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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Shortwave Report 3/14/08 Listen Globally!

14-03-2008 00:11

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Kurt Cobain Back From the Dead

13-03-2008 21:52

Kurt Cobain's identity has been stolen 14 years after he killed himself at the age of 27.

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DfIF support for corruption in Nigeria

13-03-2008 15:46

The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has recently documented links between agents of UK DfID and a corrupt state governor in the Niger Delta. Capital provided by the UK government has flowed through its private sector arm CDC Group plc to companies which are believed to be owned by Chief Onanefe Ibori whilst he has sent millions to London bank accounts.

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War on the streets in Armenia

13-03-2008 15:19

State of Emergency
February and March in Armenia saw a disputed presidential election (19/2/2008) followed by eleven days of demonstrations in the capital Yerevan, broken up by tanks, police attacks and the imposition of a State of Emergency (1/3/2008). Eight people, including a child, were killed by police and around 100 were injured including 33 police. An apparently unrelated border fire-fight on 4/3/08 in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, disputed with neighbouring state of Azerbaijan with whom Armenia is still technically at war, broke a ceasefire agreed in 1994, killing 12 Armenian conscripts.

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Oxfordshire Partnership?

13-03-2008 11:42

Oxfordshire Partnership ... what?

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US food prices increase sharply

13-03-2008 06:40

Over the past nine months, global food prices have soared 40 percent, while food reserves are at 30-year lows. The rising cost of food is becoming a major source of global social instability and economic hardship.

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G8 Bolzaneto July 2001: Italy’s Guantanamo Bay

13-03-2008 05:43

Inside Bolzaneto
Prosecutors call for 76 years in prison for police defendants.

INDYMEDIA - 12 March 2008. Genova: In a trial that has seen 209 victims, 392 witnesses and 23 defendants, The Bolzaneto G8 ‘Torture’ trial is finishing in a heated controversial ending.

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Lexus Hybrids : A Load Of Green B******s

12-03-2008 21:54

Having been banned from saying their new hybrid is 100% Guilt Free, Lexus are now claiming you can live a Lexus Life, and still be green. This has to be seen to be believed.

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An Open Letter To The Stop The War Coalition

12-03-2008 11:59

This Saturday sees a large anti-war march in central London, with the Stop The War Coalition marking five years since the largest demonstration in British history - against invading Iraq.

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UK Citizenship : Lord Goldsmith's Sinister Suggestion

11-03-2008 11:19

I’m currently copying the audio from this morning’s Today Programme (a serious, incisive news show on BBC Radio 4). Jon Humphries interviewed the UK Attorney General — a sort of super lawyer for the government — about his suggestion (on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s instruction) that UK schoolchildren should swear allegiance to the monarch upon leaving school.

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World Transnational Corporation Regulatory Authority

10-03-2008 16:33

How can the power of transnational corporations be held in check? The following policy suggestion is being submitted to the Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign. Read on to find out more about the suggestion, the campaign and how you can give your support.

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Scientology's Gulags: inside the Rehabilitation Project Force

10-03-2008 13:44

The Church of Scientology is an authoritarian cult whose parallels with authoritarian regimes around the world are well-documented. Most members are kept under control through misinformation and brainwashing. However, like any totalitarian institution, the Church of Scientology has its way of dealing with problematic members. Welcome to the Rehabilitation Project Force.

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sawley .nr long eaton.greedy garage owner allows mobile phone mast

10-03-2008 10:10

greedy property owner allows mobile phone mast to be errected at wilne lane sawley long eaton ..greed of a wealthy man..never mind locals i get paid 4 it

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Collapsing the European security architecture

09-03-2008 20:41


For greater security-critical behaviour in Europe - A concrete proposal for the resistance movement against the G8 2009 in Italy

Each protest enables us to draw conclusions of how to do things better next time. In the same way, we can draw conclusions from the mobilisation against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm on how to achieve successful and broad resistance. Apart from three large self-organised protest camps and an international infotour in the months leading up to the summit, there were attempts to have international exchanges and establish networks beyond Germany. The decision was made not to respond to the G8 climate debate but to frame the protests in terms of other self-determined topics the movement was focussing on: migration, antimilitarism and global agriculture.

Looking ahead to the G8 2009 in Italy, this text takes up these points to propose a campaign against the new “European Security Architecture“. We outline some developments in police cooperation on a European level and call for a kind of antirepression work that goes beyond a simple critique and a scandalising police violence, and that is coordinated on a European level. Such political antirepression work would have to take new forms of social control seriously as an integral reference point for radical movements.

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Sea Shepherd rebuked by IWC as Rumours emerge of Compromise on Whaling

09-03-2008 16:11

Gun Discharge from Nisshin Maru, 7 March
Reports from the International Whaling Commission 3 day intercessional meeting in London say that commercial whaling may be allowed but the scientific loophole which has allowed Japan to whale in the Antarctic may be closed. This would allow Japan to whale commercially in the north Pacific regulated by the IWC. The meeting also rebuked Sea Shepherd over "Safety at Sea".

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Princess Diana speaks, Columbia Solidarity Street Theatre & How to Self-Publish

09-03-2008 02:09

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at the British Empire and Commonwealth museum at Temple Meads.

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New Forum - Digital Anarchy

08-03-2008 20:00

Enjoy this forum for open space debate on current issues of transnationality and International Brigades ongoing.........

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New 'Turbulence: Ideas for movement' eNewsletter

08-03-2008 17:37

'Turbulence: Ideas for movement' now has a new low-traffic e-newsletter. Subscribe now to be kept up to date!

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Japanese Officials Caught Lying on Firearm Use against Sea Shepherd

07-03-2008 14:42

Paul Watson immediately after being shot by Japanese Coasr Guard
Captain Paul Watson was shot in the chest during an engagement between the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin and the Japanese whaling ship, Nisshin Maru on March 7. The Japanese Foreign Ministry and Institute for Cetecean Research have denied guns were used at all during the engagement in contradiction to advice given to Australian embassy officials in Japan and the reports from Sea Shepherd.

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Falconio - v The Barrow Creek Incident

07-03-2008 10:01

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