crisis which concludes the analysis of the present economic and financial crisis, using Marx as a reference point. It is a contribution to understanding the underlying problems at the basis of society as well as the current phenomena of wild fiscal instability and the massive state debt problems.

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No Future

10-10-2011 20:52

Many of you might evoke riots and clashes with the police if one were to utter the word Argentina: recuperated factories, run by workers, popular assemblies, demos, alternatives, against the banking system, against politicians. [...] you would be outraged to see how things are now. [...]

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Weekly blog roundup

10-10-2011 16:15

The following is drawn from a variety of local activist blogs

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Anarchist reportback and critique from Occupy Portland

09-10-2011 10:43

We just got back from the opening march for Occupy Portland, and were even more disappointed by how liberal, reformist, and nonthreatening it was than we had expected. The website for Occupy Portland had promised that "proper actions" would be taken against "instigators" of any "illegal activity (property destruction etc.)," which we can only interpret as a threat to snitch to the cops, so we went with low expectations, but this was by all means a massive disappointment even taking into account our pessimism from the get-go.

We attended the opening march for Occupy Portland because we are some angry-ass proles who really hate capitalism. Although Occupy Wall Street (and the various off-shoot occupations) have few official defined goals or positions, there is a general opposition to "corporate greed" and "corrupt politics". As anarchists, we seek to expose and destroy the roots of these problems - as long as capitalism and the state exist, there will be greedy corporations and corrupt politicians. Capitalism and the state cannot be reformed into something kinder, gentler, or more humane, it is exploitative by nature. We wished to push the discourse at Occupy Portland in a more radical, explicitly anti-capitalist and anti-state direction. So we attended the Occupy Portland opening march in full team colors with a big banner that read "NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (A) NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN." Hey, we do have a sense of humor.

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Beyond ninety-nine-percentism: Not being frightened of ‘revolution’

09-10-2011 08:18


One notable feature of Occupy Wall Street is its participants’ lack of hesitation in using the term ‘revolution’. Here comes the revolution! This is the first step of the revolution! Get up, get down, the revolution is in this town! You won’t stop our revolution! etcetera, etcetera. Distinguishing from these assertions of a revolution that has arrived, what does it really mean to envisage a revolution? And why should revolutionaries fear to act as well as talk, camp, and march?

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Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists

09-10-2011 07:58

Starting with the occupation of a park next to Wall Street on September 17, a new movement is spreading across the country in which people gather in public spaces in protest against social inequalities. We’ll present a full analysis of this phenomenon here shortly; in the meantime, here’s an open letter to the occupation movement, engaging with some of the issues that have arisen thus far. Please forward this widely and print out versions to distribute at the “Occupy” events!

Dear Occupiers [online viewing version]

Dear Occupiers [print version]: A two-sided flier intended to be folded down the middle, longways.

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The Wrong Kind of Riot

06-10-2011 20:13

Audio The Wrong Kind of Riot
Sheffield anarchobass label serves up it two penneth on the UK summer of rage...

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European Bank Fantasy - Ilargi

06-10-2011 19:09

Debt can never solve more debt! Popular financial writer "Ilargi" from The Automatic Earth on the European banking mess - and the blowback to America.

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The Return of Marx - 1 (Capitalist Crisis)

06-10-2011 17:30

The article, the first of a short series, deals with the current international economic and financial crisis. It argues that the present volatile government debt cycle and bond market instability cannot be properly understood without a knowledge of the economic analysis of capital made by Karl Marx. The second part, The Return of Marx - 2, will distinguish between Marx and 'Marxists' who deny Marx's concept of self-activity and seek to subordinate revolutionary developments to the dictates of a party.

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The Real Reason Why Police Cage Peaceful Protestors

05-10-2011 18:46

On Saturday, the Occupy Wall St. movement marched on the Brooklyn bridge in New York. Police officers cut the demonstrators off from the exits, entrapping them on the bridge, in the rain, before carting off as many as 700 to jail. In the story below, British journalist Dan Hancox writes about how corralling peaceful protestors, or "kettling," was used by Britain's conservative government to steamroll resistance to their drastic austerity agenda. As the Occupy Wall St. movement spreads to cities all over America, we may see much more of this type of policing of public space to quell protests. (AlterNet Editor's note)

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Online booking of event spaces at Rebellious Media Conference

02-10-2011 15:36

If you are coming 2 the #rebelliousMC you can book a meeting space DIY style online, limited number available so get in quick

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Unum & the DWP? Conflicts of Interest & Insider Trading?

01-10-2011 09:53

Unum Insurance
Does the spectre of Unum launching a massive media campaign advertising their income protection insurance policies in the UK while having been advisors to the UK government for almost 2 decades on welfare reform raise the odour of a major conflict of interest and insider trading?

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Media Lens: Inciting Violence - Irony and the English Riots

28-09-2011 18:22

Ironies abound in the media reaction to the English riots that erupted between August 6-10.

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The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian: A Thought Police for the Internet Age

28-09-2011 17:58

There could be no better proof of the revolution – care of the internet – occurring in the accessibility of information and informed commentary than the reaction of our mainstream, corporate media.

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'Thought Crime' infiltrates Britain.

27-09-2011 12:20

During 2005 in Britain, a group of influential writers published a book entitled ‘Free Expression is No Offence’. It was published by PEN, an organisation which declared it;; ‘champions freedom of expression everywhere and the right of writers, artists and indeed anyone to say whatever they feel without fear of persecution or penalty‘. The editors and contributors to this volume, were energised to put pen to paper in order to defend the hard won enlightenment right to free speech. The catalyst for their essays was a government proposal to restrict criticism of religious forms of belief. The government were at the planning stage of creating an offence of ‘Incitement to religious hatred‘. More recently, in August 2011, two young men were convicted and jailed for suggesting on face book that a riot should take place. A riot did not take place and the two youngsters in question did not turn up at the proposed venue. No crime had actually been committed except a newly contrived crime of thinking and writing words someone didn‘t like.

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Release prisoner of conscience Nasser Abul and Lawrence al-Rashidi Immediately

26-09-2011 23:14

I want to remind you as a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Kuwait is bound by article 19(2) of that covenant, which states: “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.” Article 36 of Kuwait’s constitution protects freedom of speech and opinion, stating that: “Every person has the right to express and propagate his opinion verbally, in writing, or otherwise, in accordance with the conditions and procedures specified by law.”

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coca cola killings, fascism, oppression and the funding of genocidal leaders

21-09-2011 20:30

a history of one of the most evil companies out there. BOYCOTT COCA COLA NOW

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End war on freedom of media in Bangladesh

21-09-2011 08:09

Basil Fernando: Director for Policy and Programme Development of Asian Human Rights Commission commenting on the present situations of Bangladeshi media freedom said “For a democratic government it is essential to facilitate a free platform of discussion and one of the important instruments of that platform is a free media, which is free from censorship. A free media signifies the right of free speech and promoting respect for differences of opinions in public discussion. Without a free media a democracy is blind, deaf and dumb which are lead towards violence not justice and peace. The Bangladesh government has totally lost the characteristic of democratic government.
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