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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Transition Towns movement: Premature Triumphalism?

20-11-2008 14:57

Following is an article by John Michael Greer, (reposted from ) about the Transition Initiative ( ), which has been responded to by Rob Hopkins in his blog post, Responding to Greer’s Thoughts on ‘Premature Triumphalism’ ( ).

The conference presentation that John Michael Greer make reference to doesn't appears to be available online in audio or video format but there is a PDF of the slides ( ) and a Word file of notes ( ) available on the conference web site ( ).

Previous article on the Transition Initiative on UK Indymedia include Keith Parkins on Transition Towns ( ) and Rob Hopkins on “The Rocky Road to a Real Transition”: A Review ( ).

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AIG, Congress and the Taxpayers

19-11-2008 20:04

Why are we continuing to let the government bail out a failing business that is misusing taxpayer money? Surely there are independently owned businesses, and even individuals, that could put that money to far better use.

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Bob Geldof paid $100,000 for poverty speech

18-11-2008 12:35

Anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof charged $100,000 to go to Melbourne and give a speech about world suffering. Geldof, 54, spoke about the tragedy of Third World poverty and the failure of governments to combat the crisis, at a Crown casino function on Thursday night.

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Jonestown: The Avoidable Tragedy

18-11-2008 09:02

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre, in which nearly a thousand people died in the People's Temple compound in Guyana. Jonestown was a double tragedy. The first is the massacre. The second is that it was so utterly, utterly preventable.

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US elections: Everything must change so that it remains the same

17-11-2008 23:14

The fraudulent US government exists in the interest of the market economy. Americans need to wake up, kick out all elected representatives starting with Congress, White House all the way to city hall and start working towards the development of a new society based on the equal distribution of economic and political, and social power like Inclusive Democracy maintains.

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Class consciousness in the North East

17-11-2008 19:17

You are invited to visit the 2nd Ever North East Working Class Bookfair, sponsored by North East area NUM.

2nd Annual Working Class Bookfair
Sat 22 Nov 2008 12 - 4pm
Durham Clayport (central) Library
Millennium Place, Durham City

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Sweden increases military presence in Afghanistan (by Latuff)

17-11-2008 19:02

Afghan quagmire
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Barack Obama: The Empire’s New Clothes

15-11-2008 14:36

Paul Krugman in the New York Times (a left-liberal Obama critic during the primary campaign) says there's "something wrong with you" if you weren't "teary-eyed" about Obama's election. Yes, numerous other radicals and I need to be put under psychiatric care because we didn't cry over the militantly bourgeois and openly imperialist Obama's presidential selection.

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Did OFSTED's Christine Gilbert order suppression of evidence against Crossrail?

14-11-2008 16:00

KHOODEELAAR! is raising the question on Christine Gilbert's role today as part of our constitutional law campaign action updates. Gilbert failed and refused and neglected to answer the many questions that the campaign against Crossrail hole had put top her between 2004 and 2006 when she was chief executive in Tower Hamlets Council.

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new britain: a prison of your mind

14-11-2008 14:38

its a common enough cry from certain strata in society that prisons are "too soft" and "like holiday camps". (depends where you spend your holidays perhaps!) but now it seems that even the inmates are succumbing to this strange mentality.

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Miscarriage of Justice: Who was behind the October 2002 Bali bombings?

14-11-2008 13:36

The 2002 Bali bomb attacks contributed to swaying Australian public opinion in favor of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, while also weakening the anti-war protest movement. In the wake of the 2002 Bali attack, the Australian government "officially" joined the US-led "war on terrorism." It not only used the Bali bombings as a pretext to fully integrate the US-UK military axis, it also used the attacks as a pretext to implement drastic police measures including "ethnic profiling" directed against its own citizens.

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Stasi Scotlands politisch kriminelle “Machenschaft”

14-11-2008 12:45

The High Court has this morning refused the so-called 'Lockerbie Bomber' Abdelbaset Ali Mohmad Al Megrahi's application for interim liberation, submitted due to his declining health from incurable prostate cancer. Dr Jim Swire, the father of one of the victims, had described Megrahi's release as a question of "common humanity".

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Climate Change & Violence : Workshop 1 : Climate Catastrophe : Where are we heading ?

13-11-2008 17:26

The Crisis Forum are starting their Workshop series on Climate Change & Violence tomorrow in Southampton : asking the question "Climate Catastrophe : Where are we heading ?"

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WTO Chief Says Free Trade Plays Small Role in Job Losses: A Critical View

13-11-2008 02:50

Pascal Lamy
Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organization, argues that free trade in a regulated environment drives economic growth worldwide. Speaking at Stanford University, he dismissed claims that free trade is responsible for job losses. Yet in every case where trade barriers have been dropped between structurally dissimilar economies, free trade has introduced profound socio-economic distortions, income inequality, and job displacement.

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Brown's Child P folly at today's PMQs typifies deeper crisis - the Councils

12-11-2008 21:27

Wednesday's [weekly] Prime Minister's Questions [PMQs] at Westminster, fielded by Gordon Brown on the day of the latest jobless and economic bad news, got focussed on Brown’s refusal to show that he was disowning a negligent local Council disaster...This became very acute after David Ca-Moron had successfully included the reference to £100 Million that the public spends to keep the social service unit at Haringey in place.

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VIDEO: 7/7 Survivor Daniel Obachike - The Peter Power Terror Drill Inquest

12-11-2008 17:12

The 4th Bomb - a book by Daniel Obachike
With Daniel Obachike - Tavistock Square Bus Survivor & Eye Witness Many who've heard or read my story ask me to explain more about The Peter Power/Visor Consultants 'Terror Drill' I witnessed that day.

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Radioactive Reds!

11-11-2008 23:45

Nuclear industry greenwash using Squirrel Nutkin

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Despite its crises Capitalism will only collapse under the blows of the prolet

11-11-2008 22:06

The financial crisis which really began in the summer 2007 with the first bankruptcies of funds specializing in the famous American subprimes, has inexorably increased its sheer magnitude before entering its acute phase commencing at the end of this summer.
For a year the highest ranking financial and political officials in the world, as faithfully reported by all the international media, constantly minimized its extension, being mightily pleased, after each attack of the speculative fever, with the promptitude of the central banks and governments to administer the adequate remedy for the financial system, and regularly announcing the end of the crisis and the pursuit of economic growth.

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Raw Power: Correa’s Totalitarian, Industrial, Extractivist Ecuador

11-11-2008 19:07

Over the last few years Ecuador has been undergoing a series of transformations that misleadingly have been labelled as (neo-)socialism with an environmental sensibility. The main architect behind the project, which is really nothing other than industrialist, progressivist routines of old, is called Rafael Correa.

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Why Does the Media Lie? - Milan Rai

11-11-2008 08:47

‘Why Does the Media Lie? - Applying the Chomsky/Herman Propaganda Model to the British Media’ - Talk and discussion with Milan Rai.

Thursday 27th Nov, 7pm, Room LG 19 Trent Building.
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