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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Political Comeback Marcos Family Alarming – Victims of Martial law

26-05-2010 01:13

PHILIPPINES - On April 27, 1977, urban poor leader Trinidad Herrera-Ripuno was arrested in Katipunan, Quezon City by virtue of an arrest and search and seizure order (ASSO) of then President Ferdinand Marcos. She was made to suffer brutal torture, which was meant to break her determination and spirit.

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Korean stand-off: US soft power play to maintain aggression towards Iran

25-05-2010 19:05

North Korea's President Kim Jong-il
The tripartite Iranian declaration poses a potentially fatal blow to the US strategy of isolating Tehran, a strategy that has noting to do with Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions and everything to do with Washington’s deep desire for “regime change” – to bring the Islamic Republic back under US geopolitical control. The independence of Iran from western geopolitical imperatives in a vital energy region is what is at stake, not alleged nuclear ambitions.

A measure of how determined the US is in its need to subjugate the Iranian government can be seen from its curious, cuddly bear diplomacy over conflict in Korean Peninsula. An apparent act of war by a nuclear armed state is being cynically downplayed by the US simply because it needs China to effect further aggression towards Iran – a state which has neither nuclear weapons nor at war with anyone.

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Iran Urges West to Accept Enrichment Deal

25-05-2010 17:32

"The deal is materially the same one the Obama Administration endorsed just a few months ago and was demanding that Iran agree to as recently as last month, but the US has condemned the deal, demanding Iran submit the offer formally for consideration by the IAEA, which they did today.

But diplomats familiar with the situation say that the prospect of a deal is very unlikely, particularly as the Obama Administration moves forward with plans to sanction Iran which were nominally designed to punish them for not agreeing to the deal in the first place."

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Supplanting the United States Constitution: War, National Emergency and "Continu

25-05-2010 16:48

Under the Reagan administration (1981-89), the purpose of the “Continuity of Government” (COG) national emergency planning had officially changed: Extraordinary emergency measures, originally designed for an America devastated in a nuclear attack, were now to be applied to anything the US President considered an emergency.

Clearly 9/11 met the conditions for the imposition of COG measures, and we know for certain that COG planning was instituted on that day in 2001, before the last plane had crashed in Pennsylvania.

It is also clear that the planning by Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in the last two decades was not confined to an immediate response to 9/11.

What few have recognized is that nearly a decade after 9/11, COG plans are still authorized by a proclamation of national emergency that has been extended each year by presidential authority, most recently by President Obama in September 2009.

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Boot Monarchy

24-05-2010 12:57

The Duke, Misses Simpson and Adolf
In al historic times royalties has been corrupt and arrogant, and often connected to very dubious persons and groups in society. Don’t forget that the former Duke of Windsor, i.e. Prince Edward (Edward VIII) and his spouse Misses Wallis Simpson admired The Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. In fact they visited The Berghof, in Bava-ria, the mountain resort where Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun lived during the summer. Though not far from Berghof was the KZ Dachau, the infamous work and concentration camp where thousands perished

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Boost to the nuclear weapons industry under Obama: The new nuclear legislation

23-05-2010 20:50

Ground Zero, Hiroshima, August 1945
Clearly, the sole use of disarmament rhetoric by the US is now to disarm foreign and domestic opposition to US policies, especially "non-proliferation-themed" geopolitical ambitions. Other than dismantlement of the thousands of warheads put into the dismantlement queue by that pacifistic president George W. Bush, there is no disarmament going on in the US. Quite the reverse is true. The situation is far, far more difficult than it was even 3 or 4 years ago.

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Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair: Anarchism 101

22-05-2010 23:22

Attached is a recording of a panel discussion held at the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair, titled Anarchism 101, everything you wanted to know about anarchism, which was held on 22 May 2010.

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Hounslow Freedom Pass Holders Refused Renewal

22-05-2010 21:24

These are the two cases that have come to light with council spokeman lying through his teeth saying the Government set the criteria.

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PHILIPPINES: Sabotaging the path to the strategic stalemate

22-05-2010 02:16

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-Maoist) has spent a tremendous amount of manpower, financial and materials resources in the electoral campaign, in the process forging a tactical alliance with the landlord-bureaucrat capitalist Manuel Villar, the Nacionalista Party--and indirectly with the family of the late fascist puppet dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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"War without borders": Obama's "Long War"

20-05-2010 20:39

The Obama administration's objective is to give a humanitarian image to the "long war" and "global war on terror," labels, which were presented to public opinion in the immediate wake of the 2001 9/11 attacks.

In March of last year, the Defense Department's office of security review stated that that "this administration prefers to avoid using the term 'Long War' or 'Global War on Terror'. Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.' "

The surge in troop deployment is part of a long war scenario, which is by no means limited to the Middle East and Central Asia. While the US and NATO are directly threatening Russia, China and Iran, the Obama doctrine tacitly denies the very existence of a war. What is increasingly presented to public opinion is a Worldwide counter-terrorism crusade against Al Qaeda.

A change of words and labels does not modify the nature of America's global military design. What were dealing with is an intractable war, which in a very real sense threatens the future of humanity.

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US sabotages ‘unique opportunity’ for peaceful resolution with Iran

20-05-2010 10:17

Less than 24 hours after the nuclear fuel swap plan – which was hailed as a positive development by diverse opinion, including UN chief Ban Ki-moon, China’s foreign minister Yang Jiechi and even French president Nicolas Sarkozy – the Obama administration moved swiftly to sabotage the deal.

This US stonewalling of any avenue for dialogue with Iran has disturbing echoes of Washington’s deliberate sabotaging of diplomatic overtures for a peaceful resolution prior to its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It also exposes Obama’s vow of a new beginning in US foreign policy to be cynical lie, trotted out in front of his nation and the world with hand on heart.

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The "War on Terrorism" for oil: Folly of the imperial oil adventure

20-05-2010 09:35

The Obama administration and members of Congress, such as Senator Dianne Feinstein, are, in typical post-9/11 fashion, complaining about “intelligence failures” and vowing yet more aggressive domestic security. The “certain” ties to Pakistan, Waziristan, Iran, etc. will be used as fodder towards the next military attack.

The signs are unavoidable and clear: the Anglo-American empire has run out of time, and oil, and humanity itself has paid the steepest cost. From war and chaos, catastrophic financial meltdowns, or the mega-disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that could ultimately render all else moot, events are well beyond the empire’s ability to control or hide any of it.

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Iran uranium deal and other missed opportunities

19-05-2010 22:53

Amorim, Mottaki and Davutoglu sign the nuclear swap agreement, 17 May 2010
In looking back on the history of the current standoff between the US and Iran over Iran's nuclear program, it is instructive to note all the opportunities that the US missed in resolving the standoff peacefully while also addressing any real concerns about weapons proliferation.

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Greece is under occupation...again! (by Latuff)

19-05-2010 15:57

Greece is now under financial occupation...
Artwork originally produced for Greek newspaper Dromos:

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The UN - Still Relevant Even if Ineffective

18-05-2010 18:36

In a world in which the technological capacity to kill en masse or with high specificity, to observe intrusively or to monitor activity and communications at a collective or individual level, the capacity and potential exists not only for death and destruction, accidental or deliberate on a vast scale or for genocide of targeted groups but also for manipulation and coercion of groups and individuals in ways that most people could not imagine.

Our only international institution that even comes close to a project plan for salvation is the United Nations; it’s all we have. What the UN lacks is not relevance but effectiveness.

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U.S. threatens a nuclear first-strike against Iran

17-05-2010 00:20

US nuclear weapons in Europe
US President Barack Obama, while announcing the results of the Nuclear Posture Review of the Pentagon’s weapons on April 5, explicitly asserted the right to make a nuclear first-strike against Iran and North Korea if the U.S. deemed them to be in violation of nonproliferation rules. The corporate-owned media actually described this as a disarmament proposal!

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Take Back Parliament, Rise of the Purple People, London - Pictures

16-05-2010 14:55

The Purple People.
A week after a coalition Government forms in the UK, and the incumbent and highly controversial Labour Government are retired to opposition, campaigners for reform of the British electoral system gather in London to call for a system of Proportional Representation (PR).

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NATO In Afghanistan: World War In One Country

14-05-2010 17:05

Afghanistan has, whether by convenience, design or some combination of the two, been transformed into a vast training ground for the consolidation of a fifty-nation military structure that has already been extended into Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East.

It is also a testing range for new 21st century weapons and combat systems intended for future use around the world.

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Communist Discussion Group: Imperialism and the National Question

14-05-2010 11:45

Attached is a recording of the Sheffield Communist Discussion Group on Imperialism and the National Question which was recorded on Tuesday 11th May 2010.

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Philippine Democracy: Alive, but is it well?

14-05-2010 11:32

Reflections on the 2010 Campaign.

The 2010 campaign has drawn to a close, and it’s time to distill my experiences after registering hundreds of miles by land, sea, and air crisscrossing the country as a party-list candidate.

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