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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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US jet drops 'bomb' on East Yorkshire

12-01-2004 17:50

A US fighter-bomber dropped a dummy bomb on an industrial estate in East Yorkshire, the US Air Force admitted today.,,1-961501,00.html

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How to Cover Up War Crimes: Kissinger and Chile

11-01-2004 13:24

Kissinger and Chile, or, the Mechanics of a Propaganda Cover-Up. Commentary has recently published a column by a “scholar” from the American Enterprise Institute rehearsing some well-worn arguments concerning US involvement (or lack, thereof) in the coup which replaced elected President Salvador Allende, a self-professed “Marxist” with dictator General Pinochet. In the main, it involves a spurious defense of Henry Kissinger, based partially on a reading of telephone transcripts not currently in the public domain but which the impish Kissinger has kindly allowed him to peruse in advance. Drawing selectively on declassified documentary evidence, he claims to construct a case against Kissinger’s indictment and against any blame being apportioned to the Whitehouse either for the death of General Rene Schneider or the coup attempt in 1973. He compares his suggestions to Christopher Hitchens’ book The Trial of Henry Kissinger and also a BBC documentary with a similar name. Unlike Falcoff, I’ve read the book and watched the film. So the gaps that emerge in his account prove relatively simple to fill.

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Kilroy apology 'not good enough'

10-01-2004 18:46

I don't think in a country with a free media and a plural society and a commitment to a right of reply, you ever solve anything by banning, removing, censoring
Judith Vidal Hall, Index on Censorship

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"Unprecedented" to be screened in Oxford

10-01-2004 13:17

"Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election" which tells the story of how the election was stolen by Bush, has been in 60 film festivals and is currently airing on the Sundance Channel in the U.S., will be screened on 17 January in Oxford.

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Protest Cultures

09-01-2004 22:23

New issue on anti-Iraq War and anti-FTAA demonstrations.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction (revisited)

09-01-2004 19:14

On Blair's (Freudian?) slip of referring to weapons of "mass distraction"
while in Iraq. Plus more in Blair's lies and how these reinforce the
anarchist case against the state.

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: The Top 11 Reasons Why Bush Wants to Go the Moon and Mars

09-01-2004 18:26

Bush can't pull off a manned mission to eat turkey in Baghdad, yet he thinks he can pull off a manned mission to Mars! What drives him?

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The Voice

09-01-2004 10:15

Listen to the voice of Bush.

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Chiapas, Mexico: Beginning the New Year in Reality

09-01-2004 01:24

A description of the new year's events in La Realidad, and how movements in the US need, now more than ever, to try and learn from the examples set by the Zapatistas.

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09-01-2004 00:57

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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Bush vs. Hitler

08-01-2004 20:42

Although the quest for or preservation of "democracy" is often used as a justification for war, history has incessantly revealed that such a quest is often little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to install a puppet regime.

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Robert Kilroy-Silk is Going Down!

08-01-2004 18:28

For a preening, smarmy, solipsistic, unenlightened, foghorn-voiced, bigoted creep, Kilroy has certainly made a name for himself. This self-styled man o' t' people can't construct a sensible sentence, but he does know how to ingratiate himself with what is misleadingly called Middle England. Howling down sensible suggestions from an audience member, cat-calling opponents of his waterhead views, simpering with victims of crime, sententiously moralising over the latest Big Issue and countless Non Issues his show producers concoct to fill air time, I haven't yet been able to find within me the sufficient reserves of vomit to express my admiration for his show.

But! Now, we may see the Gobby One silenced for a bit...

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Spoils of War: the Antiquities Trade and the Looting of Iraq

08-01-2004 02:59

Archaeological destruction throughout Iraq

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CHILLING DEJA VU: The Original Bush:Hitler Comparison from July, 2001

07-01-2004 15:49

"When this essay comparing Hitler's rise to power with Bush, and the tactics of the present GOP with the 1930s Nazis and Stalin's communist regime was first published in July, 2001, I was the recipient of a flood of hate mail and even a couple of death threats from militant rightwingers. But the comparison hit home: the article has been been circulating all over the world, reprinted in at least five languages. Unlike the lame, even bizarre comparisons rightwingers try to make between Clinton, Dean, et al. and Hitler, the similarity between Bush's regime and the rise of the Nazis is REAL and undeniable and has evoked a shock of recognition in readers - a chilling deja vu - that has been steadily growing.

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Black Voice

05-01-2004 16:47

How black and oppressed people are treated by Indy Media.

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Unrestricted Warfare

05-01-2004 13:57

Soon at the world theatre

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Capitalism is Legalized Robbery

05-01-2004 05:14

An analysis of capitalism illustrating that not only are there periodic examples of large, conspicuous thefts by capitalists, but also there exists an everyday, subtle, disguised theft of value created by the working class.

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1 in 5

04-01-2004 22:31

More 1 person in 5 are live in poverty in the UK. 1 in 5 workers have suffered a pay cut in the last 10 years. Strong unions stop this. Time to organise!

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: A Never-Too-Late Christmas Tale and Song

04-01-2004 03:32

In 1864, America was torn in two by the violence and hatred of the Civil War. Yet one man, struggling with his own personal tragedies, still found hope among the we in today's world of seemingly endless hatred and violence must also try to do.

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PEACE PEOPLE! Possabilities of Progressive Policies is Powerfully Popular!

03-01-2004 20:22

We are living in the past if we think the voting public is not ready to elect a progressive, populist President. This is not the past. Dean's way is precisely the WRONG approach. Heck, look what Dean did to Vermont - he took a 74% re-elect rate and whittled it down to 50.4% in 2000, before quitting in 2002 to "run for President" while the ranks of "progressives" and republicans grew in Vermont until no Democrat could get elected, and his own Lt. Governor lost to the Republican in 2002 - Vermont is governed by a Republican and NO POSITION DEAN EVER HELD IN VERMONT IS IN DEMOCRATIC HANDS NOW.
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