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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Counter the G8 + 5 Climate Summit! Oct. 3-4 in Mexico City: CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW!

23-07-2006 23:03

On Tuesday, October 3 in Mexico City, the Energy and Environment Ministers from the "Group of Eight" (G8) industrialized countries are scheduled to begin negotiating a climate change deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. They will be joined by Energy and Environment Ministers from the five "emerging" countries of Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Mexico.

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Up next: G8 PLUS FIVE CLIMATE SUMMIT! October 3-4, Mexico!

23-07-2006 22:54

Please communicate urgently to g8(AT) (English) OR justiciaclimatica06(AT) (Español) to help mobilize grassroots international action for climate justice countering the first G8 + 5 Summit on Climate Change: October 3-4 in Mexico!

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UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

23-07-2006 21:54

Govt sources confirm war with Iran is on before the end of the year. Multiple global crises are converging in the next few years, and we are faced with systemic collapse within the following 10-15 years.

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"Missiles and Bombs Threaten the Future"

23-07-2006 12:52

The spiral of vengeance is not a solution!.. Perhaps a change will come in the US; perhaps questions will be raised soon.. The attack itself-again that I didn't approve-was retaliation for the US policy of the "big stick," retribution for the "new world order" that creates so much poverty.

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Middle East: Cradle or Graveyard of Empire?

23-07-2006 09:49

No, the abysmal failures in Iraq have not dissuaded Washington from embarking on yet another adventure. George W. Bush and his warmongering allies are preparing themselves for another major incident in the Middle East. This time Iran is the main challenge in the establishment of the new world order and a direct target.

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Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: an Educational Solution

23-07-2006 05:09

Public Information Campaigns in Israel are vitally needed to educate the Israeli Public to (1) the illusory threat of a free and independent Palestine, indeed how this would benefit Israel, and (2) the stain left on the Jewish heritage and soul of Israel by such persistent aggression.

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The New Totalitarianism

23-07-2006 00:18

A pretty comprehensive article on where we are now

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Joseph Thomas conviction immoral

22-07-2006 23:59


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Israeli Military Tactics and Objectives in Lebanon

21-07-2006 23:52

Don't be fooled by 'Kidnapped Soldiers' and 'Rockets raining down on Israel'. That is all a smoke screen for a crime, a robbery in fact. Unforunately a few thousand people will have to die first. But the US/UK think its worth it. Please read on.

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Reagan's "Outrage," Bush's Silence

21-07-2006 15:08

What one American president did to stop an Israeli assault on Lebanon, what another won't do.

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Israel's Suffering?

21-07-2006 12:24

As the latest round of Israeli mass punishment escalates, as the Lebanese people are once again subjected to a taste of the brutality meted out to the Palestinians, and as George Bush and Tony Blair give their tacit approval, the question posed by Robert Fisk in a recent article surely warrants further consideration. 'What does this act of destruction tell us about Israel? Or about ourselves?'

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Stop Guardian reviving Salman Rushdie backing Monica Ali attack on community

21-07-2006 09:40

What or which is the single most pernicious ‘mainstream British media factory’ for legitimising racist falsification? It is not the London Daily Mail. We know that is what the Daily Mail wants to do. It is the Guardian which denies the accusation but does it daily. Closer examination of the Guardian’s staff composition shows that more of them follow the agenda of the racist Daily mail than would admit to doing. The Guardian’s latest crusade against the community in the East End of London has brought to the fore the latest version of a pro-racist phantom image which the Guardian then uses as the tool to enable the likes of Salman Rushdie to get back to doing what they are paid and given platform to do – justify racism under any pretext at any time. The community has been defamed by the likes of the Guardian for more than 50 years in the Eats End of London. Now they are resuming that assault via their composite

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Who are the real terrorist?

19-07-2006 23:24

Israel’s brutal bombing of Lebanon and the Gaza has illustrated yet again peace in the Middle East is an illusion and war on terror generates only more terror. Israel’s hard line policy has a history of being ineffective as a solution and its strong arm tactics only lead to more violence in a region where blood calls for more blood and power cliques on both sides feed off the victims.

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Liverpool Vigil Fails To Stop War

19-07-2006 21:33

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tonight vowed to attack Lebanon and Palestine for "as long as necessary", despite about a hundred people turning out for a vigil on St George’s Plateau in Liverpool.

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America's Slaughter in Lebanon

19-07-2006 21:03

World events have recently taken on the personality of a madman from a bad 60's b grade movie, intent on taking over the world. Maybe that is exactly what's happening.

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Londonwide Group backs Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail Bill

19-07-2006 19:17

As the Westminster House of Commons Crossrail Select Committee practically winds down the main business of going through the motions of hearing objections to the Bill, concern is rising about the very shabby way that the Committee has treated the main opponents.
It is expected that the Select Committee will back the Government Crossrail Bill. Thousands of families will suffer across the East End as a result.
To prevent this becoming inevitable, a London wide democracy pressure group has today extended its support to the Khoodeelaar! Campaign against Crossrail attacks on the Brick Lane and Whitechapel Area in East London
This announcement follows a day long campaign against Crossrail hole attacks programme conference held in the Brick Lane and Whitechapel London E1 area today.

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As London swelters and electricity prices go through the roof...

19-07-2006 13:49

As the 5th International Workshop on Oil and Gas Depletion taking place in Italy this week, Peter Gerling of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Germant, presented his controversial outline of Coal being the prime energy of the future....

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ASPO 5 report - The Oil Depletion Protocol

19-07-2006 09:44

The question of when global production of oil will reach it's maximum and start begin it's inevitable decline has not been the only question being asked at the 5th International Workshop on Oil and Gas Depletion which has been taking place is Italy this week. Amoung the doom and gloom inplicit the facts and conclusions being presented, there also appears to be scope for hope and optimism.

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Peaking at peak is Pisa - a report

19-07-2006 09:21

This is quick report on some of the views coming out of the ASPO 5 conference in Pisa this week...

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There's a bit less SPEW in Stoke-on-Trent

19-07-2006 00:26

The Socialist Party of England and Wales (SPEW), formerly the Militant Tendency, had two city councillors in the city of Stoke before the 2006 local elections.
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