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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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I am not Charlie/No to attacks/No solidarity with racism and Islamophobia

01-02-2015 15:45

Of course there is no justification for the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, which
costed the lives of twelve people. However, there is no reason at all to show
solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, being racist and Islamophobe.
Yes to condemnation of the attacks, no to Charlie Hebdo hate speech.
I am not Charlie

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How The Hill Was Gardened – The Bidirectional Approach

28-01-2015 17:02

Less emission reductions than appropriate, higher electromagnetic pulse risk than necessary, a golden honey pot of intelligence failures – the balance of the capitalist system is sobering, and best expressed in an image from its own presentation: The truth-weary fear-monger of a diplomat accusing African independence movements of using several exhausting assassination methods in a row against the same target, as if it were an exercise in a fitness room. Allegedly Al-Shabab were burying people alive before they stone them. Well, maybe he wanted to say that they burn them alive when they drone them, or whatever he is clinging to here, but that would have been diplomatically akin to shooting oneself into the foot. One has to call the undocumented leftovers of the imperialist killer robot attacks into mind to make sense of hysterical statements of that type. And by getting stoned, he did not mean hemp either, although it would have been the best example to illustrate that it is wrong to throw a burden of proof at these who cannot move. A considerable distinction between Buddha and Newton remains even when both are sitting under this or that tree. Why should Africans prove that they are not manually producing the same mayhem as (African-)Americans do automatically? Even the worker at the sewing machine does not need to swallow the fraudulent all-of-the-above approach of the corrupt minimum wage campaigner, and might find a pedestal income on which the former can be operated without corporate identity architecture risks significantly more favourable than unsubstantiated into-your-face expectations. The “drone diplomat” grabbed for a straw man to hide behind, because it requires to be filled in on the definitive meaning of its blame-shifting approach – it is the admission that there is something that could be shifted in the first place.

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Paul Cruickshank vs Peterhead court

27-01-2015 19:00

Court staff attempt to prosecute mr paul Cruickshank of Peterhead on the grounds of abusive behaviour and attempt to ignore his basic rights in non funding of institutional terrorism

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Growing concern over the International Trade Union Confederation

26-01-2015 15:41

Sharan Burrow is member of the governing body of the ILO and general secretary of the ITUC. While she was President of ACTU in Australia she authorized a anti Howard political campaign in 2006 which was placed in in boxes of 200 ILO delegates. This happened twice and it is a serious breach of ILO protocol.

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#702 - The Temptation of The Technofix 2 (Have We Got Too Much Technology?)

26-01-2015 11:32

We continue listening in on the October 2014 International Forum on Globalization conference "Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth". Seven speakers with contrasting styles and material manage to paint a pretty consistent picture of an economically justified technological development unhinged from our truly human values, one that is unsettling and depressing humans in ways beyond out conscious comprehension.

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Open letter to Philip Hammond demanding the release of Shaker Aamer

24-01-2015 23:59

This is an open letter to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to demand the immediate release of Shaker Aamer who has been illegally detained in Guantanamo for an incredible 13 years without charge.

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The Crisis Denial Illusion as a Shadow Deficit Symptom

23-01-2015 15:47

The fact is undeniable: The civilian Unitedstates atomic (i. e. nuclear + electronic) program is a bigger risk of extinction than the Russian military one. And that is all the more so if it is being assumed that intentional destruction was excluded. The accidental risk alone is unbalanced enough to make up for this odd result. The suicide belt of geological fault-line reactors that is on Unitedstates territory is at a significantly higher risk to bring about catastrophe than Moscow´s military submarine reactors, as indicated by its own fire protection regulations resp. lack thereof. The boiling point of this crisis is a fuel and/or reactor meltdown in the very backyard of Unitedstates population agglomerations, which would turn the abolition of imperialism from an external into an internal necessity, as it then were to immediate crumble the crisis denial illusion that currently regulates the Washington regime.

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The Missing and Missing Still – Mining, Renaturation, Implications

19-01-2015 21:32

The Moon is kind of a cosmic climate recording that the Earth does not provide, because our atmosphere swallows most of it. But no material wind has ever blown the crust of the Moon, making the craters of meteorite impacts a historical record of activity measurements. Paralleling the era of temperature recordings for climate prognosis, the full planet has however experienced a similar phenomenon: Mining, most but not all of it for energy consumption, has left an unequivocal writing on it that can be read even by the futurologically blind. Millions of mines small to mega-large overwhelmingly inflicted during the energy boom generations leave a lasting message of the carelessness of this finite era in the face of these to come. Renaturation can only make them former mines – of everything from millstones to uranium – but not natural landscape. Neither are they reasonably filled up with debris to restore the destroyed surface. It is not merely the mortal sins like mountaintop removal or the “fossil trinity” of oil, coal and gas making up for the lion´s share of exploitation, but a general carelessness for the whispering of the “Mother of all Nightmares” in the sky which quite obviously is warning against the temptation to leave the ground beneath the feet in similar condition. This is the same species that speculates about the construction of planetary meteorite shields – not only with war ravaging the planet making any such shield a classical antiquity “wonder of the world”, but also with the contradictory intent of leaving something very similar to the impact it is allegedly meant to avoid.

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Southern Health NHS Trust, a Drowning and a Call for Better Care Everywhere

19-01-2015 15:59

Connor Sparrowhawk aka Laughing Boy

A young man is left in a bath to drown while in the care of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, led by Chief Executive Katrina Percy, who sees no reason to resign in spite of ongoing failings at facilities she is ultimately responsible for.

A recent inspection report at the only remaining in-patient service on the same site has identified problems that include extremely stressed and exhausted staff on duty and on call for unacceptably long hours because of under-staffing. This is not a problem confined to Southern Health, but what are we going to do about it?

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The Southern Poverty Law Center and Its Double Standard on Free Speech

18-01-2015 00:33

There are no factual statements made at the Democracy Now form of opportunism to show that David Duke as actually engaged in advocating, say, violence or oppression against others. Rather what seems to upset Potok and his many supporters is that Duke and others are focused on excessive Jewish political and social influence on Americans, Europeans and Christians (in another words free speech as Duke is really about trying to use ideas to convince people to think differently—not advocating for slavery or Jim Crow or injustice to minorities). How does this compare with honoring the sleazy cartoons at Charlie Hebdo?

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How Mao Delt with Soviet Revisionism

12-01-2015 08:29

The Cultural Revolution could not have been successfully launched without the polemics that Mao initiated against Khrushchev and the revisionist leadership of the CP of the Soviet Union.

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The Price of Oil and its Macroeconomic Meaning

09-01-2015 13:54

The dialectics of power and weakness makes it that when power becomes weak by Nature its strength is turning into an open wound. The bleeding of the oil monopoly is such a case, it illustrates why it is wise to calm down before death, though in the case of the oil industry it is the monopoly power which is dying, not necessarily the populations depending on it as sort of ecological hostages. What is bleeding here is the futurological formula of the Saudi monarchy in Arabia, as it is burning the resources it is meant to leave for future generations for the mere purpose of clinging to a misinformed hegemony in the way of creative chaos. The decision to increase the oil output now instead of much later on reflects a shrunk expectation horizon of a human future, and even in the best case, where it would be assumed that it is more of a conscious choice than of a motoric reflex to dispatch the oil which is left to a shorter timespan than appropriate from the perspective of intergenerational justice, it expresses the untold admission that the Saudi racket does not see a future for itself it would deem worth of any conservation. What shows itself in the current price dump is the metabolic rush of the prisoner who gets to smoke a last cigarette before execution, and as the inhalation is in full scale it is not visible how much of it has already burned down before the Mammal Squad turns on its cameras. Apparently the increased strength of the Islamic State is rock-firm enough to shake the petroleum market into sell-out panic.

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Congolese president’s nephew, likely successor to Denis Sassou N’guesso, in shad

09-01-2015 11:14

Jean Dominique Okemba, the newphew of the Congolese president, is involved in shady deals in France together with financial institutions from France and PROPARCO, the French investment agency.

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Congolese president’s nephew in shady French political deals

09-01-2015 09:59

Jean Dominique Okemba, the newphew of the Congolese president, is involved in shady deals in France together with financial institutions from France and PROPARCO, the French investment agency.

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Obstacles to Solidarity: The Age of Anxiety

08-01-2015 19:44

Continuing his examination of the decline of radical activism, Mikhail Goldman explores the theory that we are all very anxious. Precarious employment, continuous surveillance and the threat of sanctions under modern capitalism paralyse us and make us more alone than ever. We need to recognise and fight these obstacles to solidarity.

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Julian Assange should be free to go where he wants

08-01-2015 16:09

Julian Assange, the founder and editor of Wikileaks has been a virtual prisoner in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past two and a half years. What, pray, is the nature of Julian Assange’s crime? He has spoken the truth to power and power does not like it might be one answer.

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Can Greece Shrink the Submarine Bubble Without Burst?

05-01-2015 22:34

The European currency is a case of a congenital error that can only be survived with early awareness and correction. Every other culture, even the North Americans with their obscene adoration of money, has different words for cash and people. Only the Euros do not. So while everyone else sees money as some kind of tool in their hands, Europeans are seduced by language to perceive money as an equivalent of themselves, not as a dead thing with function and purpose but as a living entity with will and soul. Yet the European languages do not put up a grammatical wall between living and dead things, nor between liveable and unliveable ones. In this sense the British separate currency is European as well, because it is cherished as a matter of identity rather than an exchange technique. It would have to be advised that, when change is being made to that, it should directly go to separate words for currency name and currency unit such as grammatically appropriate for material things instead of remaining in the half-way position of different words but indifferent grammar. Money is a material thing such as mud and not a living entity such as Earth. “The Euro” is a speculation currency with no anchor in natural treasures set to be passed on to these who do inherit the outcome of it. It breathes like an exotic lilly under the cheese-cup of Unitedstates military dominance, which is another shared circumstance with its British counterpart. But with the revolutionary cause of anti-austerity accordingly accomplished, the Greek awakening seems to have gained momentum to paradoxically save the “European” currency from itself by squeezing it down to healthy dimensions before it collapses into nothingness.

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Infringed in the City of London

01-01-2015 21:41

This Diary is penned as a daily tally of the loot that the billionaires carry out every day. This Diary will start in London and move as the facts demand.
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