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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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CONDEM is cutting everything yet hyping up Crossrail every single day!

14-12-2010 15:32

There shouldn't be any jobs cuts anywhere at all! Why? Because Crossrail is 'coming'. This is the message being given out by Big Biz that is behind the propaganda for Crossrail. It is a big con. Like the CONDEM!

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The Swedish Armed Forces had Foreknowledge of the Drottninggatan Bombs?

14-12-2010 15:03

For anyone following the string of terror attacks since the start of the "War on Terror" it will come as no suprise that there is a claim that the Swedish Armed Forces had foreknowledge of the Drottninggatan bombs, see for example this article from 2006.

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Support for students is very strong

14-12-2010 13:20

The old control of the media is not enough to get hegemonic control of society in the context of the new student risings.

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The Empire Has No Clothes

14-12-2010 02:27

The UN reviews (or does it?) the human rights record of the United States.

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1697 duplicate wikileaks sites and growing

12-12-2010 02:12

" this document has those 1697 links to wikileaks mirror sites. Make it impossible for this information to be “disappeared” like so many victims of CIA/client state butchery. This is an opportunity that will not come often. Take advantage of it now. Spread very, very widely."

PS Also, please don't let the U.S. have Julian Assange. If that happens he will be torturted and likely killed. He deserves our admiration and protection.

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UG#528 - The Bilderberg Group (Conspiracies and The Fiction of Government Power)

11-12-2010 22:38

This week we took a look at the Bilderberg Group, a secret meeting of about 120 hierarchs from Europe and US. Senior members of national governments, multi-national companies, royal families, media corporations and financial institutions have met up annually since its inception in 1954. Little is known of the contents of their meetings, due to strictly enforced privacy - which may finally be weakening, as more leaks are emerging. We hear a range of voices this week, including Tony Gosling and Michael Parenti as well as Daniel Estulin's speech on the Bilderberg group given this year to the European parliament.

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Mook Vintage Selling Fur! Campaign Begins!

11-12-2010 17:26

Mook Vintage
Please contact Mook Vintage on 01223 316001 and ask them to go fur free.

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The anti-cut movement needs be radicalised

09-12-2010 22:22

The movement is now stuck in visible violence but lacks ideology. It is worrying that student elitism and insufficient understanding of the capitalist system will bar the working class from joining the struggle and end the movement badly.On the other hand, the leftists fail in radicalising the movement by mistaken strategies.

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WikiLeaks cable exposes NATO war plan against Russia

09-12-2010 13:10

US State Department cables released by WikiLeaks have unveiled secret NATO plans for a US-led war against Russia over the Baltic states.

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Australia: WikiLeaks cables reveal secret ties between Rudd coup plotters and US

09-12-2010 13:08

The latest batch of the several hundred leaked US diplomatic cables concerning Australia, provided by WikiLeaks to the Fairfax company’s Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age, provide further extraordinary evidence of Washington’s direct involvement in the anti-democratic coup against former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd last June.

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Leaked Embassy Cables Lend Credence to Prior Allegations of State Department Spy

09-12-2010 01:17

Documents Released by WikiLeaks Could Serve as Evidence In Ongoing Congressional Investigation Focused on State Department, CIA

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Wikileaks and media disinformation: North Korea, Iran and Belarus

08-12-2010 22:12

Much is being written in the mainstream press about the internet whistle-blowing website Wikileaks. But the interpretation and significance of those Wikileaks stories disseminated throughout the corporate media must be subjected to careful and critical analysis.

There is little that is particularly shocking about the recent Wikileaks. What is striking about many of the latest leaks is their conformity to the lies and disinformation regularly diffused by the mainstream media.

The upshot of this is that, while exposés of American war crimes should damage America’s imperial ambitions, other ‘leaks’ could actually serve the opposite purpose, especially when they are uncritically reported as ‘revelations’. In this article we are going to look at two examples of how Wikileaks stories could be used to further a US imperialist agenda.

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The WikiLeaks Case: Is ‘Freedom Of The Press’ Another U.S. Catch phrase for totaliniarisn with a democratic facade?

08-12-2010 09:49

Whistleblower Julian Assange has been dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous man’ not because he has revealed U.S. secret documents and war crimes but his WikiLeaks website has exposed the arrogance and prepotency of a U.S. system that shoots first, asks questions later and treats its allies with imperial disdain.

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WikiLeaks 'struck a deal with Israel' over diplomatic cables leaks

08-12-2010 02:31

We should obviously all support WikiLeaks and its founder and spokesperson, Julian Assange, who has just been arrested in Britain, in this dirty war by states around the globe against transparency and openness. But in the world of politics, sadly, things are never as innocent as they appear. According to new revelations, Assange had allegedly struck a deal with Israel before the recent 'cable gate', which may explain why the leaks “were good for Israel,” as the Israeli prime minister put it.

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Network X Gathering

07-12-2010 23:21

A call out for a gathering for a network to fight the cuts and beyond. to bring together existing networks and provide the platform for the way forward.

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A ghost haunts Europe

07-12-2010 17:28

Οn the 24th November, many student demonstrations took place in Britain, in which participated over 50,000 people. The march was called in response to the new educational measures announced by the British government.

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WikiLeaks and secret diplomacy

07-12-2010 14:59

As diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks continue to be published—revealing each day new information on the sordid maneuvers of American imperialism in various parts of the world—the US government is going on the offensive. It is leading an international campaign targeting WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange and the organization’s web site.

Full article

Many more mirrors

07-12-2010 10:17

"Saudi Arabia is a very conservative Arab nation, structured by the imperial powers themselves. That “kingdom’s” animosity to a much more nationalist formation like Iran is predictabe and comes as little surprise. Countries like Syria and movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas certainly do not wish for Tehran to be attacked with “shock and awe.” (That an ancient city like Bagdadd suffered such was a genuine “crime against humanity” and that should never be forgotten). Israel and the U.S. have simply not allowed “popular” arab governments to exist. Conservative Arab regimes care no more for their people than GW Bush cared for the poor children of New Orleans."

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Wikileaks hounded?

05-12-2010 18:17

"This is the first time we have seen an attempt at the international community level to censor a website dedicated to the principle of transparency. We are shocked to find countries such as France and the United States suddenly bringing their policies on freedom of expression into line with those of China. We point out that in France and the United States, it is up to the courts, not politicians, to decide whether or not a website should be closed.
Meanwhile, two Republican senators, John Ensign and Scott Brown, and an independent Joe Lieberman, have introduced a bill that would make it illegal to publish the names of U.S. military and intelligence agency informants. This could facilitate future prosecutions against WikiLeaks and its founder. But a criminal investigation is already under way and many U.S. politicians are calling vociferously for Assange’s arrest."

What are they so affraid of? Good reason to support Wiki!
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