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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Height of Judicial Corruption in the UK's High Court

20-07-2009 21:15

LORD JUSTICE THOMAS instructed the prison authorities holding Mr. Grant not to produce him for his Habeas Corpus application hearing before him tomorrow morning.

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Honduras: Zelaya llama a la insurrección

20-07-2009 09:48

Es el futuro de los trabajadores, de los pueblos de Centroamérica y América Latina el que se encuentra en juego en esta batalla decisiva en Honduras.

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Germany: First New Post-Cold War World Military Power

20-07-2009 06:48

Humanitarian intervention was an ad hoc ruse employed to launch NATO as an active 'out of area' warfighting machine and a political body to circumvent and replace the United Nations. Once the first part of that objective had been achieved it was dropped as quickly as it had been concocted and wars could then be conducted for traditional reasons: Territorial designs, the acquisition of resources, control of vital transport routes including sea lanes, punishing recalcitrant adversaries, revenge. In the process Germany became the first major post-Cold War international military power.

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March of Repentence, London 18/07/2009 - pictures.

18-07-2009 20:25

The cost of silence.
A year after financial chaos spreads wildly throughout the economy and public and private institutions buckle under the weight of war, nepotism and corruption, people of faith gather in London to repent and show penitence for the transgression of remaining silent throughout.

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Casuals United: the next generation of British fascists

18-07-2009 18:37

As the BNP move to appear more "mainstream," new groups are arising to continue the violent street thuggery that they claim to have left behind. Casuals United and the English Defence League are two such groups.

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From WW II To WW III: Global NATO And Remilitarized Germany

18-07-2009 18:14

Sixty five years after the defeat of Nazi Germany there is more rather than less examination of the accusation that American and British government and military figures conspired with the Nazis before World War II and with German Defense Ministry and Wehrmacht officials in the waning days of the war.

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Lebanon: Tomb of Imperialism (by Latuff)

18-07-2009 09:19

Lebanon: Graveyard for US and Israeli interests in Middle East.
Editorial artwork made for the prestigious Lebanese magazine Al Adab:

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Habeas Corpus Application for Hearing in the High Court of Justice

18-07-2009 07:24

Time has finally ran out for Jack Straw (Justice secretary) and the Judiciary of England & Wales, which has remained guilty of the most severe perversion of justice imaginable, aided and abetted by other Public Authorities, Media Organizations, Downing Street and several Members of Parliament.

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Please IndymediaUK/ Features Group! Please give us relevant features!

17-07-2009 18:26

The choice of features, the main part of the IndymediaUK front page, has too narrow a focus. This is a comradely plea for the Features Group to more accurately portray the various struggles in the UK

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Washington & the Coup in Honduras: Here is the Evidence

17-07-2009 05:51

Soldiers entering the Presidential Palace compound, Tegucigalpa, 28 June 2009
No one doubts that the fingerprints of Washington are all over the coup d’etat against President Manuel Zelaya that began last June 28th. Nevertheless, the majority coincide in excusing the Obama Administration from any responsibility in the Honduran coup, blaming instead the lingering remains of the Bush-Cheney era and the war hawks that still pace the halls of the White House.

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Support the Honduran people in this important struggle to beat back the coup. O

17-07-2009 04:00

"Narco News can confirm, together with reports in other media, that at least three of those four routes - the three most important - have been successfully shut down by peaceful occupations by a citizenry opposed to the coup d'etat regime, as well as vital arteries in the country's northern coastal regions."

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Rough Music #21 Out Now!!

16-07-2009 23:46

Brighton's dirt-digging, scurrilous news-rag is out now with a bumper summer edition.

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New NATO: Germany Returns To World Military Stage

15-07-2009 11:41

Germany has become so comfortable with its current global military status that last week Chancellor Angela Merkel conferred the first combat medals on German soldiers since World War II.

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Nothings going to happen: a report from the G8

14-07-2009 16:39

A report and analysis on the g8 in L'aquila and rome, looking at the actions that happened, the protests and trying to understand what went wrong.

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Honduras: This is not an hysterical accusation, it is calling a spade a spade!

14-07-2009 03:46

Saddam Hussein's 'crime' ... his death sentence, was to change from the Petro-dollar to the Petro-euro ... Zelaya's downfall was to join the ALBA!

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Afghanistan: The largest ground combat operation since the Vietnam War

13-07-2009 15:06

The current, direct war being waged in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan can also be seen as the twentieth year of a war that commenced as the Cold War ended.

The current main front in this global campaign is Afghanistan, NATO's first ground war and the US's longest war since Vietnam. A war that will be eight years old this October and that is escalating daily with no end in sight.

A war that has already pulled in troops from 45 nations in four continents and has extended itself through bases, troop transit and military operations to several other countries - Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - with the logistical theater of operations slated to expand to the Baltic Sea, the South Caucasus and even over the skies of Russia.

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Sheffield SWP cash-in on job losses

12-07-2009 16:12

Exposé on the scandalous behaviour of local Socialist Workers Party (SWP) branch raising money for their organising fund through exploiting the public's sympathy with sacked workers.

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ITT- EDO MBM 2008 Accounts Report Terminal Decline

12-07-2009 11:43

EDO MBM 2008 Accounts
EDO Rugged Systems 2008 Accounts
EDO (UK) Ltd 2008 Accounts

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A war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan

11-07-2009 09:10

The largest military operation since the Obama administration took office is now underway in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Some 4,000 marines, along with hundreds of British troops, are attempting to impose control over an ethnic Pashtun population that has opposed the US-led occupation ever since the 2001 invasion overthrew the Taliban government and installed a puppet regime.

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Genocide in Darfur: Psyops Deconstruction

11-07-2009 07:13

Save Darfur Coalition's advertisement
Presently, we have a planet Earth straining under the extreme stress of the Pentagon's "Full Spectrum Dominance" ideology, a phenomena which we will here conceptualize in psychiatric terms. Reflecting a distinct and peculiar hyper-neurotic drive to control everything and everyone in the universe. The American Establishment and the "international community" has leveled the "genocide" charges against Sudan's president.

The Pentagon's anti-Bashir Darfur campaign bears a strong resemblance to the campaign carried out against the Habyarimana government and the people of Rwanda, beginning in 1990 and continuing to this very day.
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