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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Global Food Crisis: Hunger Plagues Haiti and the World

22-04-2008 00:11

Consumers in rich countries feel it in supermarkets but in the world's poorest ones people are starving. The reason - soaring food prices, and it's triggered riots around the world in places like Mexico, Indonesia, Yemen, the Philippines, Cambodia, Morocco, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Mauritania, Egypt, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Peru, Bolivia and Haiti that was once nearly food self-sufficient but now relies on imports for most of its supply and (like other food-importing countries) is at the mercy of agribusiness.

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Anarchism, cults, and the fight against Scientology

21-04-2008 08:23

Over the last few months, Anonymous has formed itself into a serious threat to the Church of Scientology. In February, March and April, people around the world stepped forward to confront this cult, clad in masks. Behind those masks lie people from all backgrounds. Some are men, some are women, some are gay, some are straight, some are black, some are white.

And some are anarchists.

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The March to War: Syria Preparing for US-Israeli Attacks

20-04-2008 10:49

It is now 2008 and the spectre of war has remerged in the Middle East. Syrian President Basher Al-Assad revealed that his country is uneasy and prepared for the worst once again. Despite Tehran’s position that the U.S. would not dare launch a war against Iran, the Iranian military is on standby. The Lebanese military and Hezbollah have also been placed on alert.

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Peer-reviewed paper on the structural failure of the 3 skyscrapers on 9/11

19-04-2008 21:41

One rebuff that has been used by many people who oppose the theory that the twin towers and the 47 story World Trade Centre 7 might not have collapsed due to the impact of the two jets and the subsequent fires is that nothing challenging the official story has been published in a peer reviewed journal, for example Noam Chomsky has said:

I am not persuaded by the assumption that much documentation and other evidence has been uncovered. To determine that, we'd have to investigate the alleged evidence. Take, say, the physical evidence. There are ways to assess that: submit it to specialists -- of whom there are thousands -- who have the requisite background in civil-mechanical engineering, materials science, building construction, etc., for review and analysis; and one cannot gain the required knowledge by surfing the internet. In fact, that's been done, by the professional association of civil engineers. Or, take the course pursued by anyone who thinks they have made a genuine discovery: submit it to a serious journal for peer review and publication. To my knowledge, there isn't a single submission.

And of course this point has has also been raised on Indymedia before and now there has finally has been a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal, The Open Civil Engineering Journal, 2008, 2, 35-40, a PDF of the article is attached and a text version follows.

See also the World Trade Centre Building 7 section of the 2006 Sheffield Indymedia feature on 11th September 2001 and the interview with Architect Richard Gage and Professor Steven Jones conducted by Chris Burnett, one of the founders of Indymedia in February 2008.

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The new open-publishing internet radio platform called!

18-04-2008 18:28

open-radio logo
The world has a new free internet radio platform called!

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Criminal Architecture

18-04-2008 10:36

Contemporary security architecture versus classical security architecture.

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Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots

17-04-2008 23:00

The images of the violent riots in Lhasa, in which a criminal mob set fire to shops, homes and schools, burning several people alive, and stabbing innocent civilians with knives were not shown on network TV in the US and Western Europe. Small segments of the riots in Lhasa were shown out of context and with a view to accusing the Chinese authorities of repressing a "peaceful protest".

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Anarchism in Venezuela, past and present

17-04-2008 22:55

* This is a brief outline of the libertarian footprint in the history of Venezuela, prepared by members of the Collective Editorship of El Libertario We hope that this serves as a useful point of reference for those who are interested in the subject.

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Fighting dirty wars: spying for the arms trade

17-04-2008 21:14

Fighting dirty wars: spying for the arms trade

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

By Eveline Lubbers

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Royal Blackmail - This week's grapevine rumour

16-04-2008 21:49

David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley (12th in line to the throne!)
Could the Linley rumours be correct? No special treatment under the law for royals. Radar has named David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley (12th in line to the throne!), as the victim of England's new tabloid blackmail obsession.

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Review of Eric Larsen’s "A Nation Gone Blind"

16-04-2008 17:38

"For the same reasons [that America's literary future looks grim], the social-political future is equally or more unpromising. The odds in favor of the United States remaining a free country are insufficient to encourage a bet on the prospect. Worse, the question as to whether we’re now a free country may be a mere technicality."

Note: The below article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

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FLASHBACK: Philanthropic imperialism: the National Endowment for Democracy

16-04-2008 13:53

Democracy building becomes the cover for a policy goal that has always been surrounded by an enormous amount of deception. But we can identify a chain of command: organisations that were designed to engage in a duplicitous process of marketing philanthropic imperialism as democracy.

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Iraq - The beam in our eye

15-04-2008 23:32

Iraq is big and under USUK occupation. Palestine is small and under Israeli occupation. Hmm. Which one shall we protest against... the one that our country is not occupying of course!

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Repression in Tibet: the class issues

15-04-2008 20:32

The Chinese regime’s repression in Tibet has been thrust into the international limelight by a series of protests in cities around the world, criticisms of Beijing’s actions by Western powers and the threat of a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

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"The Unconquered", Tron Theatre, Glasgow

15-04-2008 18:38

Promotional picture from The Unconquered
A review of the play "The Unconquered," written by Torben Betts and performed by Stellar Quines at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.

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Amid mounting food crisis, governments fear revolution of the hungry

15-04-2008 14:18

Last week’s meetings in Washington of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Group of Seven were convened in the shadow of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. While Wall Street’s turmoil and the deepening credit crunch dominated discussions, leaders of the global financial institutions were forced to take note of the growing global food emergency, warning of the threat of widespread hunger and already emerging political instability.

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Days Of Action Follow Up for London's Autonomous Spaces

15-04-2008 12:12

Map aids London Squatter
Coinciding with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces a new squatted social centre was opened in Shoreditch and a series of events took place in autonomous spaces around London starting on Friday evening with a social meetup and info night at the rampART and acoustic bands and performances at the NOID gallery. On saturday, the newly opened social centre opened it's doors with an art-exhibition, free shop, films and a squatters estate agency. On saturday there was also a demo outside a homeless hostel in Hackney. In the evening around 300 ppeople turned up a the Hackney Social Centre for a gig raising money for the Advisory Service for Squatters and another benefit took place at the Wominspace. On the Mall, there was a banner drop from squatted crown property.

After the Space Is The Place and other contributions to the call out for decentralised actions in support of squats and autonomous spaces, what next?

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American Plea Bargaining: A criminal Enterprize In uSA

14-04-2008 22:09

Plea Bargains- Unethical, Torturous and Abominable in the USA; now the fbi tries to force Plea Bargains on the people of England.

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Turkey as a US Security Partner: RAND Corporation report

14-04-2008 20:06

According to the Financial Times [1], US President George Bush and Russia's President Putin decided at the NATO Summit in Bucharest that the alliance should welcome a missile defence system in Europe and extend it to Turkey and areas in the Balkans that would not be covered by current US plans. We publish below the relevant excerpts of a report by the RAND Corporation on US Foreign Policy towards Turkey. A recent article on Turkey [2] may help to contextualise the arguments put forward in this report.

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Peter Hallward's "Damming the Flood" - Part I

14-04-2008 19:23

A superb history of recent Haitian history.
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