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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Imperialism can't offer any solution to the global crisis

10-02-2009 00:41

Economic recession, not only threw Iceland into the throes of bankruptcy, political protests against the social crisis, now even toppled its government. Obviously, because of structural recession, elsewhere this type of economic collapse will continue . Will Ukraine be next? And finally, who?

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Could Khatami be Iran's Obama?

09-02-2009 22:47

You have an economy in shambles, increasing international isolation, the danger of further wars, an unpopular millenarian president who thinks God put him in office to reshape the world, and an alarmed public across the board. And you have a liberal challenger to the woeful status quo who is known for an ability to reach out to conservatives and a dislike of social polarization, who is wildly popular with youth, women and liberals, but who might attract even conservative votes. Sound familiar? I am talking about Iran.

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It’s Cold Out – Global Warming Must be a Scam!

09-02-2009 15:26

“Global warming my ass! It’s freezing! Al Gore sure is taking you people for a ride!” I’ve heard comments along these lines for months now, ever since normal late fall/early winter temperatures set in. Check the comments on any local news story about a snowstorm, and you’ll find at least a handful of people who believe that because it’s snowing during winter in the Northern Hemisphere, global warming can’t possibly be real.

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Reward Bankers Destroying Capitalism?

09-02-2009 10:11

First quote from

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Massacres follow failed U.S.-aided Uganda mission

08-02-2009 23:36

The U.S. military helped plan and finance a recent attack on a Ugandan rebel group which went awry, with fleeing fighters conducting a series of massacres that killed up to 900 civilians, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

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Aftermath of wildcat at Israel Railways

08-02-2009 23:14

Using an inside source, an Israeli libertarian communist constructs an analysis of the picture behind the scenes at the recent wildcat of Israel Railways workers.

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Food is a human right, not a corporate commodity

08-02-2009 23:05

This is a response to a particularly bad Foreign Affairs article in which Collier, author of The Bottom Billion, suggests that what we need to combat hunger is to throw the peasant off the land, bring machinery to bear on agriculture, and plant GM crops.

It is, as Aal et al note, a full-speed backward vision of agriculture, filled with wild fantasies of infinite production and zero environmental or social consequences. Frankly, it's a Stalinist vision, one that owes more to the dreams and delusions of the 1950s than anything else. In the next issue of Foreign Affairs, Paul Collier presents his solution to the transportation crisis: nuclear-powered flying cars.

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Obama and 9/11

08-02-2009 22:53

Imagine yourself within the mind of Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States of America. You are a man who knows how 'the system' works. This knowledge has been accrued at hard struggle, and by a remarkable and unique ability to adapt to any environment because you spent a lifetime as an exotic specimen in every environment, from Kansas to Kenya -- both African and American, Muslim and Christian, black and white. But you always displayed your native nobility -- tribal nobility on your father's side; nobility of spirit on your mother's -- and you were, with rare exceptions, accepted on your own terms. You were born under the sign of Leo, the lion, the natural leader; and your intelligence was honed with great discipline, under the influence of strong women.

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On Mount Gerizim, thinking about Gaza, timeless occupations and endless ethnic c

08-02-2009 20:44

Over the December period, Israel started shelling Gaza in a major offensive against the civilian population who individually paid the price with massive fatalities, dismembered limbs and phosphorous burns penetrating skin to bone.
Sharp blades of all sizes and shapes, lethal slivers raining down slicing and piecing, amputating; arms from bodies, heads from necks...
Gazans were prevented from leaving the strip, trapped inside as the knives and fire rained down.
In Nablus people clung to their TV screens, eyes spread- eagled wide, unable to work as the seemingly endless deformities of destruction paraded night after night.

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Obama the imperialist

08-02-2009 17:07

The first Democratic president in the modern era to be elected on an anti-war ticket is also, to the relief of neocons and the liberal belligerati, a hawk. Committed to escalation in Afghanistan, his foreign policy selections also indicate bellicosity towards Sudan and Iran. During his first week in office he sanctioned two missile attacks in Pakistan, killing 22 people, including women and children. And his stance on Gaza is remarkably close to that of the outgoing administration. The question now is how Obama will convince his supporters to back that stance. Bush could rely on a core constituency whose commitment to peace and human rights is, at the very least, questionable. Obama has no such luxury. In making his case, he will need the support of those "liberal hawks" who gave Bush such vocal support.

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Climate change So what legacy will we leave behind?

08-02-2009 16:43

I wrote the following article and I would like to have it get a little more exposure than just a letter to the editor in the local newspaper. The problem with the global warming theory is that it can cloud one's vision from a real threat, global cooling. And in so doing can cause great harm to this country.

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Freedom Fighters, Terrorists or Schlemiels?

08-02-2009 15:26

Condi Rice: “What we’re seeing here, in a sense, is the growing birth pangs of a new Middle East.”

Jon Stewart: “Birth pangs? Yes, I believe today’s contraction took out a city block.”

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Obama and the Empire

08-02-2009 15:03

I've said all along that whatever good changes might occur in regard to non-foreign policy issues, such as what's already taken place concerning the environment and abortion, the Obama administration will not produce any significantly worthwhile change in US foreign policy; little done in this area will reduce the level of misery that the American Empire regularly brings down upon humanity. And to the extent that Barack Obama is willing to clearly reveal what he believes about anything controversial, he appears to believe in the empire.

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Towards a typology of discrimination?

08-02-2009 14:26

When we talk about discrimination, we tend to blend in racism, heightism, sexism, ageism, ableism, lookism and as many other ‘isms’ as one can think of. These terms describe how people differentiate unfavourably between a self-defined “normal” and a self-defined “abnormal”. Reading over a blog I’d never seen before, I was moved to ask, are all these forms of discrimination the same or are they different? What features do they share in common?

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If the pro-war left is dead, what’s next?

08-02-2009 14:20

Neoconservatism thinking, according to E.D. Kain (via Sullivan), goes like this: The Islamic world is nothing like the Western world. We have few, if any, of the same values and virtually no historical commonality save our shared, centuries-old conflict with one another. The Islamic world, by and large, has none of the laws or customs necessary to develop an organic democratic society the way Western nations have. Therefore, the only way to achieve peace with the Islamic world is for them to adopt our notions of plurality, democracy, and humanism. They won’t do this on their own because of their lack of shared values, and so it follows that we must intervene on their behalf to impose these values, and fashion democracies for them in our image.

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Dirty Socks: Who Will Get My Vote?

08-02-2009 14:15

'I have some good news and some bad news,' the sergeant in the joke tells his men. 'The good news is that you are going to change your dirty socks. The bad news is that you are going to exchange them among yourselves.'

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Interview with Franklin Lamb: Self Defense or War Crime? (Part II)

08-02-2009 03:48

Part II: Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law: What Remedy?

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The Path of the Revolutionary Student Movement

08-02-2009 03:19

In the university town of Mérida, Venezuela, student political organizations have had a significant presence at marches both for and against a proposed constitutional amendment that will eliminate the two-term limit on elected offices if it is approved in a national vote this February 15th. The predominant discourse has been quite polarized between opponents and supporters of President Hugo Chávez, who plans to run for a third term in office and carry on the construction of “21st Century Socialism” if the amendment passes. However, nuanced voices have emerged from the campaign hype. Seeking to highlight the deeper analysis provided by these non-conformist voices, interviewed student leader and social activist Carmen Pulido about the state of radical student activism and the amendment. Pulido regularly organizes student-labor solidarity activities and other political events along with a loose network of anti-capitalist university students. These students have been staunch supporters of many of the initiatives undertaken by Chávez’s ten year administration. Nonetheless, the students persistently retain their autonomy in order to push the “Bolivarian Revolution” led by Chávez toward what they see as a more just and revolutionary path.

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The conscience of a generation: "We Shall Overcome"

07-02-2009 17:41

She was the conscience of a generation and remains the conscience of every generation. Joan Baez lent courage to millions outraged by what is still euphemistically called 'US involvement' in Viet Nam, indeed, she carried aloft the banner of equality, peace and the achievement of both through activism.
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