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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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GreenPeace/GreenPolice: A communique from the COP15 Black Bloc

28-12-2009 17:10

This communique was given out by a portion of the Black Bloc during the march to the Bella Centre on Saturday at the protests against the U.N. COP-15: There seems to be a common logic between the government delegates, the NGOs who control the march, and even the radical ecological activists: we are all saving humanity together. Who would not want to fight for this? And even if you did not, do you even have a choice?

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“War is Peace” Prize

28-12-2009 09:56

Barack Obama is nothing if not a man of “firsts.” America’s first Black president has earned the dubious honor of possibly having delivered the first resoundingly pro-war speech to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. “The new peace prize winner told the world that peace isn’t worth working for and is off the table for his consideration.”

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FLASHBACK: The Hanukkah Massacres

27-12-2009 20:13

Israeli Air Force dropping cluster bombs on Gaza
On the seventh day of Hanukkah, 2008, as Jews around the world were lighting the seventh candle on the menorah, commemorating the victorious rebellion of Judah Macabbee and the re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem 2200 years ago, a terrorist, Zionist entity, with the approval of the world’s last “Superpower” rained down death and destruction on men, women and children herded together on a sliver of the land they had once cultivated and shared with their fellow Semites.

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Talks at Cowley Club Bookshop

27-12-2009 18:31

To kick off 2010 in style, we have a series of author talks lined up at the Cowley....

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Cop-enhagen: Seattle's Coming Out Party?

27-12-2009 14:52

Was Copenhagen the Coming out party for the movement born in Seattle? Probably not, but important alliances and discussions were started here that must be continued into the future.

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U.S. – led World Community Fails, Palestinians on Brink of Explosion

25-12-2009 02:20

Barak Obama will go down in history as the first U.S. president who pushed a life - long Palestinian ally like Abbas to publicly pronounce the first ever pronounced Palestinian “disappointment” with the United States and its role as the mediator in the conflict.

By Nicola Nasser*

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The Libertarian C.N.T. and the F.A.I. Supported Freedom of Religion in Spain

24-12-2009 07:06

“Could any other declaration be made? It is de rigueur (socially obligatory -ed) that in any programme type declaration we register our respect for religions…” 1. states the C.N.T. on May 10th, 1938 Circular No. 12.

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Human Rights Activists Celebrate 2009's Many Wins Against Scientology Cult

24-12-2009 03:43

Anonymous > Scientology
The Scientology organization suffered many crippling blows in 2009, as the Anonymous human rights activist network turned up the pressure, journalists and judges stopped pulling their punches, and cult members continued to bail out in droves.

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Barbarism begins at home. Anarchists agains the family

23-12-2009 23:11

Family as another Modern institution to be destroyed since it proves unable to be resignified. Merry Xmas.

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Obama Is Preparing for War in South America

23-12-2009 15:10

"The 1999 Constitution is one of the most advanced in the world in the area of human rights. It guarantees the rights to housing, education, healthcare, food, indigenous lands, languages, women's rights, worker's rights, living wages and a whole host of other rights that few other countries recognize on a national level. My favorite right in the Venezuelan Constitution is the right to a dignified life. That pretty much sums up all the others."

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September 11, 2001: America and NATO Declare War on Afghanistan

21-12-2009 07:53

Both the media and the US government, in chorus, continue to point to the 9/11 attacks and the role of Al Qaeda led by "terrorist mastermind" Osama bin Laden.

The bombing and invasion of Afghanistan is described as a "campaign" against Islamic terrorists, rather than a war.

To this date, however, there is no proof that Al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Neither is there evidence that Afghanistan as a Nation State was behind or any way complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

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Chávez: Netherlands and U.S. Planning Military Aggression Against Venezuela from

20-12-2009 03:35

"Socialism, the other spectre Karl Marx spoke about, which walks here too, rather it is like a counter-spectre. Socialism, this is the direction, this is the path to save the planet, I don’t have the least doubt. Capitalism is the road to hell, to the destruction of the world. We say this from Venezuela, which because of socialism faces threats from the U.S. Empire.
From the countries that comprise ALBA, the Bolivarian Alliance, we call, and I want to, with respect, but from my soul, call in the name of many on this planet, we say to governments and peoples of the Earth, to paraphrase Simón Bolívar, the Liberator: If the destructive nature of capitalism opposes us, let’s fight against it and make it obey us, let’s not wait idly by for the death of humanity."

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Uncivilized - Paul Kingsnorth on Copenhagen & Decline

19-12-2009 22:42

We ARE climate change, says deep green author & broadcaster Paul Kingsnorth, in this Radio Ecoshock interview. Copenhagen never had a chance - because the comfortable millions using fossil fuels aren't ready to give it up - until forced by a crumbling climate and economy. Revisioning a civilization on the edge, through The Dark Mountain Project.

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The Anarchist School: Education For Equality

19-12-2009 18:23

Josefa Martín Luengo (1945-2009)
* The following text, published in # 57 of El Libertario, Venezuela, condenses the vision of the theme of the author, who died in the middle of 2009, who thanks to the work developed in her Free School Paideia, in Mérida, Spain, was a contemporary exponent recognized for the practice and the theory of libertarian education.

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Nottingham City Council Makes Vague Legal at Blogger

17-12-2009 20:54

Nottingham blogger ncclols is told by Council lawyers to stop causing 'distress'

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BNP Leader's Family Alleges Abuse

17-12-2009 04:16

Arthur Kemp, the third highest-ranking member of the British National Party, is accused of years of unspeakable, sadistic abuse of his children, according to an interview with his family published earlier this month in the United States.

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U.S. Creates Its Antithesis in Iraq

16-12-2009 12:58

Nowhere it is more obvious than in Iraq that the existence of an election law, elections themselves and the constitution they are based on are not indicators of democracy or legitimacy, because these mechanisms are merely symbols of the antithesis of the mechanisms of democracy as practiced back home by the U.S. occupying power.

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EXXON FOX NEWS runs aground - Denialist-gate.

16-12-2009 06:48

"Everything everwhere is covered in oil" say locals.

'Denialist-gate' shows how the fossil-fuel friendly Fox News spins to mislead and deceive public.

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Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program - What Americans Need to know about Vanunu

15-12-2009 23:05

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu
"I'm not a traitor. I'm a man with a conscience who did what he did out of a deep belief after much thought and many doubts. But I knew that I had to do it, that I had no choice…somebody had to do it…I contributed my share by making public what the public ought to know and they shut my mouth behind the prison walls."

-- Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu

Full article

Latin American Countries Reject Clinton’s Threats over Iran Ties and a Note

15-12-2009 19:49

"The time is at hand for the progressive movement to fight the “Obama sham.” It is clearer everyday from just about every move this administration makes that Obama is on the wrong side of history. He stands with Zionism against the legitimate and just rights of the Palestinian people. U.S. preparations for war with Iran are obvious to any but the most gullible. Similarly, the U.S. war machine is preparing to recapture it’s “backyard.” in America. Even the environment gets no respite as mountains and their ecosystems, which grew over millions of years, are still being blown away for the pittance of dirty coal desired by corporate mining giants. The rich nations, lead by the U.S.. will not even press for meaningful emissions reductions in Copenhagen.

Progressive forces need to wake up before it is too late. Obama was chosen because he could accomplish (for the ruling class) what we would never have allowed the Bush Fascists to succeed at. Namely to keep capitalism alive as the world around us revolts. Despite his obvious charisma, intelligence, and amazing personal power and inspirational gifts, Obama currently stands against the people of the world and with the reactionary "hangers on" of the “old order.” We must clear our political eyes now and get on to building the “better world” we know is possible."
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