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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Death toll continues to rise as Iraq war grinds on

06-12-2006 07:00

Resulting in even greater casualties
With Iraqi deaths already estimated at around 650,000 and the American death toll moving toward 3,000, the US ruling elite’s actions will necessarily intensify the violence in Iraq, resulting in even greater casualties.

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The End of the Bush Dynasty

05-12-2006 20:36

An account of how the arrogant son destroyed the power of a political dynasty.

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The Constitutional Crisis

04-12-2006 23:51

Is this image a thing of the past?
With recent polls showing a stronger national will than ever for the break-up of the United Kingdom, what are the implications for the future?

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AXA healthcare for sale on Ealing Broadway platform

04-12-2006 18:09

Before entering the District Lane platform at Ealing Broadway station at 4.30pm on Monday
4th December 2006 I was surprised to be confronted by an AXA healthcare sales person.
It seems incredibly inappropiate to sell healthcare on a station platform where someone is going to be in a hurry and liable to make a rushed decision with vulnerable people in particular at risk.

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Road pricing dependent on make of vehicle

04-12-2006 17:57

Since road pricing in the UK is inevitable and the reasons are to deal with congestion and to limit carbon pollution damage it seem fair to have a charge for use of roads dependent on how environmental a vehicle is much like Livingstone's proposed pollution charge but with a pay per mile levy built in as well. This could limit the charge on those driving environmentally friendlier vehicles.

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US seeks Shiite collaboration in attack on Moqtada al-Sadr

04-12-2006 10:17

Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) and the main Shiite political rival of the anti-occupation cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, is in the US today for personal discussions with George Bush. Coming just days after the meeting between Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Hakim’s visit is another sign of preparations for an armed confrontation with the Sadrist Mahdi Army militia in its Baghdad stronghold and an attempt by the US to refashion its puppet regime in Iraq.

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Documentary Filmmakers Detained In Oaxaca

04-12-2006 02:19

3 December 2006 - two documentary filmmakers and a translator were detained, as they ate at a restaurant near their hotel in the Oaxaca City Center at approximately 2:15 PM local Mexican time. Initial reports indicated that Municipal Police detained the three U.S. citizens, who have been in Oaxaca following and documenting the situation for the last couple of weeks. They were held for roughly 4 hours and then released.

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Peak Oil Night: Sheffield

03-12-2006 21:52

Peak Oil: Imposed by nature

A night about what is arguably the biggest threat to our society: Peak Oil. Monday 4th December 7.30pm.

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Afghanistan and liberal blindness.

03-12-2006 21:42

On Iraq, there is some dissent, some unease, some sense that there might be other purposes involved than 'liberation', but when it comes to Afghanistan there is at most a sense that the damned place may be beyond repair, despite our best efforts to create a thriving democracy with equal rights for women there. There is an almost foolproof way to establish that this is indeed the effort underway: you demand proof that anything else is the case, and when it is presented, you dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.

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Justice cancels auction of Brazilian oil.

03-12-2006 04:27

The agencies, that appeared as malignant tumors in the Brazilian state during governments FHC, look exactly destined to alienate the national patrimony.
In the sixth round, about 3,3 billion barrels were“sold” for approximately 1/500 of its value of market.

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A Soldier Reflects: We're still dying in Afghanistan

02-12-2006 20:32

“If, in willful or blind ignorance, we do not challenge our government to change the role of our troops from aggression to genuine peacekeeping and reconstruction, we are all responsible for the Afghan and Canadian lives about to be lost.”

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The Spirit of Resistance in Mexico City

02-12-2006 19:05

Opposition in Mexico City streets against electoral fraud and decades of abuse and injustice

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Democrat Side of War Party Calls for More Mass Murder and Misery in Iraq

02-12-2006 14:35

“Although the Democrats are very uncomfortable with the way the Iraq policy is being executed, they are at pains not to appear that they are shortchanging troops in the field,” Loren Thompson, CEO of the Lexington Institute, yet another “think tank,” this one connected at the hip to the neocon infested Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Associated Press. “This is their opportunity to show that they, too, are pro-defense,” that is to say pro-killing Iraqis in prodigious numbers with an inventory of truly heinous weapons.

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Breaking Oz with News

02-12-2006 11:02

Fiji prepares for Oz invasion by leaving blackhawk helicopters on its beaches. A kava intoxicated Commodore Frank Bullawayo has once again forgotten his coup deadline and Australia's Minister of Defence, Dr Brendan (studs) Nelson, faces hostile relatives over the latest cover-ups and military fiascos! Well done, ‘studs’, the record of Robert (suck harder) Hill will soon be under threat.

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Mass Demonstrations against US backed Lebanese Government

02-12-2006 09:59

The Western media, which often downplays the size of public rallies and anti-war demonstrations, confirms that "hundreds of thousands" of people from all sectors of Lebanese society gathered in Beirut in anti-government demonstrations, demanding the resignation of the US-Israeli supported government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.

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In praise of shoplifting

01-12-2006 22:33

I recently came across the following piece and liked it. It makes use of ideas from "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" which is never a bad thing. See what you think...

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01-12-2006 15:50

Neither the impending report from the congressionally authorized Iraq Study Group nor the new Democratic-controlled Congress are about to call for an end to the Iraq war.

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Iraq: Long history of multi-faith co-existence in jeopardy

01-12-2006 15:18

The term "Turkmen" means little to most western people, even those here who think they are up on Iraq ethnography. This is because Turkmens have not figured in media reports for reasons that will become clear. But watch for it. Iraqi Turkmen will soon demand world attention.

Iraq, for outside observers is increasingly a land of ethnic and death statistics, usually in the context of the current conflict. More and more, Iraq is debated in terms of the Sunni-Shia-Kurd formula, as if Kurd were not themselves populated by sunni and shia devotees. Forgotten are the once romanticized Marsh Arabs of the south. (For the most part, they have moved to the cities.) Christians are also set aside, as are Iraqi Jews. Iraq's Christians represent probably the earliest Christian community anywhere, and along with Iraqi Jews, demonstrate the long history of multi-faith co-existence in this part of the world. Iraqis had rightly been proud of that.
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