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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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AIG, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Others…The Circle of Financial Life

24-03-2009 14:47

No one can deny the ever-mounting debt being foisted upon every US Citizen by our government in an attempt to bail out failing businesses. The bailout seems to be making its rounds, keeping worthless business inside a protective circle.

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New site for Nottingham anarchists

23-03-2009 21:10

Some of us have been working on a blog to communicate the news and ideas of Nottingham's anarchist community. Check out Autonomous Nottingham - - and get involved!

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Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK’s public databases, says report

23-03-2009 15:16

A new report entitled Database State by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust shows just how far towards fascism the modern UK state is leaning. The so called ‘War on Terror’ has been used to introduce practices and laws that our forebears would have found utterly abhorrent (in fact our ancestors have won hard fought battles throughout history to ensure basic freedoms for all - Magna Carta anyone?). The excuses are always the same “It’s for your protection.” and “The innocent have nothing to fear.”

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Rising Tide releases guide to bogus climate change solutions

22-03-2009 20:29

Only a few years ago, some companies were saying climate change wasn’t a problem. Now, as its impacts become apparent, many of the same corporations are suddenly scrambling to claim leadership on the issue. Desperate to avoid regulation that may hit their profits, they present a dizzying array of “false solutions,” quick fixes that perpetuate inequalities in our society while they can cash in on the crisis. Upon closer examination, many of these technologies and policies are merely dangerous detours on the road to a just, livable planet, distracting us from the root causes of the crisis.

Rising Tide North America is pleased to announce the release of the first short yet comprehensive survey of these bogus climate change solutions.

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The fraud of Brown’s “crusade” for social mobility

22-03-2009 19:33

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has proclaimed a "national crusade" to encourage upward social mobility from the working class into the middle class. Former Minister Alan Milburn is to head a governmental commission on the issue, with a view to push ideas and policies they believe will encourage upwards mobility.

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Record rise in unemployment to over 2 million

22-03-2009 19:30

Unemployment in the United Kingdom rose by a record amount last month. The numbers claiming unemployment benefit increased by 138,400 in February, the largest monthly increase since records began in 1971 and far higher than had been predicted. The previous record high was 118,000, reached in the recession of 1991.

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Call for support from eco-conference island on the River Thames

22-03-2009 01:03

Sowing Seeds
We are establishing a shared Eco Community Conference Centre run by volunteers and run on a donations basis to promote inclusivity. We are collectively developing a facility that can actually meet the urgent need for environmental awareness on sustainability. Responding to Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit and following right through to the forthcoming Copenhagen Summit.

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CSIS report: Turkey would be the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack on Iran

21-03-2009 11:53

Israeli srike against Iranian nuclear facilities - Possible strike routes
The excerpts below clearly set out the Anglo-American and Israeli strategy to attack Iran in the near future.

Promoting this agenda will probably be the main purpose behind the US President Barack Obama's visit to Turkey in about two weeks time.

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Travis died for your sins

20-03-2009 19:09

A recent tragedy in Connecticut involving a chimpanzee that went berserk and mauled a woman underscores the essential wrongness of primate captivity.

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London antidiscriminatory groups action at Lithuanian Embassy

20-03-2009 12:43

Antifascist groups targeted Lithuanian Embassy this morning (20.03.09) by dropping a banner and leaving posters on the entrance door.

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The "small' revolutionary movement in Greece is getting stronger

20-03-2009 08:41

The news all over the world said that only a few anarchists caused the riots in all major cities in Greece,after the murder of 15year old boy Alexis.WRONG!!This was the beggining of a "small"revolutionary movement against the system.

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English Nationalists and Fascists to march in Leicester

19-03-2009 23:13

On March 28th, English Nationalist have called a "National Demo" in Leicester. They hope to use the opportunity express their concerns about the city becoming "the first to have a minority of Indigenous English in the near future." This, they claim "is non other than ethnic clearing." Which is presumably similar to ethnic cleansing.

While the organisers are insistent that the "demo is not connected to any political party," it is prominently promoted on the websites of both the England First Party, a BNP-splinter group, and the openly-fascist National Front. Something which you might hope the organisers would be concerned about.

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Haiti: UN chief champions sweatshop development strategy

19-03-2009 17:25

Ban Ki-moon makes a thinly-veiled demand that the Haitian authorities prioritise free trade zones for garment assembly operations as the main thrust of its development strategy. Such a strategy is completely at odds with the country's progressive civil society organisations and the main bloc in the Chamber of Deputies - the anti-neo-liberal Concertation des Parliamentaires Progressistes (CPP).

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Police are lying bastards (non news)

19-03-2009 11:59

As if to prove what lying self serving bastards the cops are, the assistant chief constable of Kent Police wrote the following letter which was published in the Guardian. In the face of this kind of blatant spin it is not hard to understand why trust in the police is at such a low ebb. It barely contains a single word of a truth...

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The revolutionary movement in Greece is getting stronger

18-03-2009 10:58

Day after day more people show resistance against our goverment.Every day,specially in Athens,demonstrations are organized.This "small"revolution will not stop.

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U.S. Moment of Truth on Palestinian – Israeli Conflict

18-03-2009 10:30

Obama’s administration, if it doesn’t intend to change course, would do peace and history a great favor by disengagement from the conflict to pave the way for a more balanced international involvement that would base a political settlement thereof on the resolutions of the United Nations legitimacy, if not on justice.

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BBC journalists vote to strike over compulsory redundancies

18-03-2009 01:16

News just out - of the poll result.

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Divide and Rule - "Who Cares for the White Working Class?"

17-03-2009 20:52

The Runymede Trust had just published a collection of essays, about the renewed conversation about class in the media :

“Who Cares for the White Working Class?”

Over it’s eight essays, it shows how good old divide and rule tactics are still being used by the ruling classes and their acolytes to unfortunate good effect.

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Super Depression: Economic Crisis or Systemic Collapse of Capitalism?

16-03-2009 01:31

* Is this a simple 'financial crisis' caused by a few criminal bankers?
* Are we experiencing a complex 'world economic crisis'? Eventually will we solve all problems and capitalism will live happily after?
* At last, are we facing the end of the American Empire, that is, the total collapse of global capitalism?
* Is this the end of the world?
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