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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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East London Advertiser plugs Crossrail lies and fakery by John Biggs

23-02-2006 09:26

The 'local' East London Advertiser which circulates mainly in Tower Hamlets has shown that it is as prejudiced and as ignorant of the facts in the community's life in February 2006 as it was a hundred years ago when the cause of democracy and transparency became the hottest local topics. In the almost three years since late 2003 that local people have camapaigned against Crossrail, the East London Advertiser has not been able to publish one report without tainting the facts with ignorance and misinformation. Today's weekly print edition of the paper continues the anti-social record by giving Greater London Assembly member and arch Blarite John Biggs a wholly unwarranted space to peddle more myths to make the perniociuous Crossrail plan acceptable

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The Real Face Of Terrorists- taking their mask off

23-02-2006 05:29

I found this show right on target, laying out the source of the endless war we find ourselves in filled with a lot of insight to how it is maintained, the manufacture of dissent, the anti-WTO movement and NGOs. Kosovo, war and globalization, financial warefare, the support of Islamic insurgencies and terror networks, the Taliban and drug trade in Afghanistan, the War on Terrorism to justify nuclear war. bellow is a link to a audio stream of the information.

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Compromised US Military Considers Nuclear Option

23-02-2006 01:59

Arab fighters and insurgents have demonstrated to the world that the US is a ‘superpower’ in name only. A poorly armed and trained but highly motivated and dedicated band of fighters has exposed the US military as weak, inept, unskilled, brutal and bereft. From South America to the Himalayas, resistance against capitalist plunder and exploitation signals the inevitable failure of militaristic capitalism. Regardless of all other considerations people today have confirmed that they will fight any aggressor who threatens their homes, families and way of life.

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2nd Renaissance -9

23-02-2006 01:46

Kinship mechanisms will help people cope
The Old World Order will not do anything to smooth the path to a Level 4 Civilization, and a better world. On the contrary, they will do whatever they can to make it difficult. The police, the military, the media, the financial system, the rule of law, and all the mechanisms of civil control and surveillance will be mobilised in defence of the status quo. But, once they understand their options, the people of the world will not engage in a battle with the forces of the OWO. They will simply abandon the old way of living under national rule, for a better, freer, life in new tribal societies. Kinship mechanisms will help people cope with the pressures of official opposition to radical changes that will finally enable them to escape the invisible prison that the OWO had fashioned around them.

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22-02-2006 17:24

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! Now crystal clear on widescreen!

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Explosion destroys dome of Shiite shrine

22-02-2006 16:53

"The attack today on an Iraqi Shiite mosque must be seen for what it is. This and other such events are the work of “psychological operations teams” working for our imperial bandits."

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David Irving & William Buckley Jr's 'Missing Link'

22-02-2006 15:46

20 years ago when I interviewed Marita Johansson in Sweden, a survivor of the Nazi death camps in which arms Anne Frank of typhoid had died - as she told me - I did not only want to see the tatooed number on her arm - it was there - and other facts I could check - but report honestly.

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Enabling Tyranny: On the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

22-02-2006 13:06

Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve never heard of the ‘Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill’ currently traversing the Commons. A newspaper database search reveals only 46 mentions of the Bill’s title for the past twelve months – several of which were in such popular journals as Cabinet Maker and Building Design. None of these 46 mentions, incidentally, is earlier than January of this year. The Bill was formerly known as the ‘Bill for Better Regulation’, the title under which it was announced in the Queen’s Speech of May 2005 (there are four additional mentions under this title). It is only in the last few weeks that the bill has had even scant attention in the press. This is something of a shame since, arguably, the Bill is the first step to abolishing the last remnants of parliamentary democracy in Great Britain.

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Charade of peace - Israeli historian Ilan Pappe speaks in Sheffield

22-02-2006 11:33

Pappe was invited by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity campaign to talk about "Israel in the post-Sharon era". Around 50 people heard an eloquent speaker describing what he called the "Charade of Peace", a strategy of the Israeli political elite since beginning of the peace process in 1993 to talk peace but mean ongoing occupation and neglecting of Palestinian rights to self-determination, refugee return and state-hood.

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Tower Hamlets Councillor identifies with Khoodeelaar! No to Xrail hole campaign

22-02-2006 08:34

Tower Hamlets Council's controlling clique of the Blairing Party has held the key positions on the inner city, 'one-of-the-most-deprived' boroughs in all of England, throughout the past 12 years following the much-touted for ouster from power of the Lib Dems in 1994. This was caused by the voters across the East End borough responding to UK-wide publicity of racist and outrageously undemocratic conduct of some key Lib Dem councillors in powerful positions on the Council in the run-up to the 1994 council elections. So where have the Lib Dems been for the past 12 years in Tower Hamlets? Nowhere much at all! Not politically at any rate. Until most recently, in the past month. Remarkably, the Lib Dems have been producing a series of motion/s and comments about the hottest political issue affecting the Borough – the Crossrail hole plan against the Brick Lane London E1 area. And affecting the Whitechapel and Mile End park parts of the borough. How come? What might underlie the community ‘presence’ of the Tower Hamlets Lib Dems this time? It is to do with the scheduled 4 May 2006 local council elections including in Tower Hamlets. But it is also to do with the abysmally anti-social and undemocratic behaviour of the controlling clique on Tower Hamlets Council that is to blame for the whole Crossrail hole mess! Given that both Group leader Janet Ludlow and a number of her Lib Dem colleagues have attended Khoodeelaar campaign events so far, its is quite possible that the voters might , just might, forgive the Lib Dems their past mistakes and lack of accountability. If the motion/s put for the scheduled Council meeting on 1 March 2006 by Tower Hamlets Lib Dem councillor Louise Alexander is anything to go by, its is quite possible that the Liberal Democrats might produce a few surprises come 5 May 2006!
And the creeps that will be heading for consignment in the hole of their own crass collusion with Crossrail hole plan might all come from the Blairing freaks-box that carries the poseurs and the abusers pretending now to have been the democratic voice of the Tower Hamlets Council!

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Haiti: Some background on LESPWA

22-02-2006 08:08

There was a media blackout on the Parliamentary elections in Haiti that took place on the same day as the Presidential election. Préval can't do much without the backing of the Parliament. The Haiti Support Group takes a look at Préval's new party coalition which is hoping for a big representation in the legislature.

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iTTACK! Apple mud slinging

22-02-2006 00:02

Something strange appears to be happening, the last week has seen three stories about so-called security flaws in relation to the Mac OSX operating system. Macs have previously been immune to the kind of nonsense which Windows users have grown up with so what is going on?

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A Harsher Light Shines on Guantanamo Bay

21-02-2006 21:25

Didn't recognize you without your jumpsuit
Many of the 250 detainees released (without any clarification of their detention) have confirmed these statistics (some in a new film, The Road to Guantanamo). Still, the US government and military remained doggedly insistent that the detention is legal.

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George Galloway MP due in demo on Crossrail hole Council

21-02-2006 13:37

When the Blairing Tower Hamlets [‘most deprived borough’ East End of London] ‘councillors’ contacted the British TV crews in January 2006 with promises of unheard-of tales about George Galloway’s alleged extinction as a political entity and posed gleefully for pictures, they did so because they reckoned that the Crossrail Bill had given them an undreamt of opportunity to do down the man that had so spectacularly taken the seat vacated by a reluctant Oona King on 5 May 2005.. They then over-reached themselves and overdosed on the Crossrail link to George Galloway’s ‘absence’ [as a ‘guest’ of Endem-All, the Channel 4 contract company which controls and trades on Celebrity notoriety in the UK]. No-one posed and fabricated around the issue more earnestly than one Michael Keith, sometime ‘academic’ at a south of the river Thames location and overtime fanatic basher of every conceivable image of George Galloway. And of Winnie Mandela! Michael Keith has confected chains and chains of untenable tales at the expense of every single known campaigner against then ideology of empire, of corruption in public office and above all of apartheid. No wonder that arch apartheidist the Murdoch-paid Matthew Parris was the first of a line of warmongers who went on record to demand that those who had voted for George Galloway on 5 May 2005 be punished by the Blair regime. Parris penned his poisonous passage and said that the Crossrail hole plan should driven right through Brick Lane. His ‘reasons’? He said that voters in the Brick Lane London E1 area had voted for Galloway! And that, as far as Matthew Parries was concerned, ground and justification enough to effectively destroy the Brick Lane London E1 area community and sink it in the Crossrail hole. Ironic that it is Michael Keith who is being accused of bringing the Crossrail hole problems on to the Tower Hamlets community. And the accusations are coming from councillors who belong to both Labour Party and the Lib Dem opposition!

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Are we all David Irvings now? Where's our freedom of speech?

21-02-2006 10:27

Nobody is allowed to take away your right to Freedom of Speech. So when they start putting us in jail for what we think and write; questions we rightfully ask, than we have lost our freedom of speech.

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The closure of Guantanamo

20-02-2006 20:49

70 thousand prisoners
According to an AI's last year statement, there are approx. 70 thousand prisoners (of the so called war on terror) all around the world held either in US camps or at the behest of the US Adm. Therefore, it is imperative that we call for an end to the occupation of Iraq, the closure of US Bases in Iraq and all around the world.

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British casualties in Iraq: MOD stalls the release of figures under the freedom

20-02-2006 11:23

Attempts to find out the true extent of British casualties in Iraq are being stalled by the Ministry of Defence

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How Tower Hamlets Council is wasting precious cash to shield Crossrail

20-02-2006 10:50

London's East End Borough of Tower Hamlets is witnessing a unique political confrontation between large parts of the constituency and the Council over Crossrail. The contents of the hybrid Crossrail Bill now in the UK House of Commons is at the centre of the dispute that has already caused serious political repercussions in the area. The Khoodeelaar! Campaign against Crossrail hole has been mobilising support against the Council in an unprecedented way.
The community is opposing Crossrail plans. Including the dubious 'need' argued by Tower Hamlets Council for aCrossrail station at Whitechapel. Campaigners are set to publish later today [Monday 20 February 2006] legal grounds for a High Court action against the Council.

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2nd Renaissance -8

19-02-2006 21:47

Innocent people might lose their lives
Ultimately the old order will lose the battle to preserve their privileged way of life, based on all prevailing scarcity, pseudo-democracy, and the rule of law. But in the interim, hundreds of millions of innocent people might lose their lives in bloody resistance to the changes being made by the Old World Order (OWO).. If such a terrible thing happens, it will all have been for nothing, because:

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Social policy as a throwaway campaign — or: Europe Needs "Structural Reforms"

19-02-2006 20:18

Social policy as a throwaway campaign — or:

There must be an end to the troubles state and capital are having with their national sites

Europe Needs “Structural Reforms”
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