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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Subterfuge of Syrian Chemical Weapons

28-08-2013 17:34

The U.S. – led threats of an imminent military action was the only option left for the western backers of the rebels in Syria; their declared goal is to stem the accelerating successes of the SAA and to return the balance of power to the status quo ante.

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Left Unity - The Three Platforms.

28-08-2013 14:30

Three platforms have been produced for the coming Left Unity Conference on 14 November 2013 in London. This article takes a critical view of these platforms and the logic which flows from them and the direction of the initiative in general

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Martin Summers: William Hague Is "Going To Nuremberg" If He Attacks Syria

26-08-2013 10:57

BCfm’s weekly politics show: Richest 1000 people in Britain have each made an average of £35m out of 'financial crisis' in the last year 2012-2013 alone. Remploy sacking and Bedroom Tax ConDem Coalition vindictive financial mismanagement

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Crasser than a Thousand Dead out of the Blue

24-08-2013 18:42

In this time zone, it came calibrated with the new calendar day, where it happened it sought the time with the least attention, and where it was addressed to it narrowly may have been missed by an outmatched day shift. The only phenomenon more surprising than the apparent Syrian self-mutilation in the Damascus massacre is the deafening silence of the democratic politicians. After all those years of stupid provocations and management attempts and harassment of dissidents, these who have nothing more to offer than their immediate public reactions towards anything in the focus of their spying are now struggling for explanations they want to give to the public. Does this reluctance indicate another false flag?

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Egypt’s Foreign Relations on Tightrope

23-08-2013 15:00

U.S. bilateral relations with Egypt seem about to head to a turning point, but for sure at least there is "no doubt” that Washington “can't return to business as usual” with Cairo as Obama told CNN on August 23.

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U.S. Government Plays God with Whistleblowers

22-08-2013 21:33

If Bradley Manning showed the U.S. Military’s indifference to arbitrary slaughter by U.S. personnel well that is how the Old Testament lays out the ground rules in the Middle East—it is NOT the Pentagon’s fault the New Testament had some other ideals that claimed all of mankind was part of God’s family. Still it seems apparent why there was so much adamant secrecy about sharing God’s State secrets—since it seems kind of obvious Eden was not the psychological paradise it was purported to have been by the propaganda powers-that-be back then. More importantly despite there being religious precepts too often leaders of countries do whatever they want irrespective of what legal or moral codes should apply—and this goes for both Israel and the United States—so maybe the the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is that leaders can act like arbitrary Gods while expecting their subjects to follow rules?

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Assad’s successes and the decline of the Arab Spring

22-08-2013 10:43

An article written by me. It's mine analysis. Originally posted to my blog on telegraph. It's not mainstream repost. Pay more attention before writing comments. Thank you very much!

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Egypt:Conflicting Narratives.

20-08-2013 08:38

This article looks at the dominant but conflicting narratives coming out of Egypt and considers to what extent either can be taken at face value. Nevertheless, there are serious concerns which need addressing.

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Egypt: The gloves are off - Again!

16-08-2013 17:23

The events in Egypt have changed rapidly. The Arab Spring uprising having been channeled into bourgeois elections has now been driven back to its starting point - the people versus the state. The struggle for bread, justice and freedom has been sidelined yet again by the military elite.

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Silence of elected post holders on the Bangladeshi-on-Bangladeshi violence

15-08-2013 16:37

Silence of elected post-holders on the Bangladeshi-on-Bangladeshi violence

This concerns the tragic loss of the life of the boy Ajmol Alom on Monday this week in Poplar in Tower Hamlets.
The news is shocking when a promising lifer is robbed whatever part of the population or whatever the culture or ethnicity.

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UG#659 - Countering Intelligence 2 (Gladio, The Strategy of Tension, False Flags

15-08-2013 09:35

This week we continue our look at the secret state with the help of Scott Noble's latest film, Counter Intelligence on the out of control apparatus of "national security services". The focus this week is on drug trafficking and False Flag operations. We supplement the adaptation with some classic Michael Ruppert on the narco-connection to US politics, Mark Crispin Miller on the phrase "conspiracy theory" and a speaker on the FSB and the Ryazan Apartment bombing of 1999.

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The Killers of Peace

14-08-2013 08:31

Writing in the “National Interest” on September 6, 2012, the President of the U.S./Middle East Project, Henry Siegman, agreed that “Israel’s colonial… settlement project has achieved its intended irreversibility, not only because of its breadth and depth but also because of the political clout of the settlers and their supporters within Israel.”

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Statement on “Libcom and Aufheben working with the police" by Samotnaf

12-08-2013 18:12

On the inaccuracy of the 'non-fides' article “Libcom and Aufheben working with the police".

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Pentagon 'shocked' at MoD privatisation & dispatch from Columbia's 'Red Zone'

10-08-2013 19:03

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris
For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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Gabriel Kuhn reviews The Anarchist Revelation

10-08-2013 11:06

Anarchist writer Gabriel Kuhn reviews The Anarchist Revelation by Paul Cudenec - from Alpine Anarchist Productions.

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A Letter to Deep Green Resistance

09-08-2013 11:51

The following is the text of an open letter from a group of concern activists in the Earth First! network to be circulated at this weekends EF! Summer Gathering ( It is regarding Deep Green Resistance and asks people to examine DGR's hierarchical, transphobic and anti-anarchist positions of this organisation and its leaders Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith.

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UG#658 - Countering Intelligence 1

07-08-2013 15:33

The USA has 14 so-called "intelligence services". How "intelligent" are they, what "services" do they perform for whom? Who decides what they get up to? Who even knows? If killing is wrong, is it any less so if done for money behind pretenses of 'national secrecy'? What about helping pay for such acts, for example, by paying taxes? This week, a radio adaptation of Scott Noble's latest film uncovers more of the dark secrets of the security state, from the destabilization of the 1975 Australian government to the Nugan Hand Bank and the organization of global drug trafficking.

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Ian Tomlinson was condemned by BBC News presenter Chris Eakin within minutes

06-08-2013 01:27

The Met Police has "apologised" to Ian Tomlinson's family. But the BBC hasn't!
Yet the BBC ought to do so as well. And sack Chris Eakin. It was Eakin who condemned Tomlinson within minutes of Tomlinson's death at Police hands.
As he read the so-called breaking news about Ian Tomlinson's death, Eakin
went out of his way to make a very detailed statement blaming the demonstrators for
Tomlinson's death and in fact said words to the effect that Tomlinson himself had to blame.

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Egyptian Revolution Derailed, Contained

01-08-2013 06:09

In a statement issued on July 27, 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry grasped the fact that the Egyptian revolution has not yet run its course; “Its final verdict is not yet decided,” he said

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Anachronistic Empire on Trial

30-07-2013 15:28

People of the world look at this kid: A contradiction between set and setting that could hardly be any starker. It is like tin soldiers of European absolutism painted into a 20th century street car for future generations to spot the anachronism, only the other way around: The grotesque garb is part of current militarist craze, and the look in its eyes is timeless horror. If you had been presented the photograph with the caption that this was the hostage serially raped by the enemy and now freed because a demand to kick out a corrupt corporation was finally met, there would have been no difficulty to believe it. But that result has been produced by the corrupt empire itself. It has abused one of its own just like it is used to abuse the rest of us. And since the entire travesty is taking place in the clothing of disgrace and detestation, the military uniform, it has made painstakingly obvious the sheer absurdity of the cognitive dissonance the imperialist apparatus is incorporating. Future pupils writing essays on the appropriateness of bombing a culture which wrecks its kids like this are being served a showcase dilemma.
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