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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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World Food Day: Iraqi farmers aren't celebrating

15-10-2004 11:10

The US has imposed a set of neo-liberal agricultural policies and laws in Iraq. On the FAO World Food Day on Biodiversity, Iarqi farmers are not happy.

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MI6 Accused of Using Data Gained by Torture in Uzbek Jails

15-10-2004 10:52

BRITAIN’S ambassador to Uzbekistan has accused MI6 of using information obtained by foreign governments through the use of torture, according to a leaked document published yesterday.

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The Shortwave Report 10/15/04 ¡Listen Globally!

14-10-2004 23:51

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.2MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia,

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Rights for Future Generations workshop at ESF Sat 16 Oct 4.30pm

14-10-2004 23:24

Rights for Future Generations workshop at ESF will hight light the short comings of both Left and Right wing politics in ensuring that future generations are not exploited and denied the right to a decent environment by current generations. It argues that the damage we have done to the environment will cause suffering to future generations and that any ideology which considers equality to be improtant is failing unless it extends this equality in equal measure to people in future generations as well as those today.

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Is attack on Indymedia a Trap

13-10-2004 19:15

This analysis was published on the Spanish site La Haine. It suggests that to focus on the issue of the Nantes photographs is to fall into a trap leading to endless disruptive debate. [and the Italian angle looks much more promising I myself add]. Indymedia should fight back.

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Venezuela: After the Referendum

13-10-2004 12:42

* The August 2004 elections legitimized Hugo Chávez's presidency, approved by the multinational powers-that-be, despite the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. We, at El Libertario (issue 39, September/October 2004), presented an indepth analysis of the consecuences of the referendum, as well as proposals for action in the new circumstances. We shall now quote a couple of notes from that issue that express the essence of the venezuelan anarchists' perspective.

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The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target

11-10-2004 13:37

Cover of Upcoming book; 'Petrodollar Warfare'
The Iranians are about to commit an offense far greater than Saddam Hussein's conversion to the euro for his oil exports back in the fall of 2000. In March 2005 Iran is going to start competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a euro-based international oil-trading mechanism. What does that mean? It means that without some sort of US intervention (likely covert, but possibly overt), the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade in 2005 - which given U.S. debt levels and the neoconservative desire for U.S. global domination - provides a rather problematic situation. Indeed, numerous articles have revealed Pentagon planning for operations against Iran in 2005. The publicly stated reasons will be over Iran's nuclear ambitions, but the unspoken macroeconomic issues explain the Real Reasons regarding the 2nd stage of petrodollar warfare - Iran's upcoming oil Bourse.

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Unity for the ESF, ESF and Beyond to the G8 will Shake the State

09-10-2004 20:09

Seizure of the IndyMedia server should not distract from work for the ESF, ESF and Beyond to the G8! If this was an attempted political gagging then that surely was the target. In defiance we should stop pretending to be disunited: it's just elitism gone mad. And taking this as a reminder, never become too dependent on the Internet and WWW, and be prepared in the likely eventuality, someday, to work without it.

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Saddest case - Charlotte Wyatt

09-10-2004 03:13

A quick look decision, in relation to Charlotte Wyatt, a very sick child in the UK, that may have some major legal problems. It may also be an indicator, of larger scale problems, with the UK justice system.

Mandatory state suicide? Wait just a goddamn cotton pickin minute...

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Art of War : GEORGE BUSH

08-10-2004 01:33

The Statue

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08-10-2004 00:27

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.2MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. China, Russia, Netherlands, and Cuba.

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Pre-ESF event in Leytonstone on 14th Oct

07-10-2004 13:29

Event in Leytonstone, east London with seminars and ... a late night party. Should be fun! 14th Oct 11am - stupid o'clock

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Heritage Lottery Funded Tree Destruction Kings Lynn The Walks

07-10-2004 10:14

Update on struggle to save 'heritage' trees and wildlife habitats at historic King's Lynn park - The Walks.

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HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

07-10-2004 00:44

HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

The 3rd Reich is at it again. Another 'bogus' defense contract. This is just Big Brother.

No way hozay!

Terrorists come into a country with their own equipment, normally by sea. This is just aimed at US citizens, exclusivly.

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Business, National Defence And Terrorism Do Not Mix

07-10-2004 00:08

This is an updated article that prompted the resignation of the US Cyber-Security Chief.

Headlines on and

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The Corporation.

06-10-2004 21:35

A few surprising facts about the modern corporation.

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Election in Afghanistan

06-10-2004 21:32

Widespread intimidation of women and general insecurity in Afghanistan threaten women’s right to vote freely in the October 9 presidential elections, stand for political office and fully participate in public life.

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Palestine: Judging the Intifada

06-10-2004 17:30

By any standard, in a war between a colonial occupier and an indigenous people, the
Palestinians are in a comparable state to those who have trodden this path before them.

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06-10-2004 10:56

Joe gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffeepot with
water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good because
some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards.
With his first swallow of coffee, he takes his daily medication. His
medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought
to insure their safety and that they work as advertised...

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the unreal socialism

06-10-2004 06:26

The finished document more about the nature of the bureaucratic counterrevolution in the USSR of which I have knowledge. It is essential - as it indicates the author "to reorient the revolutionary work against Capitalism, by the social revolution, by the socialism, the Comunism and the freedom." (Emphasized and emphasized mine. Leonardo Mir -
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