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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Blair's Quick-Fix Nuclear mistake

09-06-2006 06:11

Mr Blair is finally starting to realise and admit that Global Warming is rapidly damaging our environment; some scientists have startling estimations on how quickly the polar ice caps could disappear if the right things aren’t done. Fast. I have spent a lot of time researching the possible problems and benefits of nuclear and renewable energy. This article will shoot Mr Blair’s reasoning down in wood-burning flames, and expose it to be (self-confessed) foolishness.

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09-06-2006 05:09

justice is an elusive
In Afghanistan justice is an elusive theory a best. Afghanistan’s history is one of war, violent uprising, chaos, and lawlessness. Now there may be hope in the selection of a new Attorney General.

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The Class of the New by Richard Barbrook event Friday 6-9pm 16 June 2006

09-06-2006 00:21

Friday 6-9pm 16 June 2006
The Class of the New by Richard Barbrook

Netizens, elancers, cognitarians, swarm-capitalists, hackers, produsumers, knowledge workers, pro-ams... these are just a few of the monikers that have been applied to the new social class emerging from the networked workplace.

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Al-Zarqawi, Tiny Children Killed by US in Iraq

08-06-2006 22:29

In a PR coup
In a PR coup for the Coalition forces in Iraq, an air strike on a building on the outskirts of Baqouba, the provincial capital of Diyala, has reportedly killed al Qa'eda lieutenant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Several of al-Zarqawi's aides were killed in the sortie, including Sheik Abdul Rahman, the al Qa'eda leader's spiritual advisor. The discovery of women and children's clothing in the wreckage of the multi-storey building in the aftermath of the attack suggests carnage resulting from the Americans' 500-pound bombs was not limited to al Qa'eda militants.

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Islamic Extremist Terrorism: America's Frankenstein

08-06-2006 21:54

I was a firm believer in the war on terror, its aims, resolution never to bow down and eventually its ultimate success. This article would have reflected that, but while trawling through reams and reams of official government releases in order to write said article, I found evidence that starting in 1979 the American Government, headed up then by President Carter had begun a policy of funding Islamic terrorists to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. As well as extensive evidence that this policy was not only expanded in Afghanistan but also other groups opposing communism were funded in other countries. Eventually my own views were changed and this article will now show, that since 1979 successive American Presidents selectively or intentionally ignorant attitude toward unintended consequences of foreign policy decisions, has figured largely in the scourge of Islamic extremist terrorism the world now faces.

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The Art of Propaganda

08-06-2006 18:02

The genre of entertainment films on war and the military is described as mili-tainment. Presenting war as entertainment ignores intellectual analysis to highlight emotional war stories.

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Who was Abu Musab al Zarqawi?

08-06-2006 16:09

Mythical figure and terror mastermind Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was killed in an air raid, according to a statement of the Iraqi government.

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This is absolutely ...UNFORGIVABLE

08-06-2006 02:50

Now, this is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE, And yet, how many more innocent lives have been taken this way? What about tomorrow?

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Love and Petrol worth seeing

08-06-2006 00:24

Love and Petrol is a play that entertains and doesn't beat you over the head with a message you've heard already.

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Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US C B A

07-06-2006 23:09

Corporate Biotech Agenda
This Special Release on “Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US Corporate Biotech Agenda” is researched and written by Aziz Choudry, a New Zealand activist who has been following the negotiations of bilateral free trade and investment agreements between the US and the countries in the South.

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Haiti: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti

07-06-2006 22:29

Massive layoffs and persecution
The most prominent international labor organizations active in Haiti, the ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT, working to support and strengthen labor unions that agitated for the ousting of Haiti’s democratically elected government, have simultaneously refused to condemn the massive layoffs and persecution of public sector workers and trade unionists committed by its illegally-imposed successor.

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War On Terror: Only when It Affects Us!

07-06-2006 22:21

Is it any wonder the hotbed of anti-western feeling in the Islamic world is resulting in more and more terrorism? When time and again mainly America, but also other western countries display a willingness to go further than, or create new laws when it comes to attacking and/or occupying oil bearing countries, ejecting Muslim clerics alleged to have incited or glorified terrorism, or imprisoning alleged terrorists for years without charge, and (in the sham War on Terror) invading the countries where they helped Islamic terror to flourish when the terrorists aims no longer coincide with U.S oil interests

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Who we truly are in Canada

07-06-2006 09:02

Who we truly are in Canada and a serious rebuttal to the unlawful Justice system!!

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The big boys have yachts. The small boys have row boats

07-06-2006 07:33

Gunboat diplomacy
I mentioned at the beginning that the big boys have yachts and the small boys have row boats. Could I suggest that both are vulnerable to shifting tides and the threat of being sunk. It is about time we spoke up and took the necessary action that would sink the rotten ship 'HMS Howard' and end this government's increasing militarisation of the region and his gunboat diplomacy. To not do so will only send us on a voyage from which no one will return unscathed. Let alone our Timorese brothers and sisters.

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A Guided Tour of Class in America

07-06-2006 02:53

The role of the churches grows
BE: It's partly that the evangelical churches have reached for these things, and then there's the faith-based approach coming from the Bush administration where the dream was: Let's turn all social welfare functions over to churches. A lot of the megachurches now function as giant social welfare bureaucracies. I wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't been researching Bait and Switch and gone into some of them, because that's where you go when you want to connect with people to find a job. That's also where you find after-school care, child care, support groups for battered women, support groups for people with different illnesses. As government helping functions dwindle, the role of the churches grows. What's sinister is that so many of these churches also support political candidates who are anti-choice, anti-gay, and -- not coincidentally -- opposed to any kind of expansion of secular social services.

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06-06-2006 20:32

There is no "war on terror." The invasion and occupation of Iraq are not part of a "war on terror." Neither are the current threats and war preparations against Iran. The "war on terror" doesn't exist—no matter how many times the Bush administration cites it to justify its aggressions, no matter how often Republicans and Democrats debate how to best carry it out, and no matter how frequently it's referenced in the U.S. bourgeois media.

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I will not go quietly into the night!

06-06-2006 10:39

The fight against the air pollution tyrany continues.....

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Liverpool Democracy Forum 2nd meeting...

05-06-2006 21:56

The first meeting of the Liverpool Democracy Forum
met at the Crown, on Lime Street close to Lime Street
Station, at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday in May 3rd.

The second meeting is this Wednesday 7th June at the
same venue, same time.

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Israeli Relativism and "the International Community"

05-06-2006 19:51

At a time when honest and open dialog is essential in finding a just and reasonable resolution to the Middle-East conflict, our representatives within the UN Quartet (often thought of as the international community itself) are coming up short in this regard.

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Advance of the Police State in Europe?

03-06-2006 20:42

Police State in Europe encroached one more time on our lives when was taken out by raids pressured by the USA ( What about the hundreds of innocent businesses that were also taken out? Another shooting by UK cops, and music festivals = tear gas?
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