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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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After Cameron's lies on Scotland, is there a Society left?

21-09-2014 11:30

After Cameron's lies on Scotland, is there a Society left?

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Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow September 18/19 2014

21-09-2014 00:34

This is a detailed 3,000 word account of the results of the Scottish referendum on Independence with the party held by the Yes campaign in Scotland's largest city used as a backdrop. There are 20 photos included.

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Well the referendum is over but how much was it influenced by outsiders?

20-09-2014 14:09

The 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence was the focus of worldwide media attention. How much was the result affected by outsiders? Dr Henry Kissinger advised Scots to vote `No` - here is what he may have said.

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Scottish vote and promise of more decision-making powers for England?

20-09-2014 11:46

This is a fake debate. There is an elephant in the room which most people are ignoring.

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The Anarchist Guide to IS Psychology

19-09-2014 10:06

I pretend to put myself behind you in order to make me appear bigger than I really am. (Pretend, because since the Obama-Morales affair airspace servitude is recognized as the unequivocal hallmark of vassal states, and in this instance it is not the case.) With this clownish gesture the Damascus regime has exposed the phoney coalition of hate mongers that the military-industrial complex came up with to out-compete the Islamic State on terms of human rights. Actually not, as the aggressors have literally voiced themselves their ambition is not to improve but to degrade. Apparently the imperialist does not understand the abolitionist rigorousity of the anti-occupation campaign as a consequence of the abuses of Abu Ghraib but is still filling the trough for its uniformed rapists. This immature response proves that by establishing its own foreign policy entirely independent of the nationalist state, the Islamic state has hit a nerve of the military-industrial complex. These empty suits get mad at the mirrors which are being held to them, until the doctor comes to remind everyone that the knife they imagine to see on the screen is merely a metaphor of the artist referring to an eavesdropping warrant in their own hands. In another interpretation, the followers of Mohammed have heated the axe of war in the glowing fire of Abolition, and since they passed it to Obama and Cameron the two are crying out in pain as they both burned their hands.

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ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal - Schillings' threats

13-09-2014 20:01


A brief youtube video which indicates the connection between the charity Ark (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal and legal threats from Schillings to remove this story from the internet.

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Guardian sinks further away from Journalism

13-09-2014 19:42

1940GMT 13 Sept 2014 The London Guardian's Alan Rusbridger (who has erased the Manchester bit almost without trace) has announced a raft of measures that take him much nearer to Murdoch than would have been previously thought. In justifying the move, Rusbridger has resorted to complacently quoting Mr Scott, the very overly triumphed longest serving Editor of a Century ago. But Mr Rusbridger is, typically, being over the top in his boasts.

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The Islamic State Messages in the Light of the Climate Catastrophe

11-09-2014 16:50

When rainforest covers tropical land, it accumulates all that it needs in a layer of organic soil that over the centuries slowly spreads across infertile rocks and sand. This thin blanket keeps nutrients and water in small scale systems where they circulate through all stages of plant and animal life. Desertification is being defined as the loss of this treasure, and in contrast to its accumulation can kick in in relatively limited time-spans. Once a forest is entirely removed, wind and weather erode the Earth and leave the ground in a condition unsuitable for human life. This is the kind of landscape that forms the background of the Islamic State messages, and unlike in other places in this one it has been there for longer than any of humanity´s written historical records can explain. It is only known that humans lived in the area before it became a desert for a time compared to which even the horizon of documented history appears quite short. Though the background of the messages might appear coincidental, the occurrence of other such details signifies that it is not, even if the originators of the videos just took what they could find in the area for their filming. In the middle of that dead landscape, the orange colour of the missing rainforest soil reappears as the last cloth of the executed. When all the vegetation is gone, it is all that is left and once it is openly visible very soon it will be gone as well, and so do the lives of these filmed in it. It was Al-Baghdadi who declared that the purpose of the conflict was for everyone to find a green garden at the cool river, as opposed to the desert of the present, and the climate meltdowns expected of its future. What can be seen now is still far away from this vision, but from beyond the bias of the cultures whose core narratives relate to that history of regional loss, it is precisely pinching the root cause of the problem: The existence of empires so large that the small caste that rules them is still larger than the uncontacted people they conquer is in the ultimate consequence a lethal threat to the planet because these empires scorch the Earth.

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The BRICS: Challengers to the Global Status Quo

10-09-2014 11:53

Can the BRICS wrest control of the global economy from the United States and Europe, or will their internal contradictions tear them apart?

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UG#690 - Paying to Cut, Paying Not to Cut (Unbearable Costs of Financialization)

05-09-2014 02:43

Why is paying people to cut down trees like paying them not to cut down trees? Well, do these two apparent opposites actually result in opposite outcomes...? Or do they both, by equating trees with money, turn them into resources, and so effectively put them under the control of rich foreigners, with predictable consequences. In our first hour, Jeff Conant explores "REDD", the World Bank's forest protection racket for the global south. In our second hour, Max Haiven looks at the extreme and ongoing financialization of the "developed" world, resulting in a damage to society and personal identities that while difficult to quantify is nevertheless all too real. He recommends we "rededicate ourselves to moving beyond individualism and this idea that we are all competitive agents by actively building grassroots concrete effort to reclaim the commons by actively building grassroots efforts in the here and now.

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UG#689 - A Tale Of Two Worlds (Bridges in Myanmar, The Real 911 Suspects)

28-08-2014 20:39

A stark contrast of material for you this week. We begin with an uplifting reading of Toni "El Suizo" Rüttimann giving the flavour of his latest expedition to Myanmar, in which he built half a dozen bridges of up to 100m in length in a 12 day period. Most of the show is a detailed exposition of old world malfeasance - Kevin Ryan on who he suspects committed the terrorism of Sep 11th - Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and a bunch of lesser known names, some of whom have been quite successful in evading the limelight, but all of whom appear to be covert operatives for the Deep State.

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Careerists of the desert

26-08-2014 12:49

The government, seconded by most news networks are sure to have found the solution to the effects of religious fundamentalism as it has recently stricken British society: surveillance, stricter control through stricter legislation, supplemented by the practice of traditional ruffianism (or else the giving of information from members of the public to the authorities).

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Can you feel the Class War all around you?

21-08-2014 18:24

Still spendid as we head to the 2020s
Yes we are Working Class, yes we live and were brought up on council estates where the Ruling Class think we can be divided and forgotten about. Forced in to Unemployment when it suits them, hidden from view when it suits some of their Institutions...

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A Way Out of the Embassy for Julian Assange?

19-08-2014 19:23

Ricardo Patiño and Julian Assange
Report on Monday's press conference at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London called by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister that triggered wild speculation that Assange was about to surrender to the police outside the embassy on account of ill health. Read on....

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Philippines: Vocal DAP critic Bayan Muna Neri Colmenares also got P25M from fund

14-08-2014 11:52

MANILA, Philippines–One of the most vocal critics of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) in the House of Representatives was allocated the economic stimulus fund that the Supreme Court recently declared unconstitutional.

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Atomic Testing in the Digital Age

13-08-2014 16:08

There are several reasons why an atomic bomb may be used in the background rather than at the front. It might not yet be proven to function as desired and wreckage cannot be taken up from there. The effect of it is intended to be all strategic with no tactical elements, to reprimand the opponent against false speculations. The conflict is of stark asymmetric nature, hence the information on the relative role of the side by which this instrument is being employed is a message to external observers. The conflict is rather symmetric and the outside message is indifferent but there are just too many atomic bombs. At this point the circle closes, as the same thing cannot happen both out of scarcity and out of abundance, only the same kind of thing. Hence every atomic test in the quantitative sense is a proof of proliferation, and in the qualitative sense an expression of conflict topology. It is a seismic signal whose occurrence cannot be denied by consensus of any current oligarchy of atomic bomb owners, and as it contextualises with the rest of the conflict it is a lightning on its strategic composition. The more asymmetric a conflict does become, the more decisive for its resolution the transparency blitz can be, and in contrast to conventional forms thereof its effect entirely depends on which side of the asymmetry it is originating from.

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Must Christians in the Islamic State Suffer Another Bloodbath?

11-08-2014 14:46

Before arguing: Nothing of this must happen. And of course all it would take to avoid it is nuclear disarmament. If not of the entire world tomorrow, then at least of that geographical region next week. The Islamic State, or Islamic state, to make clear that it is not as much of a name than of an item, after all is merely a response to the shadow of massive destruction which the region has been suffering since the Islamic empire – actually a Christian empire gone Islamic – is over. It is this perpetuated apocalyptic threat which has made the nation states projected and the national borders drawn by the European and American empires obsolete. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they could enter the airspace any time. The Islamic state however produces the second most sustainable and fastest growing challenge against imperialism that is available in this day and age because it does, in the Marxist sense, have nothing to lose except being a target of weapons of massive destruction (see June 26, 2014). As the morbidity of the dying empire has exceeded the threshold of medical attention, the latter once again did fail a significant test: Faced with the essential health facts bare of any accusation, it resorted to suicidal aggression without explicable perspective. All but surprising and in fact earlier predicted as imminent (see Aug 30, 2013) this reaction and the propaganda burst coming with it provide a striking image of the North American psyche: The genocidal apparatchiks are humiliating the status quo artists into smashing the abandoned idealism of the megalomaniac hawks. The Islamic state may be incalculable, but the capitalist empire of suicide suffers more such death than combat killings every day, and its suicide army scares the population into still higher rates.

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World War One and 100 Years of Counter-Revolution

10-08-2014 17:09

Otto Dix, Stormtroopers Advance Under Cover of Gas, 1924
One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, Mark Kosman reflects on the nature of war and the class struggle throughout the last century and asks the question: can governments keep up this destructive, murderous fraud?

In 1871, Karl Marx wrote that governments use war as a fraud, a ‘humbug, intended to defer the struggle of the classes’. In 1914, that fraud was so effective that not only most workers but also most Marxists supported their respective nation’s rush to war. Ever since then, governments have used war to defer class struggle and prevent revolution, but this strategy cannot last forever.

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March for Gaza, London, 9th August 2014. PICTURES.

09-08-2014 21:03

Orthodox Jews in support of Palestine.
On 9th August 2014, around 150,000 people assemble in Central London to march in solidarity with the suffering populace of Gaza.

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Double Emergency Alert: Ebola Acceleration, Internet Smokescreen

08-08-2014 17:30

Seemingly unrelated to each other, two current developments make the world appear like a patient from whose bed it seems difficult to walk away. A hygiene catastrophe is likely to become more deadly than war, and unlike in the Fukushima case in this instance out in the open. Second, a tsunami of rumours about internet privacy breaches has stirred up many who otherwise share little else with each other. Each of this shall be discussed and analysed here with the due precision and brevity to provide the essential knowledge to extinguish these catastrophes with their roots. But first it is necessary to understand how the two relate to each other. It is no mere coincidence that such profound threats against the bodily and mental health of huge populations are occurring in concert. The two layers of symptoms are resulting from the same health catastrophe which has affected the world and expresses itself both in neglect and in repression. What now is visible to the bare eye are the side-effects of a disease befalling species like this and its amplification of the conditions of its own existence at the price of the survival of these species. The full image of that disease, how it can be recognised and how it can be prevented, including its name, will be provided in this report.
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