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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Total Reality perception control

24-11-2004 13:42

fiction_of_heroic death
The truth about "heroic deaths" for assimilation of oil-fields will never touch the masses

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Brave U S Marine snipers shoot women and children

24-11-2004 09:20

Allegations of widespread abuse by US forces in Fallujah, including the killing of unarmed civilians and the targeting of a hospital in an attack, have been made by people who have escaped from the city.

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Sauce for the goose

23-11-2004 19:16

What's sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. That's globalisation, folks !

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US attempts to cover-up mad cow disease outbreak

23-11-2004 12:46

This article by Diane Farsetta takes a closer look at why the USDA bans independent testing for mad cow disease. When one beef producer wanted to test its own products in order to meet international safety requirements, the USDA actually threatened to sue them for doing so!

Why? because too much testing may reveal vast numbers of cattle to be infected with mad cow disease in the United States, and the USDA certainly doesn't want that to be front page news.

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Howard Dean Blasts Corporate Media

22-11-2004 16:25

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean '71, a former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, spoke Tuesday at Yale about the shortcomings of today's print media and the importance of an ethical media in a working democracy.

In the symposium, titled "The Media and the Election: A Postmortem," Dean stressed corporate ownership of the media and the increased focus on entertainment as problems with today's media, and he emphasized the importance of diversity and regulation in fixing these problems

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{LIVE} 11/22 debate Naomi Klein vs Nokia a.o.

22-11-2004 00:02

IDFA2004: film for thought
IDFA 2004 live internet stream: 2PM C.E.T. (= 1pm UK, = 6AM EST NewYork) [english spoken] 'IT'S OUR BUSINESS' The debate looks at new definitions of globalism, localism and ethical fair trade practices.

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Racist impulses of an editorial

21-11-2004 04:51


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Apologies Accepted

21-11-2004 00:57

Here's a follow-up to the "Sorry Everybody" website (, where people from all over the world send a message of support out to the 49% of voters who at least tried to vote the best they could, under difficult circumstances.

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Brutality of the Islamic Regime

20-11-2004 20:58

IRI Brutalities
The Unknown Victims of the 1999 Student Uprising

November 20, 2004
Iran va Jahan
Koorosh Sehati

Translated from Persian text: Potkin Azarmehr

After the student uprising in July 1999, a massive crackdown took place in Iran. Many students were imprisoned, many disappeared and many were seriously injured. However, the crackdown in Tehran and some other cities like Tabriz was so severe that the events in other Iranian cities were somewhat under shadowed. Ahwaz, a hot Southern Iranian city was one of those where the suppression of the uprising was under reported.

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20-11-2004 18:57

George W. Bush
The current president's parents both have Graves' disease. According to Hossein Gharib, MD, fifty percent of either one's children will inherit the disease. Since both have it, that means Dubya's chances are 50% to 100%.

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More Beyoncé for our bucks - or why we need a maximum wage

20-11-2004 17:45

Some may regard Beyoncé as a child of destiny, but does she deserve $3 million for a day spent reclining on a sofa? Sex certainly sells, but Khaled Diab thinks the price is getting too high – the time has come to put in place a maximum wage, he argues.

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Foxhunting Banned - class war, coming soon, to a street near you

19-11-2004 23:39

This article suggests the way ahead against the landowners and other assorted aristos who make up the Countryside Alliance. Reversing the normal expectation of political legality this is deeply subversive.

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Children and War: More than the Innocent

19-11-2004 06:36

More than the innocent in war require our love and concern.

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19-11-2004 00:36

A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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18-11-2004 19:42

It's about the lie of war that governments and the military have elaborated over the last ten years, the technological, smart surgical war that is supposed to limit civilian deaths, thereby somehow making the killing acceptable. It suggests that the conflicts at the moment are the on-going practice of a policy of war orchestrated the US administration, both before and after 911, and nothing to do with terrorism.

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WAR, CAPITALISM & ELECTIONS: An Interview w STEPHEN GOWANS – Canadian Essayist

18-11-2004 09:35

Read ANGIE's – regular and erudite Indybay-IMC ( Poster fm Canada – incisive interview with Canadian political essayist STEPHEN GOWANS. Angie has scored a previous interview with Israeli pro-Palestinian human rights activist Ran Ha Cohen. We await similar interviews with Uri Avnery and others who speak directly to issues of global justice – as well as global resistance to imperialist racism and the elite capitalists' rapaciousness that will gamble ALL our lives. We, finally, are at an especially critical world cross-roads: we can choose illumination or illusion, enlightenment or inconsequence, mutual respect or profligate death.

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EUREKA! very telling-Every voting irregularity Always favors RepubliCONS

18-11-2004 02:03

Irrefutable evidence
Game, Set, Match- Very Telling how every error report, glitch, discrepancy, statistical anomalies, trend-bucking swings and pre and post election shenanigans ALWAYS favors Bush-Heres Why- The democratic base was so massively mobilized that the resounding turnout of the landslide call for change forced the hand of the perpretators and followers of a voting bloc that in actually is a minority and very unpopular. Statisticians, Mathematicians, Professors and citizen-journalists are trying to reconcile discrepancies and surprising trend changes that could not have occurred by chance or random error. Developing stories covered in this report are, 1) How did John Edwards lose North Carolina? 2) Irrefutable evidence from a study in small Ohio counties. 3) Who did the military vote go for? 4) Little did they know THEY would get the trifecta- Exit poll swings in 3 crucial states in which the standard deviation odds against this amount to 1 in 25million. 5)A new Flash animation and 6) Insiders report on Corporate Media/LockDown because of latenight capitulation to disavowing their expensive exit polls, in spite of 100's of reporters believing, feeling and knowing otherwise- allowing big media to defend their legitimacy at expense of fairness, honesty and an adherence to constitutional imperatives and the publics right to know, and trust in a clear conscience for all.

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The Neocolonial Iran

17-11-2004 17:38

Lessons from History:

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Parrhesia: An old word for a new kind of media

17-11-2004 03:55

School research paper about Indymedia.

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On Falluja, from Seattle

16-11-2004 07:50

Falluja, another call to build the movement against imperialism.
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