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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

21-07-2005 23:28

This is an extraordinary radio interview that aired on KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles last Monday, on the Iranian Revolution and French Philosopher Michel Foucault, who embraced it. A new book by Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson about this historical situation has great relevance today for our understanding of political Islam, religious fundamentalism and the attack on science and reason.

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Blair still in denial over the London attacks!

21-07-2005 11:09

Will he come clean?
Post 7/7, the need to understand what caused four British men to blow themselves up is crucial if we are to mount an effective defense strategy. Honest relection by all is urgently required.

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21-07-2005 10:35

He needs help, now.

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Curfews / Stop The War / Miners Gala / The Bomb all in FIGHT BACK Blog today

21-07-2005 09:38

Whats new today in the FIGHT BACK Blog - assisting all those building a Socialist alternative to "New Labour".

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Transcript of London Anarchist Forum Debate Online

21-07-2005 08:17

The transcript of the talk and debate, 'Is Activism Counter Revolutionary' is now available online.

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Killer-cola linked to London Bomber [update]

21-07-2005 06:13

In interviews widely reported in the mainstream media last week, links between the men thought to behind the London bomb attacks and the Coca-cola company were exposed....

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Post G8 Debrief and random funny film night

20-07-2005 22:22

Post-G8 action debrief and showing of 'I HEART
HUCKABEES', August 7th.
care of London Rising Tide

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How to avoid big brother

20-07-2005 20:48

We live in dangerous times... the world at war, a clash of civilisations er are told, the work of an evil ideology, axils of evil against, hating our freedom and seeking to undermine our values....

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IBC Report

20-07-2005 11:57

The publication of a report by Iraqi Body Count yesterday shows that 37% of Iraqi cvillian fatalities have been caused by US/UK coalition troops - the single biggest cause. 25,000 have died in the first 2 years of the conflict and casualty rates are increasing.

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The Arms industry dominates EU Defence Policy

20-07-2005 09:29

The European Union Defence policy is increasingly influenced by the interests of the arms industry. The arms industry was deeply involved in the drafting of the European Convention and is also over-represented in many influential advisory committees on an EU level. This way, the interests of the arms industry have taken a central role in the determination of EU policy, as is shown in the report released today “The emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex – Arms industry lobbying in Brussels”, by Frank Slijper in cooperation with the Transnational Institute.

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SinDicaTo y NeCeSidades RaDicaLes. EleCCiones y SaboTaje.

20-07-2005 08:23

“ Las elecciones de octubre podrían ser una verdadera hecatombe de legitimidad para el “Capital-Parlamentarismo”, que podría desembocar en una crisis constituyente aún más profunda que la del 2001. Un “NO” constituyente, una abstención revolucionaria activa, un boicot legal que destruya la forma más desarrollada de despotismo del capital sobre el trabajo: la democracia burguesa”.

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20-07-2005 06:39

global forums

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Custody as the challenge to corrections

20-07-2005 06:11

There is significant evidence that prison life and society tend to exacerbate the behavioural and social determinants of crime. Violent, inhuman, unsafe, confrontational, and exploitative prison settings will distort appropriate social and moral messages consistent with crime prevention. A reluctance to deal with illiteracy, drug abuse, anger, indolence, and marginalisation will leave offender populations ill-prepared for social reintegration. An under-resourcing of pre-release programmes will compound the problem.

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Karl Rove: PARENTS ABANDONED HIM--George Bush Can't

20-07-2005 00:39

Whom Would You Hang?
Today Bush says he will fire for convictions, not mere leaks. The consensus of lawyers is that Karl Rove will be indicted in the Valerie Plame outing case -- and not for what you think. Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald appears to have a slam-dunk case under Title 18, Sec. 641, USC (which is NOT about outing a covert agent) just as the DOJ did for leaker Jonathan Randel, who got a year in prison. Karl Rove was abandoned by both of his parents -- the man he called Dad left home, Rove found out "Dad" wasn't his father after all (his aunt and uncle "outed" this at the dinner table), and his mother committed suicide.

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Magical Mysterious 1967

19-07-2005 19:35

Nobody could have predicted 1967 in 1966. It seemed to come out of the clear blue sky. But it didn’t. It had been germinating for a long, long time. And there is no reason to think that if we couldn’t see it coming in 1966 that we would see it coming now.

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Hands of my Islam, Mr Blair

19-07-2005 18:10

Muslims condemn violence against innocents, which is why so many of us feel as much anger towards Blair as we do towards the London bombers. And the trail of blood on both counts leads back to 10 Downing Street.

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Howard and the US

19-07-2005 12:01

John Howard, presently visiting the US, ‘leader’ without a national or personal identity and cringer extraordinaire (would someone remind him it’s not an embarrassment to be an Australian). Like his conservative predecessors before him, who looked to England for an ideology and identity, Howard looks to the US for guidance and direction. Australian history will not be kind to this pathetic, cringing little lackey.

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Miscarriage of Justice: Ivan Milat

19-07-2005 06:43

The 474D adequately lists my issue
Most people appear to think once I got arrested-charged with Belanglo that alone meant I was guilty. The producer of the ABC program 'Australian Story' was awarded a logie for that particular story they contacted my friend before hand and he watched the show. They told me that award night the producer said on air "There is still time Ivan to come clean about it ". Well actually I already had, before the program was aired-during its production.

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NF tossers hold shit demo.

18-07-2005 21:28

It's called a phone Terry, you press the buttons and talk into it...
On Saturday the roving Burberry convention that is the National Front tried (unsurprisingly) to drum up some cheap publicity for themselves at the expense of the London bombing victims. The ‘Anti Islam’ march achieved absolutely nothing other than confirm their status as the saddest bunch of fuckwits on the far right.
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