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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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IBM Privatisation scandal - documentary hacked just before key interview

22-08-2008 00:49

Alan Jones, Chief Executive of Somerset County Council. But for how long?
Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Police £500m corruption scandal - documentary hacked - Originally 24 minutes long the original Google Video upload mysteriously began to cut off yesterday at only 7 minutes in - just before the key part of the interview with the Chief Executive of Somerset County Council Alan Jones who appears to believe it's normal to make volleys of official complaints against your senior political opponents to close the deal. Please pass this documentary link to as many public officials as possible, particularly councillors.

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The Shortwave Report 8/22/08 Listen Globally!

22-08-2008 00:04

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Household rubbish less than ten per cent of waste

21-08-2008 15:04

Over ninety percent of the waste that is generated is generated by industry and business, less than ten per cent by households.

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Anti-RWB Protests, A Very Successful Failure.

21-08-2008 11:43

A critical look at the events of last weekend.

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John Bowden attack political liberals

21-08-2008 09:58

John Bowden, a long time class war prisoner, is constantly attacked by the prison service and various so called 'libertarians'. Here, he raises interesting questions about the nature of political action for self described 'anarchists', 'liberals', and 'Marxists'.

Is politics meant to be a holier than thou search for pure working class positions, which the working class are never part of, or is our politics meant to be for liberation of the working classes?

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Crossrail - Bechtel makes its move for more UK taxpayers money

20-08-2008 15:29

The Crossrail scheme which is already proving itself to be worst public transport fiasco presided over by Britain even in its planning stages. Following a Huttonesque Royal Assent achieved by avoiding any scrutiny of Crossrail, chief executive of Crossrail, a Douglas Oakervee a man who was said to be economical with the truth when he presided over the Hong Kong fiasco is currently negotiating contracts using taxpayers money even though the funding for Crossrail is not place. We name and shame some of the characters.

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Announcing a people's parliamentary Jubilee Bill for the redistribution of land

19-08-2008 01:00

The Land Is Ours - Levellers and the English Revolution
Redistribution of land to the British people and other nations is long overdue. Over the centuries it has been stolen through various sorts of enclosure or privatisation.

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'Wipe off the map': The Tip of an Iceberg

18-08-2008 17:03

source: David Horowitz Freedom Center
Still at the centre of the threat scenario is the alleged statement of Iran’s president of 26/10/2005 saying Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map, wanted to raze Israel to the ground (with the atom bomb). We have often proven that this alleged statement originates from a falsification and that Iran’s president has actually given expression to his expectation that the regime occupying Jerusalem - the Zionist regime as he often calls it - will disappear. To insinuate that the Iranian president wanted to destroy Israel – and thus the Jews – is – and that cannot be emphasised enough – as though you wanted to assert that the demand for the end of the Apartheid regime was the same as demanding the destruction of South Africa.

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Musharraf resigns (by Latuff)

18-08-2008 15:06

Musharraf resigns!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Twitter is dead - free sms alerts for the UK ended

18-08-2008 13:28

Sad news indeed, have pulled their free sms 'mini blogging' service from Europe saying it is costing them as much as £500 per year for each subscribed person. Those of us who have been using the service as a communications tool for activism will now have to revert to paying to send mass texts and that means the kind of regular news updates that have been done for climate camp etc will be too expensive to bother.

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VIDEO - Transatlantic Energy Cartels and the Rise of the Car - climate camp talk

16-08-2008 20:36

Standard Oil octupus
Energy cartels and the rise of the car - History of oil companies working together to control the energy market, how public transport has been dismantled and the energy and transport markets have been rigged in the UK and USA to force the population to be car dependent – Monday 3rd August 2008.

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War of words over Georgia (by Latuff)

15-08-2008 20:52

Bush, Putin, war of words over Georgia
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Caesar’s-Messiah’s Vicar Calls for Peace (Again) in Georgia?

15-08-2008 15:32

Caesar’s-Messiah’s Vicar Calls for Peace (Again) in Georgia?

Seamus Breathnach 15/08/2008 06:51

Unfortunately, the Pope and his enormous empire is quite capable of suing the whole world. Through Opus Dei, he already owns most of the Supreme Courts and , in some countries, he even has a Special Place drafted into their Constitution. This was so for the Republic of Ireland and East Timor; and , if you looked closely enough at a couple of dozen other Catholic countries , you would find the same anti-secular bias, even when such countries brag about 'every citizen being equal before the law'. Catholicism makes tin-pot dictatorships out of the most well-meaning countries. One has only to mention Spain, Portugal and Austria to see what they did to these countries in the past, or to Spain, Italy or Germany before , during and after WW11. The personality of the Christian, when you have taken away the Janus-mask of White Pope (who does the PR from the Vatican) and the Black Pope , who does the biz abroad, is one of deception, forgery, incalculable violence and aggression ,not just to women and children in 'State-run Catholic schools', but in the broadest theaters of universal civil and international war.

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Georgia: A Change in the Balance of Forces in World Relations.

14-08-2008 18:47

The situation in Georgia is yet another example of the declining power of US Imperialism on the world stage.

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Bush and the Georgia-Russia conflict (by Latuff)

13-08-2008 23:25

Russia-Georgia conflict
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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US Armada En Route to Persian Gulf:"Naval Blockade" or All Out War Against Iran?

13-08-2008 21:11

US sponsored war games have foreseen the possible intervention of Russia and China in the Middle East. World War III has been on the lips of NeoCon architects of US foreign policy from the outset of the Bush regime.

There is a tacit public acceptance of a diabolical and criminal military agenda, which in a very sense threatens "the community of nations" and life on this planet.

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Imperialist Olympics in Caucasus (by Latuff)

13-08-2008 12:59

Russia-Georgia conflict
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Which way the revolution? - Forum: Ian Bone (Class War) and Howard Moss (SPGB)

13-08-2008 08:49

Ian Bone (Class War) and Howard Moss (Socialist Party)
Title: Which way the revolution - what are our differences?
Chair: Bill Martin (Socialist Party)

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Which way the revolution? - Forum : Ian Bone (Class War) and Howard Moss (SPGB)

13-08-2008 07:41

Ian Bone (Class War) and Howard Moss (Socialist Party)
Title: Which way the revolution - what are our differences?
Chair: Bill Martin (Socialist Party)

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Evo Morales wins Referendum : Bolivian Seperatists set back.

12-08-2008 21:43

who is the man on the left with the inked voter thumb?
On the 10th of August 2008 Bolivians were invited to the polls to take part in a vote of confidence in the administration of both president Evo Morales and his vice-president Álvaro García Linera.

The result confirmed that the majority of voters support the project of both Morales and Garcia Linera whislt also confirming the polarisation of anti-Evo sentiments in the east of the Bolivian state.
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