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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The War On Terror

19-10-2010 17:43

"Pakistan warned Washington against future attacks. However, US military officials, under pressure from Obama to show progress in the endless Afghan war, responded to Pakistan’s warning by calling for expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan. On October 5 the Canadian journalist Eric Margolis wrote that “the US edges closer to invading Pakistan.”

In his book, Obama’s Wars, Bob Woodward reports that America’s puppet president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, believes that terrorist bombing attacks inside Pakistan for which the Taliban are blamed are in fact CIA operations designed to destabilize Pakistan and allow Washington to seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. "

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Shift Magazine - New Article online, interview with Angela Mitropoulos

19-10-2010 13:55

Interview with Angela Mitropoulos discussing No Borders politics.

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Report: White House Demands Maliki Oust Sadr From Coalition

18-10-2010 17:41

"Moreover, if Maliki obeys the US and ousts Sadr, it isn’t clear that he will have a coalition at all anymore, or at the very least not one capable of forming a government. Maliki’s bloc finished second in the vote to rival Ayad Allawi’s Iraqiya bloc, and it was only through Sadr’s participation that he had any chance at a second term in office."

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New War Rumors: U.S. Plans To Seize Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

18-10-2010 02:01

“The free-wheeling access to US covert military and intelligence operatives, both officials and private contractors, is another destabilising factor that we seem to be unable or unwilling to check. And now there are the NATO incursions into our territory and targeting of even our military personnel, which shows how servile a state we are living in at present. [10]

As the war in Afghanistan, the largest and longest in the world, proceeds with record casualties among civilians and combatants alike on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border, plans are afoot to further expand the war into Pakistan and to threaten Iran as well.

Comparisons to Washington’s war in Indochina have been mentioned. [11] But Pakistan with its 180 million people and nuclear weapons is not Cambodia and Iran with its population of over 70 million is not Laos."

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Eastenders tell Boris Johnson to stop Coe snub by tickets prices

17-10-2010 10:02

Ticket prices are so high that ordinary East Enders won't be able to enjoy many of the events being staged IN the East End, at Stratford!

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Dissident Island Radio - 15th October 2010

16-10-2010 10:05


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Evidence refutes the official 9/11 investigation: The scientific forensic facts

15-10-2010 08:33

residues and unignited fragments of explosives in dust samples
This is the actual 10-minute statement read by Richard Gage, AIA, to the media at the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC on September 9, 2010.

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The nightmare: The Iraq invasion's atrocities, unearthing the unthinkable

14-10-2010 17:48

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Basra in 2007
It is a duty for those with any "voice", from countries responsible for this first documentable U.S., U.K., genocide of the 21st century, to draw attention to it, in the memory of and in tribute to, the voiceless, nameless, uncounted victims, in the hope that eventually, legal recourse might result.

As Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, now seem to be in would be imperial sights, a precedent which will flag a up a warning sign to leaders of ill intent, is surely needed.

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Striking port workers in Marseille know the truth (modified by General Joe)

14-10-2010 10:18

"They (French workers) are “fighting privatization,” as we all should be. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a slave to private capital either! This article, like most in the capitalist press, omits this essential information to benefit the owners and bosses. Get a clue folks and stand up and fight back or be prepared to have everything stolen from you. Remember, the rich don’t want but one thing. And that’s “everything.” Kind a makes the bank bailouts a little more understandable don’t you think. See “class war” all around you."

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Cumbrian Greenfield Nuclear Sites 'Removed'

14-10-2010 09:50

Kirksanton and Braystones 'Refused"
Yesterday a leak on the DECC website revealed that Kirksanton and Braystones - two greenfield sites in West Cumbria earmarked for new nuclear build are - "not suitable."

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UG #520 - Education and Its Discontents (HowSchooling has Undermined Learning)

13-10-2010 01:04

This 10th anniversary episode of Unwelcome Guests, with Guest Presenter, Tereza Corragio, looks at the claim of US schools and colleges to serve the greater good of society. Are they in fact serving the greater wealth of CEOs by creating a pliable underclass who can be moulded according to the whims of capital? We recall Lyn Gerry's original mission for the show, and contrast that with the US education system. We start with two episodes of Third Paradigm about college financing, and read from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. In our second hour, we compare Jonathan Kozol's analysis of US schools with the similar, but more radical critique by John Taylor Gatto.

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Radical and active? You’re in need of police re-education!

12-10-2010 22:05

Imagine a knock on your door late one night by two non-uniformed police offers. They explain that someone, somewhere has mentioned your “extremist opinions” and they are worried you might “act on them,” whatever that means. They won’t tell you who informed them, but they appear to know an awful lot about what you think. They advise you to come with them for some kind of re-education programme and imply there may be dire consequences if you don’t. Is this some kind of Orwellian nightmare? No. Welcome to 21st century Britain and the Channel Project, part of the government's counter-terrorism Prevent strategy.

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325 Magazine - issue 8

12-10-2010 17:46

Released now for September 2010, the free yearly PDF of the international anarchist magazine, 325. 76 pages packed full of revolutionary anti-capitalist social war.

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Afghanistan: Global NATO’s first ground war in its tenth year

11-10-2010 18:42

NATO forces deployed in Afghanistan (February 2010)
A war in its tenth year in which NATO’s casualties mount by the day is not sufficient for an increasingly ambitious and expansionist, indeed global, NATO. While attacks on its forces increase steadily and its troop strength reaches record levels – and with at least 170 of its oil tankers destroyed in Pakistan since the killing of Pakistani troops on September 30 – the military bloc is planning new wars on the scale of the one in Afghanistan.

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Sheffield Free School: How can we bring about radical change in our society?

09-10-2010 23:09

Attached is a recording of a discussion at the Sheffield Free School, recorded on 9th October 2010, discussing how can we bring about radical change in our society? It was advertised as a session to "Discover the approaches of different groups operating in Sheffield with a broadly common aim of creating more communal, fulfilling and sustainable ways of living, and discuss how we can help support each other by focusing on our shared objectives."

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EDL in Leicester tomorrow -- More details

08-10-2010 15:17

The EDL are planning to stir-up hatred in Leicester. They claim that they have "pull[ed] all police liaison", "remove[d] all stewarding" and "will still march in one way or another".

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Afghanistan 9 years, Reading Names of the Dead, London - Pictures

08-10-2010 12:52

The Strategic Defence Review, RAF, RN, BA.
On the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Afghanistan war, and at the start of the tenth year of occupation, peace campaigners from the Justice Not Vengeance group (JNV) gather opposite Downing Street in London for nine hours to read the names of those who have been killed on all sides during the conflict.

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BBC reports Nato contractors 'attacking own vehicles' – What is War on Terror?

08-10-2010 03:01

Top Secret: There may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision in the face of [Taliban/AlQaeeda] subversion ... US Army Intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger ... US Army Intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents of special assignments, with the task of forming special action groups among the most radical elements of the insurgency.

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U.S. and NATO to wage 15-year war in Afghanistan and Pakistan

07-10-2010 20:31

October 7 will mark the advent of the tenth year of the war waged by Washington in South Asia, the longest continuous combat operations in U.S. history. By invoking its Article 5 collective military assistance clause on September 12, 2001, NATO also joined the war effort and officially took over the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in August of 2003. Not only are American and NATO military forces not leaving Afghanistan in the foreseeable future, they are expanding their nine-year-old war into Pakistan.

Full article

Government cuts: "There Is No Alternative" ... now where did I hear that before?

06-10-2010 23:02

An hour long discussion with two of Britain's leading trades unionists about the latest attempt to privatise Royal Mail and the proposed cuts in civil service jobs and public services.
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