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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Hard to imagine Islamophobia

14-08-2004 12:36

(Muslims put faith in written word to fight prejudice, A mosque in Finsbury Park confronts Islamophobia head on, The Guardian, August 9, 2004.)

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A Venezuelan anarchist viewpoint on Chavez

13-08-2004 21:49

A conversation on how Venezuelan anarchists view the Chavez crisis with Rafa, a libertarian comrade of the CRA (Commission of Anarchist Relationships) of Venezuela on "Canarias Libertaria" on 10/12/02.

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Free vs Closed (society, software)

13-08-2004 16:05

A society with closed propietary software is a closed society a free society uses free software, by nature... logic.

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13-08-2004 00:30

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, and Cuba.

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101 uses for a 'preparing for emergencies' booklet

13-08-2004 00:14

campaign - send them back (freepost) and let them know what you think of it

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Social housing crisis

12-08-2004 14:10

The Surrey-Hampshire border, southwest of London, is one of the most affluent areas in the country. It is currently facing a crisis in affordable housing.

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US blew agent's cover to ramp up terrorism threats

11-08-2004 11:35

Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan appears to have been covert intelligence agent hacking 'al Qaida' computers.

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Disruptions in Venezuela

11-08-2004 11:27

Venezuela's Electoral Council Outlines Plans for Contingencies and Disruptions

One week before Venezuela’s presidential referendum, the country’s only officially recognized electoral authority, the National Electoral Council (CNE) is trying to anticipate possible problems prior to the election this Sunday, August 15, which includes a challenge by opposition governor Enrique Mendoza, and an investigation into CANTV, the Venezuelan telecommunications giant in charge of transmitting voter data.

- Events all week in London as part of a Venezual Week of Solidarity
- see for programme and details
- Venue for most events is the rampART centre in Whitechapel
- see for details and location

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Cuban heat at rampART

11-08-2004 11:23

Yesterday (10th August), events for the second day of the Venezuela Week of Solidarity in London took place at the rampART creative centre and social space near Whitechapel...

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Beggars and drug addicts disappear in Athens 'clean-up' before games

11-08-2004 06:10

The Greek state and the bosses killed dozens of workers in order to finish the olympic stadiums on time...
Then they poisoned thousands of stray animals (mostly dogs and cats)...
They installed surveillance cameras and brought two surveillance Zeppelin to stop public dissent...
They deployed 80000 police, riot police and army troopers all over Athens...

Now they are kidnapping drug addicts and immigrants!!!! in order to make Athens seem "clean" and "civilised" like some of the western capitalist cities...

I think only Hitler was doing such things during the '36 games in Berlin... Let's hope the Greek SS police will not gas them as well!

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Sheffield's regeneration: there is an alternative

09-08-2004 11:35

A New Master Plan for Sheffield, called "Creative Sheffield", is being hailed as the way forward for the City by Labour, Lib Dem and Tory Councillors. Bernard Little argues that there is an alternative...

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The "Official" Operative Clique For The Next 9/11?

09-08-2004 10:29

Surveying the recent headlines, Kupferberg surmises that an "official narrative" is already being put in place for potential use in advance of a 9/11 Follow-Up Attack.

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The heat is on Venezuela

09-08-2004 01:07

On Sunday 15th, Venezuelans are to decide if their President will remain in office during a recall referendum called by the US backed organized opposition. The stakes are hight and interior minister Lucas Rincon has expressed concerns about possible terrorist acts that sectors of the opposition could be preparing to try to trigger a "Madrid effect" that could alter the outcome of the referendum...

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Seminar on CSR shows the importance of monitoring companies

08-08-2004 12:37

NGO representatives come together to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility
On July 27th Red Puentes organized a seminar at the Americas Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador. Red Puentes is a network of 25 NGOs and trade union organizations that seeks to promote the development of a culture and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin American countries from the perspective, vision, rights and necessities of these societies.

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08-08-2004 12:23

A critical legal analysis of the BOC injunction has been carried out

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Gerry Gable: "A lot of anti-semitism is driven by the left"

08-08-2004 11:57

Gable said: 'A lot of anti-semitism is driven by the left. There are elements who take up a position on Israel and Palestine which in reality puts them in league with anti-semites.'

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Venezuela Prepares for Recall Vote

08-08-2004 11:21

Venezuela, sitting on the largest oil reserves outside the Middle East, may be on the brink of major political upheaval. A presidential recall referendum could see the removal of the socialist Chevaz government and the installation of an oldguard power block that proposes repairing relations with Washington, and restructuring the oil industry. This comes after a botched US backed coup in 2002 cost the opposition the trust of many while a two-month general strike last year ruined the economy but left Chavez stronger than ever...

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Venezuela Tense Over Referendum

08-08-2004 11:13

Authorities are ready to arrest people who dump nails on highways, cut down trees, slick streets with oil and burn tires to create turmoil and stop people from voting.

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08-08-2004 02:39

The "decent majority" try to have things their own way, but the cost is the corrosion of freedom and a drift towards totalitarianism. Hysteria against the "anti-social" is a means to incorporate the masses into projects of social control. Against these projects, activists should counterpose resistance in solidarity with the "anti-social", and a logic of minorities and multiplicities which breaks down any idea of "society" as a fixed totality.

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Unrest in Venezuela likely

07-08-2004 11:45

The president, Hugo Chavez, will face a revocatory referendum on his tenure on August 15th. The date was announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE) on June 8th, after it ruled that a campaign by the opposition to garner signatures from 20% of the electorate in support of a petition demanding a referendum had been successful. The result of the referendum is uncertain, as are its implications for the Chavez regime. Whatever the outcome, there is a high probability that the losing side will challenge it, either in the courts??whose neutrality is disputed by both government and opposition??or on the streets. Political instability and a policy environment subservient to the government's priority of self-preservation therefore appear likely to persist for some time...
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