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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Bradford: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

27-08-2010 09:11

A reflection on the build up to the EDL's planned rally in the centre of Bradford.

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On the Philippine hostage taking incident

26-08-2010 12:13

Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) on the the Ill-fated Hostage Taking Incident at the Quirino Grandstand and the Necessary Reformation of the Police Force

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Masterminds, Mosques and Mass Insanity: “War on Terrorism” Propaganda

24-08-2010 22:50

"Heated arguments have exploded around religion, tolerance, democracy, etc.---everything except the only fact that matters: 9/11 was a false flag operation, courtesy of the Bush-Cheney administration, carried out by an elite consensus, in order to justify the “war on terrorism”, and everything that came with it. Mass murder. Unending resource conquest. A police state within US borders. Open criminality.

The perpetual threat posed by a fabricated outside enemy, and a militarized, fearful populace, remain the centerpieces of elite policy, and they have been consistently maintained by both Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations. The demonization of Muslims continues to facilitate pillage."

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False Charges Ricochet in the War on WikiLeaks

24-08-2010 19:10

"Assange, however, quickly laid the blame on the Pentagon. He stated that he had been warned by Australian intelligence to be on guard against “honey traps”—the time-honored ploys that intelligence services use to lure a target into a sexual encounter with someone who then uses the encounter to damage the target’s reputation. Earlier today, however, Assange reversed course on these charges, telling the Sydney Morning Herald, “We don’t have direct evidence that this is coming from a U.S. or other intelligence service, but we can have some suspicions about who will benefit, but without direct evidence I won’t be making direct allegations.”
The Pentagon quickly denounced the charges as “absurd.” But there is no doubt that the Pentagon is seeking to gain from them in its information war with WikiLeaks: when the case first emerged, the accusations were aggressively spread by the Pentagon via Twitter.
As I wrote in “WikiLeaks: The National-Security State Strikes Back,” a highly classified Army Counterintelligence Center 32-page memorandum noted that to eliminate the threat presented by WikiLeaks, the United States would have to strike not simply servers and databases, but against the individuals who were critical to the operation of WikiLeaks. It repeatedly identifies Assange as a target, describes the leaks as criminal acts and advocates “successful prosecutions” to “destroy the center of gravity” of WikiLeaks. The suspicions raised by Assange are thus hardly unwarranted—they match the Pentagon’s own plan to take WikiLeaks out of action. However, there is as yet no direct evidence for the claim that the accusations leveled at Assange were the work of some intelligence service, and even if there were, Assange has plenty of governments anxious to shut him down aside from the United States. But as this incident makes clear, the war on WikiLeaks will be fought with unconventional tools and those following the story are advised to accept nothing at face value."

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Is Federal Abuse of Power Enslaving American People

21-08-2010 16:02

Given the massive size of our National Debt, the recent unexpected rise in unemployment, the fact that we are constantly in a state of war, legislators on both sides of the aisle cannot seem to tighten their collective belts and our government cannot accept its role as the protector of our Constitutional rights, are we becoming a “slave state?”

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Burial of Nuke Waste in Cumbria

21-08-2010 15:30

Geological Disposal - Flying Pig
A West Cumbrian Councillor has proposed that Allerdale should withdraw from the dodgy process designed to force Cumbria into "geological disposal" of nuclear waste.
The new government like the last is desperate to have been seen to have solved the problem of nuclear waste - to pave the way for new nuclear build.

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Iraq: NATO assists in building new Middle East proxy army

14-08-2010 11:26

NATO is assisting the U.S. in building a new army in Iraq. This first fully American-created armed forces in the Middle East will be concentrating less on domestic security and more on regional geopolitics. The new proxy army is part of a broader U.S. strategy aimed in the first instance against Iran.

The encirclement, in fact the siege, of Iran continues apace and Iraq, which shares with it a 1,458-kilometer border, is slated to play a major role in plans to isolate, undermine and attack Iran, replicating the model used with devastating effect against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq itself. NATO is actively assisting the U.S. and Israel with those war plans.

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A new film on the 2005 London bombings: "Seeds of Deconstruction"

12-08-2010 19:05

The July 7th Truth Campaign is happy to recommend to anyone interested in the events of 7/7 is one that updates and expands greatly on the information presented in Ludicrous Diversion, and also helps place the events of 7/7 in a wider historical and political context.

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What Goes Up...

12-08-2010 09:14

As the mainstream media spins it's wheels on the issue of the economy, few even consider the possibility that it's the entire economic system itself that is the problem.

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Who cares how many 'camel drivers' are being massacred in Iraq...?

09-08-2010 21:46

This writing is meant as delicious food for thought, and if music is the food for real, true human love, then play on!

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Why World War II ended with Mushroom Clouds and How to Prevent a Repeat in 2010

09-08-2010 17:31

"Truman himself, however, hypocritically declared at the time that the purpose of the two nuclear bombardments had been “to bring the boys home,” that is, to quickly finish the war without any further major loss of life on the American side. This explanation was uncritically broadcast in the American media and it developed into a myth eagerly propagated by the majority of historians and media in the USA and throughout the “Western” world. That myth, which, incidentally, also serves to justify potential future nuclear strikes on targets such as Iran and North Korea, is still very much alive - just check your mainstream newspaper on August 6 and 9!"

"And so now two powers have similar objectives in 2010. The U.S. wishes to tame and subdue a rebellious third world that yearns to throw off western systems that clearly do not serve their people’s needs. Zionist Israel knows that as Iran develops as a modern technological state it would have to be dealt with on a fare basis instead as a nation of inferiors as is the preference of rabid elites at the helm of Zionist society.

These conditions mean that we are back to an August 1945 scenario. However, the consequences of a U.S./Israel atomic attack on Iran will constitute the greatest crime in human history. To destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities will require the use of multiple nuclear weapons of various types delivered in diverse ways. The U.S./Israel will be guilty in real time of the very actions they claim to be defending the world from. The flow of oil from multiple regions of the world be at risk to say the least. Millions could die. World opinion might be cemented against us for a hundred years."

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Targeting Iran: Is the US Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?

09-08-2010 15:54

Hiroshima, August 1945
The US and its allies are preparing to launch a nuclear war directed against Iran with devastating consequences. This military adventure in the real sense of the word threatens the future of humanity. While one can conceptualize the loss of life and destruction resulting from present-day wars including Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to fully comprehend the devastation which might result from a Third World War, using "new technologies" and advanced weapons, until it occurs and becomes a reality. The international community has endorsed nuclear war in the name of World Peace. "Making the World safer" is the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.

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Economic collapse underway! What the media isn't reporting.

09-08-2010 15:19

The collapse of industrial civilization began in July 2008. Prepare yourself for the next phase. Please take the time to read this and watch the links, it will take you an evening and may save your life!

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US Capitalism in Crisis: An Emperor With No Clothes

09-08-2010 02:33

The champions of US capitalism are having to get used to a changing global stage on which they play a diminishing role

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Flashback: The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today

08-08-2010 21:10

"Necessary evil" B-29 Superfortress participated in the bombing of Hiroshima
In an article for the Guardian on the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, John Pilger describes the 'progression of lies' from the dust of that detonated city, to the wars of today - and the threatened attack on Iran.

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Childrens database dismantled

08-08-2010 16:12

The national database of all children that the stalinists of new labour wanted to create is being dismantled

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'Most in Arab world want nuclear Iran'

07-08-2010 23:05

"A new opinion poll finds that most people in the Arab world favor nuclear Iran amid growing distrust about the US government's policies in the Middle East.

According to the latest annual poll by the Washington-based Brookings Institution, "a majority of the Arab public now see a nuclear Iran as being better for the Middle East."

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PHILIPPINES: New Economics for a New Administration

07-08-2010 11:57

The dominant feature of the Arroyo administration was pervasive corruption, but its most destructive legacy in the long term will probably be its policy failures. The ascent to power of a new president, backed by a new Congress, provides the opportunity for a fundamental shift in policy in order to end poverty and re-launch the Philippines on the road to development.

Full article | 7 comments

Why World War 2 ended with Mushroom Clouds - Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 1945

06-08-2010 06:49

Ground Zero, Hiroshima, 6 August 1945
Sixty-five years ago, U.S. President Harry Truman did not have to use the atomic bomb in order to force Japan to its knees, but he had reasons to want to use the bomb.

The atom bomb enabled the Americans to force Tokyo to surrender unconditionally, to keep the Soviets out of the Far East and - last but not least - to force Washington’s will on the Kremlin in Europe also. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated for these reasons, and many American historians realize this only too well.

Full article

Forgetful Mullen's 'unintended consequences'

05-08-2010 20:21

"It is therefore pertinent to question Mullen's passing reference to such an attack's "unintended consequences". Mullen seems to have forgotten his own insight, shared with an audience at Columbia University in April, that an attack on Iran could be "incredibly destabilizing", perhaps as much as the possession of nuclear bombs by Tehran itself.

That was then. Now, all of a sudden, the US media is inundated with hatched commentaries on "the case for attacking Iran", often by pro-Israel pundits trying to minimize the risks of an attack on Iran, some portraying this as a convenient "surgical strike" to knock off Iran's nuclear installations and thus set back Iran's program for many years.

More serious US pundits on the other hand are somewhat more cautious. A recent "war game" at Brookings Institution concluded that an attack on Iran "could easily spin out of control''. Any idea that Iran would respond to an attack with a great deal of huff and puff but ultimately self-restraint in the face of overwhelming US-Israeli firepower would be a recipe for disillusionment."
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