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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Blair Government Concocts Terror Threat - Scares British People Into Silence

11-08-2006 10:44

Yawn! Even if I wasn't actually tired, that would still be my response to the latest "terror alert" from the UK government office of Machiavellian nonsense. I mean, seriously, at what point do people start to smell a rat? Is the mass mind of the British public destined to be forever child-like and easily scared, or does the threat of the boogeyman eventually wear off? I mean, how many times can you arrest a group of patsies and claim that they were planning to attack the British public before people begin to wonder if you are just making it up?

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Unpalletable Truths for Weaklings.

11-08-2006 10:40

"Zionism is a colonisation adventure and therefore it stands and falls by the question of armed force. It is important ... to speak Hebrew ... it is even more important to be able to shoot" Vladamir Jabotinsky 1923.

We Are Untouchable. You are too robotically programmed or shit scared to look!

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The Pentagon's "Second 911"

11-08-2006 07:19

"Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets"

One essential feature of "defense" in the case of a second major attack on America, is "offense", according to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: "Homeland security is one piece of a broader strategy [which] brings the battle to the enemy." (DHS, Transcript of complete March 2005 speech of Secr. Michael Chertoff)

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Britain’s airline terror plot: Questions that need to be answered

11-08-2006 05:37

The claim that American and British security forces have thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up commercial flights between Britain and the United States should not be accepted uncritically. It is impossible to determine at this point whether or not such an attack was in the offing, although the mass media have, as usual, reported the assertions of the British and American governments as indisputable fact, without bothering to ask for any specific information that would substantiate the official story.

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Three good reasons for clicking here!

11-08-2006 01:39

1) - Get the full story of ALL SIDES of the Middle Eastern conflict!
2) - Get information on HEZBOLLAH and the future of the West!
3) - Understand the real implications on the London AIR-DISASTER threat!

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American King Rejected by American Bar Association

10-08-2006 23:58

The Bush regime has attemtped to create an imperial presidency by the abuse of legislative signing statements. This week the largest American legal group challenged this practice.

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Attack foiled - how long can this go on?

10-08-2006 14:33

I'm not saying I don't believe they found anything or had suspicions because it is an accusation I would not disagree with but I do not have the information to make. These sort of things will become a more regular occurance as the west fights its never-ending 'war on terror'.

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Migration bill passes, Howard government adds another dark victory to its tally

10-08-2006 05:31

Another dark victory
"In passing the most deplorable Migration Amendment Bill through the House of Representatives at 11am this morning, The Howard government has added another dark victory to its deplorable tally of "achievements" since the Tampa legislation set Australia on course for serious human rights breaches and the undermining of International Conventions," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

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Dissident MPs line-up against migration Bill?

10-08-2006 05:29

Attempting to come to Australia by boat
I see so anyone attempting to come to Australia by boat and seeking asylum from despots who want to torture and kill them should just sink? Now that's been done before hasn't it?

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More money for war crimes and less money for social services, nelson?

10-08-2006 02:48

But what a load of rubbish again because Lib/Lab sold us out and there is no party opposed to these illegal and degrading wars and crimes and acts of aggression committed against the indigenous Iraqi and Afghani people!

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Oils fair in love and war - largest US oil field shutting down...

09-08-2006 11:43

Oh my, if this was a film it would be a thriller and the mood music would be getting pretty frantic right now.

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Israeli war crimes aimed at “cleansing” south Lebanon

09-08-2006 09:01

On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes struck the southern Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh, killing at least 14 people. Missiles demolished civilian homes just as some 1,500 mourners were participating in a procession to bury 15 of their relatives and neighbors slain just the day before. The explosions sent the crowd running in panic, dropping shrouded corpses in the street.

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Former medical student to stand trial in kangaroo court!

09-08-2006 05:07

Not constitutionally valid!
Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.

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Burrell sentenced to life for Whelan murder?

09-08-2006 03:25

There wasn't a shred of forensic evidence?
In his defence, his lawyers argued that the prosecution case was based on speculative and intrinsically flawed circumstantial evidence. What's more, Bruce Burrell's lawyers pointed out there wasn't a shred of forensic evidence linking him to the crime. Not a single hair, not even a microscopic trace of Kerry Whelan's DNA was ever found, despite extensive searches of his cars and property. But the jury's guilty verdict demonstrates that a strong circumstantial case can be sufficient to ensure a conviction?

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Genecide - first test WA then the rest - Your DNA, Your Private Rights,

09-08-2006 03:11

Your Private Rights
Fastracked NAZI Fascist Data your bloodline marked identified crossmatched for what purpose ?

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Israel, Oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon

08-08-2006 20:42

Greater Israel
"The world has become accustomed to the idea of mass migrations and has become fond of them…Hitler—as odious as he is to us—has given this idea a good name in the world." Ze’ev Jabotinsky; Ideological founder of the Likud Party "One Palestine Complete" p 407

"The raw logic of Israel’s distorted self-image and racist doctrines is exposed beyond confusion by the now-stark reality: the moonscape rubble of once-lovely Lebanese villages; a million desperate people trying to survive Israeli aerial attacks as they carry children and wheel disabled grandparents down cratered roads; limp bodies of children pulled from the dusty basements of crushed buildings. This is the reality of Israel’s national doctrine, the direct outcome of its racist worldview." Virginia Tilley "The Case for Boycotting Israel" Counterpunch

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Is Lebanon the Great Unravelling?

08-08-2006 20:30

‘We are farmers, we can fall back on the land, hide in caves, make our own cheese and eat our lambs. The Israelis in their bunkers, this life upsets them. They will quit.’ — Mohammed Mulimh, 29, a Lebanese farmer

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Sleeping With The Enemy - The Answer To The "Why" Of War

08-08-2006 15:38

Lebanon one day old baby, mother died also

On Saturday night July 30th 2006, in the Lebanese village of Qana, 64 Lebanese civilians, comprising the members of two extended families were sleeping in an unfinished building. The families were seeking shelter from Israeli air raids in the ground floor of the building. In the early hours of Sunday morning, as the men women and many children slept, an Israeli jet hit the building with two US-made 'bunker buster' bombs. The choice of munitions seems appropriate because, after all, these people were taking refuge in a bunker of sorts. Unfortunately, these were not enemy soldiers but rather innocent civilians, 56 of whom were killed as the building collapsed on them, including 30 children, all under 12 years old. Among the dead was a one day old baby, whose mother was also killed.

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Bomb Number Five, Salaam

08-08-2006 11:04

Two bodies aflame, after Israeli bombings in Lebanon

I've lost count of the Days. And the Bombs. And the Dead

Beirut, first weekend of August

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry for not being able to respond earlier to your letters. I was hoping that you won't be worried, and that you would think about the electricity and internet problems as potential reasons for the delay.

Because of the Israeli siege the authorities are increasing the outages and rationing our electricity so it can last for the coming 15 days. As you might know, we were supposed to receive gasoline and fuel but of course Israel changed its mind and the ships carrying the fuel are now waiting in Cyprus.

And I am very grateful for your amazing efforts and courage and the work you are carrying out, all this you are doing, and your words and love are encouraging me really to survive - thus I wrote today to you despite my tiredness of writing about the war... the injured children, the sick and scared displaced children…the massacres of yesterday. And the new ones today…

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The real significance of Lebanon

08-08-2006 09:51

Lebanon is not business as usual. This is not just about Israel repressing its neighbors by expanding its boarders—this is not 1982. For that matter, nor is this Vietnam, or the countless other ‘skirmishes’ the U.S. has been involved in over the last century. The ante has been raised.

Starting with Afghanistan, the current war in Lebanon can be counted as the third aggressively-waged war led by the United States— since Israel can not act unilaterally over such a large issue, and American diplomacy has shown the world who is actually pulling the strings.
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