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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Crossrail-hole-Minister Alistair Darling's ‘plea’ to Khoodeelaar!

04-03-2006 14:49

UK Transport Secretary Alistair Darling MP has had his Department for Transport [DfT] write to the Khoodeelaar! Campaign in the East End of London against the Crassrail hole Bill as part of a strategy to salvage the careers of the controlling Blairite Tower Hamlets Council. Khoodeelaar! held another powerful demonstration against that Council on Wednesday 1 March 2006.

The 1 March 2006 Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Council demo was supported by RESPECT coalition MP George Galloway and by the main Opposition on Tower Hamlets Council, the Liberal Democrats. At the Council meeting that followed the same evening, Lib Dem councillor Louise Alexander sought to have Tower Hamlets show recognition to the community and to identify with the community in opposing the Crassrail hole plan attacks Bill.

The controlling clique failed to recognize the momentous importance of the motion and they even jeered at Councillor Alexander part of the time that she was presenting her arguments in support of the motion.

The only other non-Lib Dem councillor who supporter Louise Alexander was the RESPECT councillor Oliur Rahman

In his speech at the Khoodeelaar! demonstration earlier in the evening, Oliur Rahman described the controlling clique on Tower Hamlets Council as crooks and vowed to do everything he and his colleagues could do to remove them from office at the scheduled 4 May 2006 council elections.

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Corruption and Decline

04-03-2006 05:53

Bush is not very good at anything, with that fact the world is fully acquainted, however, even the lowliest morons are usually good liars but recent video evidence has proven that Bush is not even skilled in the lowly art of lying. All doubts regarding Bush’s prior knowledge of the magnitude and destructive impact expected of Katrina have been dispelled by the release of video evidence clearly portraying Bush in full knowledge of the then pending emergency. We leave the pathological problem of Bush and the lying neo-cons in the incapable hands of the American people; the Bush regime is internationally known as the most deceitful and tawdry in American history. Good luck doodles, China and Russia could not hope for better!

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Bush nukes the NPT

04-03-2006 00:59

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones - Einstein

The Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty was effectively ended by Bushs nuclear deal with India yesterday. All the old treaties have been ripped up or abused as if we were on the verge of a new world war.

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ANIMAL LAB OXFORD (new thread) continue here.

03-03-2006 10:28
is pretty full so lets continue here...
Demo Tuesday 7th March
Meet 10am at the edge of the exclusion Mansfield Rd

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2nd Renaissance -12

03-03-2006 07:01

As if they had been vaporised
There are reports that in one Balinese kampong that provided labour to the clubs in Kuta Beach, seven empty coffins were buried, because there were no identifiable remains of the missing workers. It was as if they had been vaporised. Scores of people, mainly locals, are thought to have disappeared without trace.

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March March March March on 18th March

03-03-2006 03:24

On Wednesday 1st March I went along to an event that had been advertised as a Tower Hamlets Stop the War meeting. It took place in the Skeel Hall lecture theatre at Queen Mary Univeristy near Mile End, so it was just down the road for me and I thought with the March 18th anti-war event coming up it would be useful to attend the meeting.

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Tail Pursuits: The meandering of men

03-03-2006 03:11

We laugh when we see a dog chase its tail, yet are we so superior? Do we not seek what we already possess? The dog’s tail is not elsewhere or ‘external’, the dog thinks/believes its tail must be captured though it was never lost or disconnected. When people chase externals, Gods, religions, ideologies they seek that which they already possess (solace/identity/security/redemption/joy/harmony) yet it is the same canine ignorance that deludes people as deludes the poor dumb beast. To seek what one possesses is to lose it through the process of seeking – seeking is not possessing!

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03-03-2006 01:39

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, China, and Russia.

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Mysterious forces behind Iraqi violence "paid by us" - Robert Fisk

02-03-2006 22:19

In a television interview that has stunned Australian audiences, Beirut based journalist Robert Fisk has hinted that mysterious forces trying to foment civil war in Iraq are behind the recent upsurge in voilence there.

Fisk went on to state that Sunni Arabs and other Iraqis do not conduct suicide bombings and are not divided as a society.

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Corporate Watch news: international women's day hijacked by big business

02-03-2006 11:33

Corporate Watch is a small independent research organisation, based in Oxford. We publish research to help those resisting corporate power -- check out

We also bring out a newsletter every two months, and a news update on web and email every two weeks. To subscribe to either of these, please see our website, or give us a call on 01865 791 391

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CommonwealthGames in Melbourne

02-03-2006 10:45

Very shortly the Commonwealth Games will begin in Melbourne. Here are some things to watch out for.

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Protecting the Right to Water - tonight, Friends' House, London

02-03-2006 10:24

Hear from a Brazilian campaigner about the impact of Nestle's water bottling activities and from leading UK organisations on why we need to protect water as a human right and a public good.

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"Crossrail shall not pass through Brick Lane Area"

02-03-2006 01:55

The Khoodeelaar! Brick Lane London E1 area campaign against Tower Hamlets Council’s role in the Crossrail hole
Held a robust demonstration against the Council at 6PM on Wednesday 1 March 2006. It was joined by George Galloway MP who compared the Crossrail hole attack with the Mosley Black Shirts attack on the East End Jews in the 1930s. 'They shall not pass'

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01-03-2006 23:00

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! Now crystal clear on widescreen!

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SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks

01-03-2006 22:34

And some of that money laundering with this unaudited U.S.penny stock fraud's shares has been in the UAE's Dubai,Kuala Lumpur,Nicosia and through a California bank while W Bush has assured us, in order to run his deal with whoever in the UAE to surrender our ports,that the UAE has cleaned up its act and this kind of thing no longer occurs ! And the Securities Exchange Commission is harrassing business journalists to cover up such stock fraud and thus are also covering up money laundering and illegal pump and dump activities with U.S. penny stocks in the EAU for George W Bush, !

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Protests over cartoons: Neither democracy nor religion

01-03-2006 17:13

Whose side should we take? Islam and Christianity are still powerful mythologies used to perpetuate the existing system. But democracy is perhaps the most powerful mythology of all, precisely because it pretends not to be one. To choose one against the other can only serve the interests of our rulers.

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George Galloway due to speak at Khoodeelaar No to Xrail demo tonight

01-03-2006 13:54

George Galloway MP is due to join constituents from his Bethnal Green and Bow seat tonight’s demonstration against Tower Hamlets Council’s role for the Crossrail hole Bill. The demo at 6pm at Mulberry Place Clove Crescent London E14 is the latest one organised by Khoodeelaar! The Brick Lane London E1 area against the Crossrail hole Bill

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Bulletin nº23 of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

01-03-2006 12:15

Dear friends,

The latest Behatokia Bulletin, Nº 23, is available on our web page,, where, as well as downloading it in pdf format:, you can download each article in word format, if you find these easier to work with.

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The Caricatures in Middle East Politics

01-03-2006 01:34

Mossads role in the danish cartoon controversy. Notice how mossad regards Danish intelligence with contempt.
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