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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The UN of the arms dealers: The most disreputable and yet profitable business

05-12-2009 14:39

The five veto powers and permanent members of the Security Council have corrupted the the work of the UN. Applying double-standards, and disregard for law - they have made the organization primarily serve their best interests rather than serve its mandate.

I refer to the five most dangerous Member States that together manufacture and sell some 85% of military arms, including nuclear weapons, and so called weapons of mass destruction. This is the UN of the arms dealers - the most disreputable and yet profitable business on earth.

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Provo, Autonomy, and Ludic Politics December 10 London

05-12-2009 11:38

One night event on Provo, the legendary Dutch anarchist movement of the 60s, to take place at the Foundry in London on December 10th. WIll involve several members of the original movement talking about their experiences.

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Venezuela: Philosophic historic glimpses of a possible Fifth International

05-12-2009 00:01

Internationalism is part and parcel of one's own life process. We live the international, we are the International.

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Issue 5 of 'Turbulence: Ideas for Movement' Out Now

04-12-2009 23:32

A new issue of 'Turbulence: Ideas for Movement' is out now, for free in print and online.

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Confronting the EDL - our historic duty!

04-12-2009 22:31

The EDL, despite their claims, are a fascist mob. It is the historical duty of "alternative" types to stop them on the streets.

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Party Business in Manchester

04-12-2009 20:03

On Tuesday 1 December members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce got another chance to schmooze the government-in-waiting. Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, John Penrose, was in the city to discuss the Conservative Party’s plans to “cut red tape”. A match made in heaven. But are the Tories business-friendly enough?

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NATO's Secret Transatlantic Bond: Nuclear Weapons In Europe

04-12-2009 16:31

US nuclear weapons in Europe 2008
Not only are the warheads stationed in NATO nations but are explicitly there as part of a sixty-year policy of the Alliance, in fact a major cornerstone of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The basing of nuclear warheads on the territory of non-nuclear nations - and Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey are non-nuclear nations - is a gross violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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Why do the police accept the EDL/CU line?

04-12-2009 14:24

Notts police seem to believe that the English Defence League / Casuals United are a peaceful non-racist grouping, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Is the because (a) The police are stupid, (b) They don't think it matters (c) The EDL/CU agenda suits them?

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March 11, 2004 in Madrid: Was it really an Islamist attack?

03-12-2009 22:42

Headlines from the Spanish daily « El Pais » on March 12, 2004
A series of bombings plunged Madrid into mourning five years ago. The Spanish legal system concluded that this operation, attributed first to ETA and then to Al Qaeda, was Islamist inspired, though not linked with international networks. The Spanish press, led by the newspaper El Mundo, today is calling into question that conclusion, which was of obvious political character. As in the cases of the September 11th attacks in the U.S., or those in Bali, Casablanca and London, we will take a look at an analysis of the issue.

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Digital Economy Bill: Enclosure of the digital commons

03-12-2009 16:41

The Digital Economy Bill moving through parliament seeks to place heavy penalties on file-sharers. In this short article I look at how artists in the digital age are creating a culture of free art, and how the business establishment hope to re-establish their right to profit from all culture.

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The Peace Prize War

03-12-2009 10:08

The American information bubble prevents the populace from recognizing the world around it. Iran's leader, constantly demonized in the “bubble,” “is not a pariah everywhere on earth, no matter how much American press and politicians fume and fuss.”

It becomes increasingly clear that the United States is fooling no one but its own citizens, who are victimized by their ignorance. “Military prowess seems to be the only power the United States has left.”

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UEA Climatic Research Unit row escalates

02-12-2009 09:56

The news that the head of the climate research unit who had its emails hacked and posted online is creating a big stink....

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Anti-capitalism: alive and well

01-12-2009 18:21

Ten years ago, the global justice movement burst from the streets of Seattle onto the world’s television screens. John Hilary examines the victories and challenges of the last decade

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Iran: Time to Leave the NPT?

30-11-2009 23:49

Article IV of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) acknowledges the "inalienable right" of non-nuclear weapons states (NNWS) to research, develop, and use nuclear energy for non-weapons purposes.

Iran, a NNWS has been denied its "inalienable rights" while support and the exchange of nuclear-related information has been withheld. This begs the question why Iran should continue to honor the NPT?

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Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

30-11-2009 07:55

"The National Front Against the Coup d'Etat has called on its participants to remain indoors in a "voluntary curfew" in noncooperation with the fraudulent vote. Should any incidents of violence occur today it won't be from the Resistance, but, rather, the result of the regime's own provocateurs. National presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes withdrew from the ballot last month, as did many Congressional candidates and one major-party vice presidential candidate: Santos' own running mate on the Liberal Party line is among those who reject this fraudulent process as illegitimate."

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Nick Davies, Bad News: Benn Journalism Lecture 2009

28-11-2009 20:38

Commercial imperatives elbowing out truth in the UK media. Nick Davies reviews media lies and the state of Journalism in Britain today - at the Bristol Arnolfini Arts Centre last Thursday evening.

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Dancing on a Mass Grave - Oliver Kamm of The Times Smears Media Lens

25-11-2009 22:19

One of our most relentless critics is Oliver Kamm, leader writer and blogger at The Times. Kamm joined the paper in 2008 having been an investment banker and co-founder of a hedge fund. In a 2006 blog, Kamm described us as “a shrill group of malcontents”, an “aggressively simple-minded lobby” guilty of "unprofessional and often comically inept exegesis" whose approach “demeans public life”. An impressive claim to make about one writer living off donations, one writer working in his spare time after finishing full-time work, and a virtually unpaid webmaster. David Cromwell, Kamm added, is “an ignoramus”.

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Prosperity Without Growth

22-11-2009 18:23

Professor Tim Jackson, advisor to UK government (Sustainability Commissioner). New book on "Prosperity Without Growth, Economics for a Finite Planet" does't duck challenges of peak oil, climate, economic crisis. Redefining "prosperity" beyond GDP. Interview from Ecoshock Show 091120 22 min

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Global warfare: US military operations in all major regions of the World

22-11-2009 15:21

US military presence per country (2009) [map by David Vine]
Not only does one country account for the overwhelming plurality of world military expenditures, but that nation also has troops and bases on all six habitable continents (as well as a 54-year military mission in Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze) and eleven aircraft carrier strike groups and six navy fleets that roam the world's oceans and seas at will. It is also expanding a global interceptor missile system on land, on sea, in the air and into space that will leave it invulnerable to retaliation.
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