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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Computerization of voting in Brazil

25-10-2006 12:05

I will present a summary of the computerization of voting in Brazil, but before that, it's necessary to explain some characteristics of the organization of the electoral power so that it can be understood, because some things happened that could lead to misunderstanding.

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Scandal hits London Underground security/technology company

23-10-2006 22:31

Verint Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMVT is the private company responsible for much of the security of the London Underground system. Since they are responsible for the safety of millions of travellers EVERY DAY isn't it about time SOMEBODY terminated their contract IMMEDIATELY!!! Ken ???

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Anarchist Bookfair 2006

23-10-2006 17:09

It is that time of year again, autumn in the air, leaves falling off the trees, must be the Anarchist Bookfair.

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23-10-2006 16:38


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A call to attack and block capitalism, Towards an inventive strategy

23-10-2006 15:48

Towards an inventive strategy‭ for attacking and blocking summits

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All out to support the nurses' mass rally in Dublin on Wednesday, November 22nd!

23-10-2006 00:06

End the scandal of people lying for days on hospital trolleys! Ireland's 40,000 nurses are to step up their campaign for a pay rise by holding a mass rally in Dublin on 22nd November. Let’s go all out to support this mass rally in Dublin on Wednesday, November 22nd, this is going to be huge!

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The Price of Land

22-10-2006 20:47

...according to Reuters yesterday we are on the cusp of a recession after the 'Fed' declared its 17th successive hike in interest rates - which brings it to - 5.25% - oh - thats the same as ours - does this mean we are going into a Bust phase too?

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How I tracked down Terry Lloyd's killers (repost)

22-10-2006 18:33

ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was killed with an American bullet during the invasion of Iraq - the one where the 'liberators' were expected to be greeted with flowers (not their own friendly fire). A brave colleague went out there to confirm the truth. Here is the story.

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Racism, another word that helps divide and silence

22-10-2006 15:33

The British people have suddenly awoken to the knowledge that their all inspiring multi-cultural system is in fact crumbling under the pressure of sectional ethnic interests that is causing greater division rather than uniting people under one flag of life. Ireland is about to experience the same problems that have being festering in England for far too long, but people in Ireland think they have a better hang on the problem and will not go down the same roads of racism silencing tones that vested groups use to keep us all from airing our concerns.The lions have awoken but have they awoken too late to solve their problems?

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Remember Afghanistan and Iraq - Troops Out Now!

22-10-2006 14:00

The Oxford Stop the War Coalition has organised a rally with speakers around the theme: Remember Afghanistan and Iraq -- Troops Out Now! It will take place on Broad Street in the Oxford city centre on November 11, 2006 starting at 1 pm. All are welcome.

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Australian police raid office of Solomon Islands PM

22-10-2006 02:56

Ultimatum to Solomon Islands
The problem for the Sogavare government, as the latest developments demonstrate, is that there is no room for compromise as far as Canberra is concerned. The Howard government’s ultimatum to Solomon Islands and its similarly impoverished Pacific neighbours is straightforward—obey all our dictates or face continuing destabilisation and “regime change”.

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China Asserts Superiority

21-10-2006 18:53

China asserts dominance in the region but if you blinked you missed it; the difference between loud and clear and subtle and clear is the difference between, “bombing into the stone-age” and gently applying Asian lateral diplomacy. DPRK (Kim Jong il) rebuffs six-party talks but promises China during independent talks, that nuclear testing will cease. Miss war whore/status quo/dead children, Condoleezza Rice, and the rest of the world are left in no doubt which nation exercises the greater degree of influence in the region; a clear message has been sent – the world has taken note.

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NATO continues slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan

20-10-2006 08:02

The extent of civilian deaths is usually concealed
Such is the strength of the opposition that a senior British officer who has just returned from Afghanistan, Brigadier Ed Butler, warned this week that the insurgency could last another “20 years”. Butler declared: “I think some may have underestimated the tenacity and ferocity of the Taliban.”

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Gross Incompetence

20-10-2006 07:15

A principal failure if not the major failure of the U.S. administration is its failure to comprehend the nature of post-modern reality, especially post-modern warfare. The U.S. war ‘machine’ is an antiquated beast run by the mentally impaired. Dangerous and angry old men (past failures) do not good leaders/advisers make!

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19-10-2006 20:34

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion and photography recorded from the Indymedia Newswire. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Students' Union Presidents Opinion poll

19-10-2006 16:57

The first ever poll of Students' Union Presidents may serve as a wake up call to the NUS.

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Housing Association Mergers

19-10-2006 15:09

Councils tenants are promised the earth when they are fed a pack of lies to convince them to vote for the sell-off of their homes, privatisation by any other name. What they are not told however is that they will have no further say in the future of their homes.

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UK Police Chief hints at Internment for Muslims Following New "Act of Terror"

19-10-2006 13:49

Last July, Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said that another terrorist attack in London was inevitable. "I think there will be further attacks" he explained, "in fact I know there will be further attacks". (1)

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No to Torture - former British ambassador to Uzbekistan speaks out against UK/US torture collaboration

19-10-2006 12:47

Audio Craig Murray at a radio interview at the community radio station in NYC

Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan with over 20 years of foreign affairs experience, talks about torture and human righs abuses in Uzbekistan. He presented his book: "Murder in Samarkand - A British Ambassador's Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror" at the Edinburgh Independent and Radical Bookfair on Friday, 13th of October 2006, at the session on "Political Terrorism and the US Imperial Project".

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Iran Sparked Islamic Divide, Iran Only Can Defuse It

19-10-2006 11:41

Tehran for the first time and at the highest level has this week went public on the so far taboo Sunni-Shiite divide, accused the American Great Satan of exploiting and fuelling the historic Islamic sectarian tragedy, which is true, but offered no way out of the divide except a verbal call for unity, which has to be tested against the Iranian policies on the ground in Iraq, where the Iranian call can make or break.
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