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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Mideast talks a cover for US war preparations

10-09-2010 07:55

Netanyahu, Clinbton and Abbas met in Washington D.C. on 2 September 2010
The opening round of talks between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has made it clear that Washington’s real aim is to legitimise the support of the Arab states for a future military onslaught against Iran.

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Who pays for the loss of life in Iran?

09-09-2010 20:23

Since the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979 which toppled the U.S.-backed regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran has been facing with devastating and agonizing financial sanctions of the United States and its European allies. The most inequitable and unreasonable sanctions against Iran were those which would were endorsed in 1995 and disallowed the aviation companies around the world to sell aircrafts and repair parts to the Iranian airlines directly. Iran has experienced several deadly air accidents in which hundreds of innocent civilians lost their lives. The United States has failed to dictate its political will to Iran and resorts to this failure as a pretext for punishing its people.

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U.S. Aim in "Peace Process": Liquidation of Palestinian struggle

09-09-2010 20:13

"In his opening speech, Obama again called the current situation unsustainable. U.S. leaders urgently want to reach some kind of settlement, not due to any concern for the plight of the Palestinian people, but because they recognize that the current situation is intensifying anger in the entire region against the U.S.

The real aim of Washington in these talks remains what it has been since the U.S. first openly entered into negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1991: the liquidation of the Palestinian struggle as part of a drive to pacify and dominate the Middle East as a whole."

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Has UK Animal Rights Lost It's Edge?

08-09-2010 17:44

Has police repression worked? Has some of the AR militant edge been crushed? An open and frank discussion on the UK AR scene.

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Imperial anatomy of Al-Qaeda:CIA’s drug-running terrorists & the “Arc of Crisis”

08-09-2010 08:33

The authors of the Project for the New American Century
As the 9th anniversary of 9/11 nears, and the war on terror continues to be waged and grows in ferocity and geography, it seems all the more imperative to return to the events of that fateful September morning and re-examine the reasons for war and the nature of the stated culprit, Al-Qaeda.

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Medieval oligarch Prince Charles' 'Green' tour in nuke sponsored train

07-09-2010 23:27

Prince Charles was in Bristol today endorsing our new 'green' shopping centre.
And here is Bristol sax player and quaker David Mowat talking about Cabot Circus on the day it opened.

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New IAEA Report on Iran Says Little, Sparks Flurry of New Speculation

07-09-2010 12:58

"The IAEA’s latest report on Iran, leaked today to a number of media outlets, has sparked a wild array of stories and speculation, though it appears to say very little. CNN’s headline “IAEA: Iran still enriching uranium” perhaps says it all, as there was no one who actually thought they had stopped."

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West Cumbria Revolt Begins over High Level Nuke Dump.

07-09-2010 10:21

"Geological Disposal" - See No Evil .....
Campaign group Radiation Free Lakeland have written to all Allerdale Councillors urging them to support Councillor Joe Sandwith's proposal that they should withdraw from the dodgy process designed to force Cumbria into "geological disposal" of nuclear waste.

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The End of the World As We Know it? ... and the rise of the Post-Carbon era ...

06-09-2010 20:18

Only 500 generations ago, hunter-gatherers began cultivating crops and forming their tiny communities into social hierarchies. Around 15 to 20 generations ago, industrial capitalism erupted on a global scale.

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Obama: A Speech for Endless War

06-09-2010 17:44

On the last night of August, the US president used an Oval Office speech to boost a policy of perpetual war.

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Michael Parenti: Deep Ideology and Conspiracy

06-09-2010 12:27

Attached is a audio version of a talk given by Michael Parenti in May 2010 at the Understanding Deep Politics Conference held in Santa Cruz,

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The British military in Iraq : A legacy of war crimes and atrocities

03-09-2010 20:24

Tony "I would do it again" Blair, announced, on 16th August, he is to give his entire £4.6 million advance on his book: "My Journey", to the Royal British Legion, for support of British soldiers in need. As the ungracious calls for his "journey" to be to The Hague get louder - with some suggesting a far less civilized ordeal - it seems timely to assess British "achievements" in Iraq.

"More than half the population either dead, wounded, traumatized, in prison, internally displaced, or in foreign exile ... The air, soil, water, blood and genes drenched with depleted uranium ... the most awful birth defects ... unexploded cluster bombs lie in wait for children to pick them up ... a river of blood runs alongside the Euphrates and Tigris ... through a country that may never be put back together again."

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Wikileaks’ CIA release -- say what?

01-09-2010 16:16

"The CIA Red Cell memorandum" was released by the WikiLeaks
Wikileaks offered its first release since the controversial distribution of documents related to the United States effort in Afghanistan.

The current leak was posted to their web site on August 25. It is titled CIA Red Cell Memorandum on United States “exporting terrorism,” 2 Feb 2010.

The leak describes Red Cell as a CIA unit created by the director to develop “out-of-the-box” analysis offering “alternative viewpoints” on key intelligence issues.

This document doesn’t disappoint in being out-of-the-box.

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Afghanistan: NATO's ten-year war in South Asia

01-09-2010 15:58

member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - March 2006
In slightly over a month, on October 7, the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan will enter its tenth year.

The conflict represents the longest continuous combat operations in the history of the United States and Afghanistan alike. With the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for the only time in its existence activating its Article 5 mutual military assistance clause in September 2001 and thus entering the Afghan fray, European nations that had not been at war since the Second World War are now engaged in an endless combat mission.

There are 150,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, 120,000 of them under the command of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Military personnel from over a quarter of the 192 members of the United Nations. They include soldiers from almost every European country, several Asia-Pacific states, and nations in the Americas and the Middle East.

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The Papal Visit should not be a State Visit. PROTEST THE POPE DEBATE tomorrow

31-08-2010 23:53

The Central London Humanists in partnership with the British Humanist Association and the South Place Ethical Society (SPES) are staging a debate on the core arguments of the Protest the Pope Campaign.

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BREAKING: Tony Blair shot & wounded!

31-08-2010 22:56

I can't remember!

So goes the line when the guilty are forced to face the truth.

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Bradford completely destroyed by EDL, millions dead.

29-08-2010 03:01

So there we have it. After months of disinformation, deviancy and nobody really knowing who anybody else is, the "big one" turned out to be a bit of a "small one".

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Dear friends of justice

27-08-2010 18:40

"Iraq and Afghanistan are U.S. imperial wars. Imperialism means simply invading other people’s homelands and killing them in order to secure something that our rulers want. This is how they are “removed,” or otherwise encouraged to get the hell out of the way. This is the “mission” of the troops. Forget “Democracy,” liberation, “nation building,” bravery, heroes, anything you hear from the talking head “experts” you may have heard on some NPR talk show, or any other pretty words on the subject."

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US to Lebanon: Israel can completely destroy Lebanese Army within four hours

27-08-2010 18:27

map of locations bombed by Israel during its war on Lebanon, 24-26 July 2006
A senior US advisor has threatened Lebanese army commander, Jean Qahwaji that should his army initiate additional fire exchanges with Israel, the Israeli army "would completely destroy the Lebanese army’s bases, centers and offices within four hours".

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Will UK Coal be able to afford to restore the Ashby Canal?

27-08-2010 12:29

Our latest press release "Will UK Coal be able to afford to restore the Ashby Canal" (PR 75) and our revised Briefing Note on UK Coal plc's financial position (C1 UK Coal's Financial Situation and the Minorca Application, 2nd edition) also published today, points out that when a Company's Auditors qualify the Company's Accounts then this is a company in some financial trouble. UK Coal plc is in such trouble. As the press release makes clear this could have dire consequences for local people if despite these financial facts UK Coal plc gain planning permission to work the Minorca site. Our press release draws attention to the financial facts, describes some of the possible consequences and suggests a line of action that both those who propose and oppose the planning application can take in order to secure the benefits on offer if UK Coal gain planning permission.
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