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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Africa's battle with corruption

12-07-2005 20:54

Not only is much of the west’s third world policy intrinsically corrupt, but those policies also contribute a great deal toward corruption in Africa, the spoils of which may in turn find a warm welcome in the western banking system.

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The Myth of Freedom

12-07-2005 17:11

The cynical misuse and perversion of the word ‘freedom’ has made it difficult to discuss the idea rationally. But freedom is real and so is oppression. Those that pervert the term will tell you that a homeless person is free. That person has been indoctrinated.

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Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

12-07-2005 17:03

Glimpsing a better world at the G8 protests

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London post G8 debrief

12-07-2005 11:45

There have been a couple of posts suggesting that some form of post-G8 meeting(s) are necessary if the movement is to best digest and take on board any lessons that there are to be learnt from the mobilisations around the G8 summit.

This Friday 15th July at the rampART social centre in East London time has been made available for people to meet, show films, and discuss the events of last week.

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monbiot on climate change

12-07-2005 10:29

george monbiot has brought post-g8 climate change eloquently to the readers of the guardian today, but what do we do now?

please read, circulate and mobilise.......

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Despatch from Sheffield

12-07-2005 09:42

Sheffield has a long, proud history of welcoming newcomers from overseas. It is a friendly, multi-cultural city - but are sinister forces operating in the wake of the London bombings ?

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Live 8: Corporate Media Bonanza: Disinformation Campaign and Public Relations St

12-07-2005 03:49

half way down critique of g8 'debt' elimination

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By any spin necessary

12-07-2005 02:05

Why imperialist spokesmen are distancing the London bombings from the Iraq war

10 July 2005

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A Warning To The World

12-07-2005 00:29

The London bombings are a clear indication that the Globalists have not changed tactics and are getting ever more desperate to advance an agenda based on a simple time tested manipulation of fear.

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11-07-2005 17:55

The writer is a regular on Toronto radio AM640 Saturday nights. He is an amateur intelligence analyst. Sometimes things are not as they appear at first glance. Reaction to these events have orchestrated wars for eons. If we wish to end the scourge of wars we must learn how they are frequantly arranged to benefit the few while harming the many. It is said and revealed we in Toronto are next. May we learn in time.

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Business as usual as bomb scares occure all around the country

11-07-2005 16:48

A quick google news search revealed a hell of a lot of bomb scares and the occasional controlled explosion over the last week or two....

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London Bombings: Blame Blair and Bush

11-07-2005 05:57

Re: the London bombings: When you start a war, when you invade another country, you have to expect people to fight back...and you have to expect that people will get killed....that's why it's called "war" .

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11-07-2005 02:16

Invitation to join a new group for radicals who want to debate publicly without excessive interference from inane fascistic fools. Anonymity is respected. Check out the principles and topics and then get the conversation started...

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Thoughts on the London Bombings

11-07-2005 02:13

A few thoughts about the London bombings that will undoubtedly not apppear anywhere in the corporate media.

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CAP helps stop famine in Africa : Stop being conned by free market

10-07-2005 23:50

The free market worjks for all industry byut not for foodm, health, educatrion and other essential opublic services food is an essential public service and needs ameasure onmf control. Where does Bob Geldof think food aid comes from? Answer he doesn't want to relaise it comes from Overproduction of food in Europe.

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Charles Kennedy is a dick

10-07-2005 20:30

Lib Dem idiot Charles Kennedy has made a fool of himself by dismissing reports linking London bombings to the war in Iraq. FUnny how the polititians have been so quick to point the finger at 'Muslim extremists' yet seem to be at pains to distance the bombing from any connection to the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. Why? Surely if the group that claims responsibility really did do it (and the Madrid bombing) as we are meant to believe - then the link to Iraq is undeniable since the statement by the group specifically call for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

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Bombing debate on 5 Live this evening @ 10 pm

10-07-2005 19:42

Raj Pal from the South Asian Alliance will be debating the London bombings on radio 5 Live at 22:00 (10 pm) this evening.

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London bombings - statement by George Galloway MP

10-07-2005 18:56

House of Commons statement by George Galloway MP - "I condemn it utterly as a despicable act, committed against working people on their way to work"

Full article | 21 comments

London Bombings - An Inside Job

10-07-2005 17:57

What really happened?
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