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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Toussaint Louverture

16-02-2012 09:26

Constat de propagation de fausses nouvelles ...

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NATO's "secret war" on Syria: British Special Forces supporting rebels

15-02-2012 14:44

In January, Michel Chossudovsky reported British media confirming UK/CIA/MI6 operatives in Syria training anti-Assad Western-backed insurgents. They're also supplying them with arms, ammunition, and equipment. The Libyan model's being replicated in Syria, so far short of bombing.

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UN 'Travesty': Resolutions Of Mass Destruction

14-02-2012 15:54

It has been said that compassion is 'the only beauty that truly pleases' (Aryasura, The Marvelous Companion, Dharma Publishing, 1983, p.305). While beauty ordinarily provokes the fiery itch of desire or the sullen shadow of envy, compassion is cooling, blissful, inspiring awe and wonder. It implies an ability to stand outside our own needs as observers, to perceive the suffering of others as of equal or greater importance. But like all forms of beauty, compassion can be faked, exploited.

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Dr Phil Hammond: 'Killing The Nation', Lansley & McKinsey Inject Poison Into NHS

12-02-2012 18:07

McKinsey is already benefiting from contracts worth undisclosed millions with GPs arising from the Bill. It has earned at least £13.8 million from Government health policy since the Coalition took office – and the Bill opens up most of the current £106 billion NHS budget to the private sector, with much of it likely to go to McKinsey clients.

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Wall Street Excess and Main Street Distress: the Apple Connection

12-02-2012 01:31

Apple’s march to market supremacy has been accomplished at tremendous cost to both American and Chinese workers

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The Syrian Civil War and the Media Propaganda Offensive

11-02-2012 20:02

The 'Free Syrian Army' - the so-called 'rebel' group armed and funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar - is involved in a violent insurgency against the Syrian government. That is not just my opinion, it is the view of the Arab League observer mission sent into the country to gather evidence against the ruling Assad regime. But when reports didn't fit the political agenda, the League pulled the plug on the mission, and the Syrian government was subtlely blamed.

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La farce électorale

11-02-2012 17:19

Les hommes politiques sont des gigolos qui sont entretenus par leurs électeurs et électrices ...

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One year on a Libyan student in the UK asks... was it worth it?

11-02-2012 01:05

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Hedges' Hypocrisies: The Surgeons of Occupy

10-02-2012 19:14

The non-violence of Tahrir

In his February 6 article entitled, “The Cancer of Occupy,” Chris Hedges attempts to analyze the political beliefs and practices of the black bloc, a group he characterizes as the scourge of the Occupy movement. Although Mr. Hedges evidently conducted at least a little to research his article, he does not quote a single proponent or participant of a black bloc, neither within the Occupy movement nor from any of the many other black blocs that have been organized in the United States. Such research would not have been difficult. There are a plethora of anarchist blogs, websites, newspapers, and magazines that discuss Occupy, the black bloc, and even the use of the black bloc within Occupy protests.

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Hedging Our Bets on the Black Bloc: The Impotence of Mere Liberalism

09-02-2012 09:14

Chris Hedges has written some of the most insightful analysis of the U.S. war machine in recent years. His 2009 book The Empire of Illusion was an exploration of how exhibition has eclipsed truth and meaningful connection in American society. His acknowledgment of the ease in which one can buy into such spectacles is a small part of why it was so odd to read his article on Truthdig attacking both anarchists and black bloc tactics entitled “The Cancer in Occupy.”

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Modern serfdom for the workers, endless money-printing and gold as the ultimate

08-02-2012 17:19

Assuming that we've read some of our previous "big picture" posts, you probably know that gold has a "special role" to play in today's situation - it is no accident that it's exchange rate vs the dollar and all the other fiat currencies of the world has been rising for the last 10 years or so.

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Syria: CIA-MI6 intel ops and sabotage

08-02-2012 13:01

The Independent on Sunday, 5 February 2012
For anyone in two minds about what is really going on in Syria, and whether President Assad, hailed a decade ago as “A Modern Day Ataturk”, has become the latest megalomaniacal despot, to whose people a US-led posse of nations, must deliver “freedom”, with weapons of mass, home, people, nation and livelihood destruction, here is a salutary tale from modern history.

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"Moral capitalism" and the rise of the "overclass"

06-02-2012 13:49

A few days ago, English Prime Minister David Cameron made a speech on..."moral capitalism".

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Participatory Democracy and the Occupy Movement

06-02-2012 13:46

Organisation, hierarchy and transparency in activist organisations, and specifically in the Occupy movement, and in (previous) Climate Camps. Originally published at Feminist Action Cambridge.

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Crashing Through Capital: An Introduction to Economics

06-02-2012 08:09

The Space Project presents a course in economics in Leeds.

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Paul Lafargue - The Bankruptcy of Capitalism

06-02-2012 00:22

written in 1900

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Israel threatens war against Iran within months

05-02-2012 21:39

Even as the US and its European allies intensify punitive economic sanctions against Iran, there are growing signs that Israel is threatening military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities in the coming months. While the Obama administration has cautioned Israel against military action at this stage, there is no indication that Washington has vetoed such an attack.

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Why do some GOP party politicians envision a China-like America?

05-02-2012 17:57

A few weeks ago, Huffington Post published a very interesting article titled "Emerging GOP View: Communist China Is Model for American Capitalism" ( The article discusses a growing trend amongst US capitalists, especially those who favor the Republican party, to view China as an example that the USA needs to follow.

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Armed Groups Inside Syria: Prelude to a US-NATO Intervention?

05-02-2012 15:47

Russia and China have vetoed the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria pointing to the existence of armed groups involved in terrorist acts including the killing of civilians.

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Intellectual property rights and "patent wars"

04-02-2012 18:37

We have already talked about piracy and control of the internet in our previous posts. But there are many more fronts in this fight - here is a great piece from on "patent wars". Most of us have probably heard about one company suing another over pattens and intellectual property rights (for example, Kodak sued Apple and HTC over digital image patents, Motorola Sued Apple Over iPhone 4S and iCloud, and Intel bought RealNetworks' patents and video coding tech over the last month alone), but what does it all mean for us and why do patents inhibit progress, discovery and innovation?
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