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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Saudi Bull in Arab China Shop

08-01-2014 13:46

The kingdom stands now almost isolated politically. Its “going it alone” in the Syrian conflict has cornered Saudi Arabia into a self-inflicted foreign policy no-win deadlock.

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Media disinformation and the framing of the Syrian war

30-12-2013 10:04

The Independent, 26 August 2013
Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Syrian war coverage of the mainstream media is not its underlying bias—that was always to be expected—but how remarkably ineffective that coverage has been in convincing the public of the need for military intervention in the country. After nearly three years of relentless propaganda attempting to convince the public of the virtue of the terrorist insurgency and the incomparable evil of Assad, the seemingly inevitable march toward war in the wake of the Ghouta chemical weapons attack faltered after public opinion overwhelmingly came down on the side of non-interventionist policies.

Perhaps reading public sentiment, many mainstream outlets even took to pointing out the media bias on the war and trying to retroactively position themselves against military intervention. This has to be credited to a remarkable, global, grassroots phenomenon of independent citizen media breaking through the layers of propaganda to provide true, cogent analysis of the situation on the ground in Syria.

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Internationalist Observer 2013 Collected Works

28-12-2013 16:44

This is a series of analyses produced in the course of this year by the same writer and published under the same screen name. The focus is on the coverage of issues such as the climate collapse, radioactive contamination, spying, corruption, arms trade in various places around the world. Location reference is added to the title where it is not obvious. Thanks for providing this open publishing platform.

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The Cascade of Evil or the Double Negative Effect of Digital Totalitarianism

28-12-2013 16:29

It is a blatantly obvious contradiction – on one hand the worst regimes on the planet (in terms of overall historical record not current rating) are wasting horrendous efforts to oppress the most advanced people, on the other these same regimes are totally failing to heal any of the wounds their destructive forces leave on the record of the species and its environment. The terror regime in the name of the people has become so bad that everything it is allegedly meant to protect against is happening by accident because nobody cares. The signs are visible to the unaided eye that the atmosphere may not take it any longer and produce a climate collapse smashing the face of the Earth, but the regimes decide to squander the resources for harassment and abuse rather than dedicate them to a solution of the planetary problems. The wisdom of total abolition is whispered along by every natural being, but the machinery of hopelessness is running hotter every time it is being switched up a gear, and its growling and howling is getting lost in the skies. Since regimes need people but people do not need regimes, it is not just an ideal failure but one of these gross inappropriatenesses of the current which later on tend to be recognised as its defining elements and can only be done with by its complete breakdown. What is hence required is a coherent theory of digital totalitarianism that allows gaining explanations and making predictions useful for the disassembly of it. What is this monstrous conglomerate that has become of the system of nation states and how can its vast and complex problems be described in a way more useful against them than for their obfuscation?

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Zapatistas: twenty years after

28-12-2013 11:48

Mexican journalist Luis Hernández Navarro reflects on the enormous significance of the Zapatista movement, on the 20th anniversary of the uprising.

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UG#673 - The Language of The Vast Machine (The Ubiquitous Matrix Of Lies)

27-12-2013 03:57

Similar in spirit to UG#670, we look at what Charles Eisenstein termed "The Ubiquitous Matrix Of Lies". We examine a range of lies spun by the vast machine as part of its efforts to perpetuate hopelessness, including a particularly obvious fraud from this August, a Nurse Nayirah style effort to drum up support for an attack on Syria. We focus loosely on war propaganda in Syria, but use a wide range of examples to illustrate the interwoven, interlocking nature of the matrix of lies while reflect on its implications for those determined to seek truth.

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Gaddafi, the African Who Cleansed the Continent from the Humiliation of Aparthei

23-12-2013 10:03

Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi, Tripoli, October 1997
This article was first published on April 2011. Following the death of Nelson Mandela and in light of the ongoing struggle in Libya, it is an appropriate time to read these words again.

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Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria

21-12-2013 15:10

From the outset, the Western military alliance has (covertly) supported the terrorists with a view to destabilizing Syria as a nation state. Lest we forget, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. The US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have channeled most of their support to the Al Qaeda brigades, which are also integrated by Western Special Forces.

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Join Barcelona In Ending Bloody Barbarism Of Bullfighting

18-12-2013 19:14

Innocent Horses Are Victims
Please contact the Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian and other Hispanic population embassies to end the archaic savagery of bullfighting.

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Time & Casual Work

17-12-2013 13:42

Time operates on casual workers in many different way and increases their alienation from the rest of the workforce.

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UN’s Syria “Aid” Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists

16-12-2013 20:20

As the UN prepares to flood the Syrian conflict with another 6.5 billion dollars, tales of how “aid money” is ending up facilitating the activities of terrorists inside and along Syria’s borders suggest the UN is not trying to provide mercy for the Syrian people, but perpetuate the tragedy further still. Should the UN decide to truly care about ending the ongoing catastrophe that is the proxy invasion of Syria by foreign-backed terrorists, it could always point out the true nature of the conflict and hold those responsible for it, NATO and its regional axis, fully accountable. Anything less is but a criminal rouse meant to intentionally perpetuate the conflict and give the West yet another chance to end it on terms they find favorable.

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NATO’s War on Syria Just Got Dirtier

11-12-2013 21:51

West scrambles to cover up Syria false flag revelations as Pulitzer Prize-winner & Syria’s Electronic Army expose all.

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Kerry’s Coup from Mediator to Antagonist

11-12-2013 11:25

Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy during his current trip seems more aimed at controlling the damage his “ideas - proposal” caused than at facilitating the deadlocked Palestinian – Israeli bilateral talks.

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Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?

06-12-2013 19:00

This question has been asked many times, and more often than not in a merely selective interest rather than from an absolute position. By its own definition Israel is a state entity and therefore it cannot have any of the qualities of a natural person. Material constructs do not bear absolute rights. These are singular to the natural being – nature has a right to exist – and can only be lost but not gained by force – no conqueror of nature can obtain them by taking them away from it. The wording of the question is expressing a conceptual aberration on the matter of hierarchy analysis and it should be rephrased according to the situation in which it might appear. But that it is being asked in this specific form indicates a distortion of meaning within the concept of statehood: There are states which are nothing but functions of other states. The false totality bites itself. Certainly this is a historical footnote on the absurdity of trying to avoid Anarchy. In the misguiding ideology the planet is expected to burden itself with the failing hierarchies of the state, even if they would break it. Does Israel have a purpose on the way out of this capitalist misery or is it no better than the false totality statehood brought about?

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Ukraine gets $8bn from China ...........

06-12-2013 10:35

Ukraine gets $8bn from China
Ukraine gets $8bn investment from China ...... Ukrainian President Yanukovych left Kiev in search of foreign cash for his country's near bankrupt economy, and now he says he's secured $8 billion in investment from China. The money has made a timely arrival in cash-strapped Ukraine’s hands, as the economy teeters on default and faces debts over $15 billion. Yanukovych is on a three-day planned working trip to China.

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Ministry of Justice Gross Financial Mismanagement

05-12-2013 15:53

An account of the real nature of the finances of the ministry of justice

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Insurgency Responsible for Civilian Plight of Syrians

04-12-2013 09:50

Objective and non-objective as well as official and non-official reports about the responsibility of the Syrian government are abundant, but that of the insurgents has been for too long covered up and only of late come under the scrutiny of human rights organizations and media spotlight.

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Obama’s ‘Big Prize’ to Earn Nobel Peace Prize

27-11-2013 09:11

After his new START treaty with Russia cutting down the two countries’ nuclear arsenals, disarming Syria of its chemical arsenal and restricting Iran’s nuclear program to peaceful purposes, disarming Israel of its nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction remains the litmus test which will determine the credibility of Obama’s endeavor “for a world without nuclear weapons” and will qualify him to “deserve” the Nobel Peace Prize.

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The Solidarity Collective: The beginning of dialogue

26-11-2013 02:54

The Solidarity Collective was been brought together in difficult circumstances, following what we believe to be attacks on freedom of speech, expression and association within wider activist networks.

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The Solidarity Collective

25-11-2013 16:44

Our first statement after forming on the 14th of November 2013
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