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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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25th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights – Behatokia

07-09-2006 09:55

The latest Basque Observatory for Human Rights - Behatokia Bulletin, is available on our web page,, or, to directly download it in compressed format:

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Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe

07-09-2006 07:14

Communal catastrophe
US imperialism, however, has no solution to the communal catastrophe it has created. Instead, the Bush administration and American media are using the Pentagon report to justify preparations for stepped-up operations by the US military and the Iraqi government forces against the Sadrist movement and its Mahdi Army militia.

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Australian government sets course for militarism and war

07-09-2006 05:47

The drive to war
The drive to war and the militarisation of society that accompanies it are not passing phenomena, but the surest signs of a deep-going crisis of the entire social order. They signify that the private profit system has become completely incompatible with the interests and aspirations of the vast majority of the world’s population.

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What the World Bank and IDB Owe Haiti

07-09-2006 03:59

Notice that Charles Arthur and the Haiti Support Group (UK) have been spreading some major disinformation in regards to the IDB/IMF and the former Aristide government in Haiti. Please read this article to find how the IDB and others destabilized the Aristide govt. Aristide refused to privatize. The FTZ in 2003 became the only way for the Aristide government to reengage foreign financers. Read Paul Farmer's chapter in LET HAITI LIVE also. Charles Arthur is now taking an extremely deceitful campaign against the government elected by Haiti's poor majority.

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Polling for Deeper Answers

06-09-2006 21:55

20 ?>?'s Questions we should get as many people as possible to answer. Also it would help to have a list of political views on a continuum and then ask people to identify one or two of those that represent their politics. Answers and suggestions appreciated.

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In Lebanon a battle within the Middle East great war

06-09-2006 18:30

There are only two possible solutions for the “Palestinian problem”, classic solutions, historically already defined by the communist movement: or the proletarian revolution (in that particular area the bourgeois revolution is done, as we said above, and it had the mark of Israel) that allows the unification of the nationalities in a transition phase (obviously to eliminate the national problem to the root); or a total war that redraws the whole map of the Middle East and reaches the same aim by a top-imposition.

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Triumph of Blairism! Not in the Crassrail holed East End of London !

06-09-2006 16:58

The Blaired news media led all day yesterday with the alleged prescription for a 'Blairing departure' by the man whom today’s [Wednesday 6 September 2006] Guardian has raised to the highest level of praise possible. Triumph of Blairism. What is the commodity? Where is it to be found? Certainly not in the East End of London whence Blair has now recruited THREE tokens and tools of propaganda, as if to compensate for the ouster of Oona King from her over-Blaired seat in Bethnal Green and Bow. The Crossrail hole plot has been endorsed by Alan Meale who obstructed evidence being given to the Crossrail Select committee [June 2006] that would have exposed crucial defects and the fundamental flaws in the sham CRASSRAIL project. So how is Blairism seen to those fighting the oppressive Blair schemes down in the East End?

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The Next Phase of the Middle East War

05-09-2006 18:34

Iran War Games August 2006.

Israel's war on Lebanon is an integral part of a US sponsored "military roadmap". 

The war on Lebanon, which has resulted in countless atrocities including the destruction of  the nation's economy and civilian infrastructure, is "a stage" in a sequence of carefully planned military operations. 

Lebanon constitutes a strategic corridor between Israel and North-western Syria. The underlying objective of this war was the militarization of Lebanon, including the stationing of foreign troops, as a precondition for carrying out the next phase of a broader military agenda. 

Formally under a UN mandate, the foreign troops to be stationed on Lebanese soil on the immediate border with Syria, will be largely although not exclusively from NATO countries. This military force mandated by the UN Security Council is by no means neutral. It responds directly to US and Israeli interests. 

Moreover, the timely withdrawal of Syrian troops, following the  February 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has contributed to opening up a "new space". The withdrawal of Syrian troops served Israeli interests.  The timely pullout was of strategic significance: it was a major factor in the timing and planning of the July 2006 IDF attacks on Lebanon. 

In the aftermath of the Israeli bombings and the "ceasefire",  UN Security Council Resolution 1701, drafted by France and the US in close consultation with the Israeli government, has paved the way for the militarization of Lebanon, under a bogus UN mandate.    

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Climate camp followup meeting // 7th September // Friends Meeting House, York

05-09-2006 16:42

This summer saw ecological action take centre stage in the country's media for a brief moment, as hundreds of campaigners converged in Selby to camp in the shadow of Drax power station, largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK. Groups and individuals from across the UK and beyond defied mass police presence and a legal injunction to make their presence felt outside (and, for some, inside) a target which for many represents the failings of the current system of energy production.

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Australia: Thousands hear US military lawyer for David Hicks

05-09-2006 07:35

A definite shift has taken place
No doubt the Howard government will respond to the growing demands for Hicks’s immediate release in the only way it knows—with more slander and innuendo. But as the popular response to Mori’s public meetings and lectures makes clear, a definite shift has taken place in public sentiment that will only deepen in the coming period.

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Australian government insists on independent military presence in East Timor

05-09-2006 07:11

Pressuring East Timor’s parliament
In the midst of this growing instability, Australian Foreign Minister Downer’s visit is aimed at safeguarding Canberra’s interests and pressuring East Timor’s parliament into giving an immediate go-ahead for the exploitation of Timor Sea oil and gas.

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Lebanon: Critics Decry 'Destroy and Lend' Policy

04-09-2006 12:57

Lebanon is firmly en route to becoming the third nation in the Middle East after Iraq and the Palestinian territories to experience a devastating Washington-backed war and a massive influx of new illegitimate debt to cover reconstruction expenses, anti-debt activists say.

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My Dear Hugo

04-09-2006 10:59

A letter defining Jewish interests in Venezuela from the Chairman of the World Jewish Congress (appointed by fellow zionists) to the President of the Soverign State of Venezuela (voted by the people).

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Operation Apocalypse End-Timers & End-Game Strategy

03-09-2006 16:53

The idea of Armageddon is gaining traction in every part of our global war media, which now treats World War Three as a foregone conclusion. The nation prepares for the genocide and suicide of world war, and the media cheer-leads to doom like a Jonestown Cult. Operation Apocalypse has begun all right — and there’s no doubt in my military mind about it.

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Has Shayler Lost the Plot?

03-09-2006 08:53

Zionists control the planet according to ex-spook David Shayler who phoned into the James Whale show this week to chat to his mate, the equally insane Alex Jones.

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Dear Mrs. Callaway-RED ALERT: 9/11/06

03-09-2006 05:45

Dear Mrs. Callaway, I've been working long and hard on this today, and hope that it serves well for your TPoL tomorrow. I think you'll find the epilogue to be flattering to your fine cyber-magazine! Please consider a prominent placement of this article, as I believe lives are at stake. Your (tired) servant, CPTMAY

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It’s the American Way or the Highway:

02-09-2006 21:11

Moral and Intellectual Confusion
"Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion"

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Israel: Beyond Good and Evil?

02-09-2006 02:28

Ehud Olmert's Nietzschean foreign policy

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Incredible confession by mayor Ken - the Surrogates are out of order!

01-09-2006 17:30

Today's ‘news’ headlines in the UK [Friday 1 September 2006] include 'London mayor Ken Livingstone's alleged denunciation of CRE 'chair' Trevor Phillips. But what created this very presenting himself as very white? Who are the forces behind the tragedy of the Ethnic Surrogates in Britain? Who are the Ethnic Surrogates I devised this analytical tool in the 12980s when I was engaged in the battle against Ken Livingstone’s GLC-based programme of corrupting London by abusing the presence of racism.

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Doubtful justice in Lodhi sentencing

01-09-2006 06:33

Used to jail people who are not terrorists!
In Lodhi’s case, this has meant that the threshold of what constitutes “beyond reasonable doubt” has been lowered to an alarming degree. Justice and civil rights are the victims of this “war on terror” in which the government and security agencies benefit politically from convicting supposed terrorists. It is likely that Lodhi’s conviction and sentencing demonstrates, as in the Thomas case, that terror laws are being used to jail people who are not terrorists.
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