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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Fireworks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

10-07-2006 22:21

This is a bloody good concise piece of journalism. 600 words. Oh - and it makes me want to spit.
Unapologetically reproduced here from "Prensa Latina", please contact the author before reproducing - I'm assuming copyleft.

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10-07-2006 20:32

A 3 part documentary began on BBC2 at 7 pm tonight with the second and third ones on Monday 17 and 24 th July.

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The Build Up To World War 3 Begins In Shanghai

10-07-2006 17:33

The growth of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), particularly the meetings emphasis on security and defence and the new membership applications, are creating worldwide tensions similar to the standoff before the Second World War.

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"Brian Haw: The Polished Mirror"

10-07-2006 15:53

Tony Blair is forced to drive past Brian Haw’s five-year-long peace vigil on the eastern edge of Parliament Square each time the prime minister travels from Downing Street to the House of Commons. Yes, Virginia, there is justice in this world after all. We needn’t wait for God nor history to judge the PM, as he suggests.

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Another expert says we've reached peak oil production

10-07-2006 13:20

Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a former executive of the National Iranian Oil Company has said this week that he believes global oil production is now at maximum production and can only decline from this point on.

(c) 2006, Leamy

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Liar V Liar, War Criminal V War Criminal

10-07-2006 10:29

Because dictators don't stop dictating do they? Not unless someone has to call the undertaker or the humanity police send them off to the Hague for their war crimes.

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Six Billboards "Liberated" in Bristol

10-07-2006 10:15

Taken from Bristol Indymedia :

Last week 6 billboards were felled in Bristol

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Alcohol harder on teen brains than thought

09-07-2006 22:46

Studies note neurological degradation
He said in an interview that he had no way of knowing exactly how drinking affected his overall brain function. But on one point, he is clear.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roma Culture

09-07-2006 20:12

A Brief Description of Roma Culture, Traditions and Politics. Romas are possibly one of the most mis-understood and mis-represented peoples on the planet. This article attempts to shed a small beam of light on what is an extremely fascinating yet persecuted way of life.

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Plan to attack New York tunnels: Yet another dubious "terror plot"

09-07-2006 12:13

New Yorkers awoke Friday morning to lurid headlines in the New York Daily News proclaiming that a “Tunnel Bomb Plot” had been foiled. That afternoon, Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director Mark Mershon, flanked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, told a press conference that the FBI had disrupted a plan to carry out suicide bombings in the PATH train tunnels that carry hundreds of thousands of commuters between Manhattan and New Jersey.

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Is racism in Britain over? Is the focus on Muslims an accident?

08-07-2006 21:38

Has the excessive attention by Tony Blair against Muslims been an even more sophisticated racist programme than has met the ordinary eye thus far?

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Sheffield Live! community radio on air

08-07-2006 13:44

Sheffield Live! 87.7 FM, Sheffield's community radio station, is broadcasting on FM for the Sharrow Festival.

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08-07-2006 13:39


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New pamphlet: The Iron Column : Testament of a Revolutionary by Elias Manzanera

07-07-2006 20:34

Elias Manzanera helped to set up the Valencian anarchist militia unit, the Iron Column, to unleash social revolution against the military and fascist revolt of July 1936 which began the Spanish Civil War. The Iron Column was the most intransigent and most maligned of the anarchist militias. Manzanera served on its War Committee and here remembers both its achievements, and his comrades who fell fighting, not only against fascism, but for anarchy.

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Howard Zinn & 'The NN-phant in the Room'

07-07-2006 11:16

The huge omnivorous herd consumes everywhere on our earth as much as it can grab, and tramples millions of human beings to death. That doesn't seem to matter. The 'elephant boys' don't speak about the bloody pulp underneath the feet of the big animals: instead they give'm a bath in the mainstream.

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Review of Milan Rai's "7/7" (London Bombings)

07-07-2006 06:35

Below is a book review of Milan Rai's new book, "7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War". The article juxtaposes 7/7 with 9/11, in part because I am an American writer-journalist living in England, but mostly because both Americans and Britons are demanding answers to legitimate, unanswered questions which their governments have tried to obscure.

The piece is available with hypertext links via my blog:

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Individuality and the Polarisation of Intellect: A Western Perspective

06-07-2006 18:04

Western individualism will try to dominate alternative Eastern models in globalised agendas. However, individualism may not be best, e.g. in terms of polarisation of societal wealth and intellect. Hence a more balanced approach to integration may be justified. At least the East shoud be wary as power shifts in this century.

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New 7/7 Suicide Bomber Video Released - JNV Predicts Media Self-Censorship

06-07-2006 16:37

The London suicide bomber's video statement confirms that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a major part of the motivation of the bombers. Milan Rai, author of 7/7: The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War, predicts that this will be effectively censored by the mainstream media.

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Prescott, Casinos and Planning

06-07-2006 14:39

"Yes he is the man, the very fat man, who waters the workers beer"

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Journalist in Tommy Sheridan libel trial infiltrated G8 'anarchist' camp

06-07-2006 13:32

Investigative journalist at heart of Tommy Sheridan libel case infiltrated G8 'anarchist' camp in 2005
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