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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst

14-06-2006 15:28

London - 24 May, 2006

The Voice (issue 264 - 11th May) ran an article beginning, "Iran has really gone and done it now. No, they haven't sent their first nuclear sub in to the Persian Gulf. They are about to launch something much more deadly -- next week the Iran Bourse will open to trade oil, not in dollars but in euros." This apparently insignificant event has consequences far greater for the US people, indeed all for us all, than is imaginable.

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Soldiers refusing to serve in Iraq face possible life sentence

14-06-2006 00:05

Last month it was revealed that nearly 3,000 soldiers have deserted the British Army each year since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Of these, more than 1,000 are still reported to be missing. Official Ministry of Defence (MoD) figures record that 2,825 soldiers went “absent without leave” in 2003, rising to 3,050 in 2004 before falling slightly to 2,725 in 2005.

The MoD has attempted to play down the figures. An official commented, “We regard that figure as fairly constant. It often happens for family reasons and there is no evidence to suggest operational commitments contribute significantly to the figures.”

In reality, the figures must reflect in some fashion the opposition of soldiers being asked to serve in an illegal war. The number of those deserting or going “absent without leave” has more than trebled since 2001.

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Incriminating documents looted in East Timor

13-06-2006 23:31

Indonesian military’s scorched earth preparations
Downer’s office flatly denied the CAVR report, falsely claiming that the Australian government supported the 1999 act of self-determination. In fact, as the CAVR report partly documents, the record shows that in December 1998, Howard urged the Indonesian president, B.J. Habibie, to delay an autonomy vote for up to 10 years. Once the 1999 referendum date was fixed, Howard and Downer were fully aware of the Indonesian military’s scorched earth preparations and cynically prepared to take advantage of the atrocities to intervene militarily. Their goal was not humanitarian assistance to the targets of the violence but securing Australia’s strategic interests, particularly in the disputed Timor Sea.

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SBS Dateline documents ultra violent suppression of West Papuan identity

13-06-2006 21:48

So we hope for help from the people there
'STUDENT, (Translation): They have been shot, cut up and stabbed. If we go back to Papua, we don’t stand a chance, we will be arrested and killed. Australia is the strongest nation in the Pacific region. We are not going there because we want to get rich, we may have fuzzy hair, they may have different skin and different builds. But it is an established nation and it’s … the biggest. So we hope for help from the people there. '

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Thirst for West Bank Water

13-06-2006 20:30

Deliberately cuts off our water
One example of this vastly unequal division of water resources is my West Bank village of Qira. Every summer the Israeli company that supplies water to our village and that provides about 53 percent of the total Palestinian domestic water supply deliberately cuts off our water, thus generating a crisis. Last year Qira, a village of 1,000 residents, had no water for more than three continuous weeks, despite the summer heat.

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Lessons of the Forest Gate anti-terror raid

13-06-2006 14:57

The freeing of two innocent men arrested in the June 2 police raid in Forest Gate, London underscores the dubious character of all of the claims made by the government, the police and security services in pursuit of the “war on terror.”

Some 250 police officers were mobilised for the dawn raid on the poor immigrant neighbourhood in east London. Two houses were targeted based on intelligence that they were the location for a chemical bomb factory run by two brothers, Mohammed Abdul Kahar and Abdul Koyair.

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Haiti’s membership of CARICOM

13-06-2006 13:21

We welcome the granting of full and final accession of Haiti to membership of CARICOM, and the fact that the election of a President and parliament opens the way for Haiti's re-engagement with other Caribbean states. Haiti has suffered from a long and dire political and economic crisis, and there is now a rare opportunity for Caribbean neighbours to support progressive and constructive change in Haiti.

We believe that this opportunity should not be squandered and call on the CARICOM Secretariat and CARICOM member states to commit to a specific package of support for the country. With this in mind, we present the following recommendations on areas where we believe CARICOM could provide support to Haiti:

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Behind the Lies of the Australian Prime Minister

12-06-2006 09:57

It’s not difficult to arrive at an accurate assessment of the present Oz leadership, the government of John Howard. Love Howard or not, he has the local population eating his lies like it was manna from heaven. Howard’s treasurer recently announced that the Oz government was out of debt, in view of a national foreign debt of $493 billion, the highest ever recorded by an astronomical ‘mile’, the announcement of no government debt becomes meaningless double-talk. But which figure does the public prefer to embrace? The lie of course, it’s far more comforting – the media’s emphasis on the treasurer’s remarks at the expense of the horrendous crippling debt is not unintentional.

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Why Did They Kill Zarqawi Instead of Capture Him?

11-06-2006 15:22

Could it be the U.S. didn’t want him to talk about what he knew about the U.S. in Iraq and about the U.S. role in creating him.

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Terror threat to Western capitals left intact

11-06-2006 14:32

The killing of Abu Mussab Zarqawi leaves largely intact the threat of attacks from small, independent cells — the "100 Ben Ladens" that Egypt's president once said could be spawned by the US-led war in Iraq.

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Campaign Complain Letter to Home Affairs & Constitutional Affairs Committees

11-06-2006 12:51

Constitutional Affairs Committe Attachment 2
Non functioning and ineffective Monitoring and Supervisory mechanisms, continue inadvently to aid overt Institutional Abuses within the Judiciary. Ogoing Violations of the Rule of Law by Corrupt members of the Judiciary is responsible for False and Unlawful Imprisonments inflicted on UK citizens.

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Ongoing Body Worlds 3 Protest

11-06-2006 11:00

: Protesting corpses being exhibited
In Houston Texas Carol has been to the Town Hall she has stood outside the Museum and she has protested for what she believes is right. And now other people have joined her.

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Guy Debord and the French press

11-06-2006 07:09

translation of recent review in "Liberation" of works by or about Guy Debord, co-founder of the Situationist International

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Islams & Anarchisms

11-06-2006 03:45

ﺍﻠﻤﺘﻮﺘﺮ ﻮ ﺍﻠﺒﺎﻂﻦ ﻮ ﺍﻠﻈﺎﻫﺮ: ﺍﻠﻤﻫﺎﺠﺮ

Dimensions-The Epimenides paradox:
Towards the creation of Islamic
Poststructuralist Anarchist

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11-06-2006 02:57


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Class Composition in the North East, Sat 17th June 2006

10-06-2006 23:22

The working class in the North East has changed since WWII, and in the past 20 years change at work (or not) has been rapid, but working class cultures continue. The old working class traditions and strategy have outlived their usefulness, and now something new is required to meet 21st century challenges.

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OFSTED - East London lesson for Cronying Tony Blair – Drop Christine

10-06-2006 18:18

The Khoodeelaar! campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill - Blair’s de facto salvaging of the career of Christine Gilbert via the Ofsted appointment is only significant as a peripheral indicator of how immoral his decision making is, contrary to the routine professions that he is at all a morally active ethically laudable decision maker… the central lesson is that his judgement is seriously flawed and that he is as anti-democratic and unconstitutional on this one as he has been on all key issues of the day in his 'premiership'.. Blair’s recent acknowledgement that the crossrail bill [now in the uk house of commons] had to be ‘handled sensibly’ showed the latest public confirmation that our campaign against Crossrail bill was affecting him and his unaccountable entourage.

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10-06-2006 11:46


Full article


09-06-2006 18:21

This assumes, of course, that Zarqawi was ever even IN Iraq, which remains unsupported by compelling evidence. Since such evidence was being demanded by much of the media and several governments - after the Pentagon was forced to admit it had manipulated the Zarqawi myth - this 'strike' seems like a prudent move to end the whole PsyOps program before being exposed as a fraud.

Note that nobody within the media points out that the only source for the claims are the same people who LIED their way into a deadly and illegal war. And sorry, a body wouldn't look as good as the one the US has trotted out as "proof", after having such a piece of ordinance dropped directly on it.

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Dead? Who created the story of Al Zarqawi?

09-06-2006 11:22

It's probably a surprise for many, but this most sought after terrorist, al Zarqawi, was never on the FBI's list of the '10 Most wanted'. Nor on the FBI's list of 'most wanted terrorists'. ('Links' below) - With a reward of $25 million - like Osama bin Laden - on his head? Didn't they want him?
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